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Comrades, I just got off the phone today with the local politburo following our great glorious leader Joe Biden on inauguration day, apparently due to Covid19 the inauguration day will only be a very small crowd of members of the inner political party in attendance, I’m afraid all the many, many millions of people that voted for Joe Biden simply will not be in attendance publicly as the inner party is very concerned with social distancing, in fact, with the small number of people in attendance you might say the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th president will be the most socially distant one ever had where only state media or journalists will be allowed there to video record the big day in broadcast.

This has been an official report commissioned by special highranking officer Comrade Commisar Joker.

How about this:

A rigorous discussion as to whether my success in making a fool out of you here is more this :laughing: than that :sunglasses:

Unless, of course, I come no where near as close to the manner in which you are able to accomplish this yourself. =D>

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Help him out. In the repartee department, he is on par here with…Pedro?

And look what happened to him! :wink:

That’s because everybody knows better than to get caught in a discussion with you.

Grow a pair and let’s discuss this: … 1&t=196636

Hell no!

What’s most interesting to me is how the left has transformed over the centuries, from classical liberalism, to fiscal Marxism, to existentialism and postmodernism, to cultural Marxism and finally to this antihumanist, transhumanist environmentalism.
Essentially we’ve seen the left come full circle.
From something initially anti-elitism, in both classical liberalism and fiscal Marxism, at least in theory, to something not so anti-elitism, in both existentialism and postmodernism, to something even pro-elitism, in both cultural Marxism and posthumanist environmentalism.

But this is a new elitism.
Whereas the old elitism was nationalistic, and about health, promoting fertility, this new one is globalistic, and about sickness, promoting sterility.
The old one religious, theistic, pagan or Christian in nature, the new one (pseudo)scientific and atheistic.
The old one centered around warlords, the new one centered around banksters, bureaucrats and businessmen, the multinationals.
The old one wholly white, the new one quite Jewish.

But much of the outlook is similar.
Be content with your lot, peasant.
For peasants at least, acquiescence, asceticism and austerity are held in high regard.
Like the popes before them, the new scientific priesthood will publicly profess to share these values, meanwhile living opulently in private.
It’s for the planet, or grandma, they tell us.

I’m not saying all leftists identify with this new form of leftism, but the elite are trying to steer the left in this new direction, and many leftists can’t or don’t want to see it, while others see but nonetheless it resonates with them.

The old, pagan elitism was more honest about what it was.
And they cared a bit more about their subjects, but for the new, (pseudo)scientific elite, there’s far too many of us, and they’ve become far removed from us, much more distant from us financially than the old elite, and they’re internationalists, they have no loyalty to blood or soil.

It was never about Environmentalism, Humanism, Equal Rights, Welfare, Health Care, etc.

It was only ever about power. And now they got a taste of it, they will die first, or pull down the entire system, to preserve it.

They are currently collapsing the temple of Western Civilization over their own heads.

Some of us can step aside, but that doesn’t mean we wanted our temples to fall over. They should have been rebuked decades ago but everybody was too busy getting high in the 1970s.

Yo, Joker! Got us another chickenshit here!

You know, just in case you collect them. :sunglasses:

lamb didn’t you cower out of an argument with me a month ago?

Yep, you did, don’t be a hypocrite

And that argument would be…what?

Let’s bring it here: … 5&t=196492

In fact, I dare you to.

If you can’t remember then you’re not worth my time.

All joking, kidding, or sarcasm aside, if civil war happens I just can’t see myself aligning with either opposing side, the left hates me because I’m a White heterosexual male and the right has always hated me my entire life viewing me as nothing more than disposable poor low income White trash. :laughing: :sunglasses:

In all honesty I’m just thinking about starting an underground criminal organization profiting off the losses of both sides if a domestic civil war erupts, you motherfuckers who have treated me like shit my entire life want me to fight for your side? :sunglasses: :laughing: Get fucked! :laughing:

More and more it looks like I am going to be entering this conflict that’s about to go hot as an outside third contender. I’m really not invested in either side all that much, I’m certainly not going to risk life or limbs for them either.

I know what you mean, I’m a poor white hetero male.
Socioeconomically, I’m moderately socialist, socioculturally, I’m libertarian, or moderately conservative, so I don’t fit into either camp.
These days, I tend to sympathize more with the right than the left, for I see the former as being a bit more libertarian, which’s better than being economically corporatist and culturally progressive, which’s what both the mainline left and right are overall, both sides leave much to be desired.
As things continue to disintegrate, a viable 3rd way may appear.

If you’re poor, white, and male, you’re eternally damned. The left hates you and the right hates you also.

You have no friends, allies, or anybody that is there for you at all. You’re basically a modern day leper.

This has always been my experience anyways.

I generally agree with this. If you are poor, white, and male, you essentially have no political allies or allegiance right now.

Most tend to bend to the political right, only through military service and the belief that their Soldiering for the army is necessarily patriotic.

But that doesn’t justify the relationship between the individual and the state.

The Whites are the intellectual competition to the Chinese.

  • if that helps clear up anything. :smiley:

In the past, parts of China were colonies of the Europeans; in the future, it will be the other way around.

The small shed on the right looks very Russian to me. Where are they? In the garden of the Central Committee of the Supreme Soviet? :laughing: