dear mister editor

dear mister editor, if you please,
a poem’s enclosed, it’s just a tease,
of other poems that i have writ,
please tell me that you’ll publish it.

i worked all night and morning too
to try to pen me something new,
i even fought a nasty flu,
writer’s block, and a toothache too!

and just in case you don’t like rhyme,
some free verse then inside you’ll…discover.
and verses that
of different

and clever


concerned that my poem is too simple
and transparent?
no worry.
i have thrown some
stream of consciousness
ramblings into it so that the reader
may interpret the
alligator facewash taxi driver,
screeching tires through the old man’s
iron lung.

(how was that?)

i can do no better than this poem of mine,
God help me sir, i don’t know how!
i’ve called it ‘dear mister editor’,
and it’s the one you’re reading even now.

for your consideration then, my humble verse.
though some lines are better and some lines are worse,
a rejection slip don’t send my way,
please publish, sir, and make my day.


Ha! Nice - maybe one day I’ll relate to this :slight_smile:

I like it.

For some reason, while reading this, the jingle to the Christmas song “Mr. Santa” was playing in my head.