de-sexualizing love and tenderness

Pleasure soon becomes escapism, doesn’t it?
And then we see “sexual healing”.
Damn… =(
I wont tell you about the character in the story,
but basicly he had to have stress and fight is insane desire to sexualy interact with the people that he helped save/loved. He was not human, he was super-human and had no fears to keep him “in line”. How “normal” is this “problem” that he was fighting with and overcame?

There is a sertain closeness that can exist between “lovers”…
Is it wise to seporate one from another and keep each in it’s proper place?
I would think so.

A man cant realy touch another man… why?
Was it gay or did they make it gay? What is gay?
Touch is to send information to 1 body part, through the skin.
It is very simple in essance.
Talking to you is touching you in a way, because you feel what i may say.

At the root, do we over-sexualize physical touch because of the weakness that we are hiding? I think so.

…but what makes it a “weakness” if disliking touch is a “weakness”?
I would guess being human means this fear of touch is a weakness.
Our environment is our species. We need eachother so much.

Bla bla bla.
What do you think about over-sexualizing and de-sexualizing physical contact and intimate tender things? I think im sad for a moment about it all.

de-sexualized? mariage to a dolphin will do that…


Lo, but i was realy wondering if escapism was the main reason why things that were not sexual became sexual mentaly.
Eventualy a man’s actions crosses over some sort of invisible line and these actions then look “gay” even though they are often not sexual or exclusively female.

I have had these same thoughts. Not so much on the line of being gay… but why is it that platonic love is so hard to explain and even harder to have? It seems to turn to sexual even when we don’t want it to do so - even when we try to avoid it, it feels intimate in a sensuous and ultimately sexual way.

I am surprised at monogamy in our culture even lasting for 10 years. I believe in marriage and committment, but lust is so great between a man and a woman and the workplace makes it impossible to avoid interaction between the sexes.

I have often wondered also about the scent between a man and a woman. Animals of much lower species have the scent of each other and yet this is something unknown by humans. Or is it? As a woman, I can sense in a crowded room exactly which men are attracted to me - and they don’t have to stare me down. Just a glance that lasts a milli-second too long gives the hint. Is it instinct. Is it scent? Is it more than just physical attraction like a karma or spirit connection? I wonder.

No jokes please - I smell as fresh as a newborn in Springtime splashed with baby powder and fresh lilac twigs. :unamused:

I still think that homosexuality can be optional and is psycological.
I think we can re-train how we act out our emotions.

Scent is only one of our 5 senses.
Bio-magnetic radiation can be picked up on by some people,
and this could be a 6th sence.
The 7th sense has to do with non-magnetic energies (imo) which are not energy but structure. The 7th sence can be a danger if extended out of the head that made it (psycic is dangerious 4 u [-X ).
The 8th sense is our center point of values. It is a collective core of all we have ever felt or known… It is very capable of error, but in less then a second can refract any comprehendable data in a specific direction. It can “see” but it’s “eyes” emit it’s data in order to see. It is the creator of “focus”. It is a sence because it is our destiny.

All in theory, ofcourse. =)

We need sex, and sex is symbolic in many ways. Sex needs exitement. We need to be exited sexualy. Once a sertain level of intimacy and closeness exists, we share all of our needs dont we? Even the sexual needs want to be shared?
[size=75](Then Dan fallows the chain all the way back to his simple christian ideals… goes back down the chain.)[/size]
We can still choose what we share, even though we cannot choose what we need. My eros-amalgum theory simply said that the mind can mix strong feelings with concepts (trauma is an example) and a person can mix sex with any sort of relationship at all, for a difforent flavor of sex. [size=75](Dan does not want to ever do this but Dan thinks it is possable and existant.)[/size] I think the process of de-sexualizing something is the seporation of need from concept. I have alot of self control and self understanding and i am partialy in control of my “sexual identity” and what i “like” “sexualy”.

True love is as great a mystery as the true meaning and method of life…
When ever i hear about superficial processes within “dating” it makes me mad. Realy, it just seems so dumb and manotonious. oh well…

Gosh darnit, i feel great today! =) =) =)
Maybe ill go write about and meditate on this “8th-sense” theory.
But i think that only “psytrogators” can speek with their “8th sense”.

Hi Dan,

[size=75]When you speak of yourself in the third person is when I think you may need to ease up on the crack. [/size] :confused:

You crack me up!

Dan man always says no to drugs. [-X
Dan man always says yes to ladies. =P~
So Dan man doesn’t know what to say in reply. #-o

Ummm… wait! You’r destracting me!
What did you think of all i had said about “eros-amalgum”?

Aw hell, i’ll destract myself. What is are favorite things that men do? Or what would you have them do if you had you’r wish?
[size=75](* Dan is not officialy sleep deprived. How refreshingly wreckless… =) *)[/size]
If i had my wish i would get something above the superficial and petty cause and effect. I would get and give a promise of infinite un-conditional love. By hell or highwater, anything just to be on a team.

What is it that turns a woman on more than any one thing in the world?

Listen to her, Dan. Just listen. If you truly do that she will do anything your little heart desires… and I mean anything.

That is as good as done! :smiley:
…hm… the toll-free lines of communication. =)
Mind-blowing rewards, for the mere gift of respect and patient attention?
…(* Is wonderng how to be an ultimet “listener” *)…
Set myself and all that i am aside…
Cause all things within to be silant and motionless…
Then feel and know her.

You’ve got me reconsidering the foundation and the most important factor of all relationships… And i like it! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: