Death of a Salesman.

Death of a Salesman

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  • Satyr is a pretentious dolt.
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I recently purchased a DVD of a televised play I once, by chance, saw on PBS. The televised play was so powerful and so well acted that I knew I had to see it again.

The performances of Dustin Hoffman, as Willy Loman, and Malcovitch, as Biff, as well as the entire cast, were extraordinary. An example of what acting should be.
The set design and direction was also interesting.

In the play by Arthur Miller we see a commentary on post-modern middle- America, standing in for any modern western, and its false dreams and stolen youth.

It is a movie everyone should see.

Comments on your own experiences with the topic are welcomed.

You’re right about the play and film. But I chose pretentious dolt anyway. Sorry.

it’s been so long since the original writing of the play, yet I see many of the characters in everyday people I know, this is a testiment to the play.

Besides that, it has everything a great play needs, and that’s nothing at all.

(and old arthur bedded monroe…all-round genius)