Death Of Race And Ethnicity

Dear Non - whites of the planet,

The future of races or ethnicities is coming to a end as multiculturalism guided by globalism and the desire for global government has reached its aspirations.

Currently all whites or caucasians are becoming racial minorities in a variety of their traditional historical nations that they forged by themselves and by their ancestors.

It all started with a group of people that did not want to pay indigenous white workers fair wages where the idea became that of getting cheap labor from elsewhere where global imported labor from other countries became routine. We have practically sold ourselves out.

I do not blame you nonwhites though. I have no animosity against you either.

We brought you over here or gave you the opportunity to come over to our nations in exploiting our situation where you are just naturally capitalizing on our collective misfortune and stupidity. I understand and respect that. Please take pity on our damnation.

I personally as a German, Welsh, and Scottish male am trying to cope or adapt by learning Spanish here in North America.

I personally blame the people that brought you over here or those self hating whites that constantly open the international floodgates of global immigration.

I also blame those whites that have reduced our cultures, race, and history to irrelevancy.

I hate the majority of self loathing and self hating whites that exist in this world.

They spit on the graves of their ancestors and abandon their culture at every turn for a cheap financial boost where they ignore their own history.

The few that value their ancestry or culture are too inept to mount a effective resistance and are cowards when it concerns risking their lives for anything.

Have you seen our women? Those whores will sleep with anybody and they have practically made it a social statement to sleep with any male ethnicity that is not white.

White men are not any better because those that cannot get with the whoring women of our race and culture end up making exotic wives from all sorts of noncaucasian ethnicities.

Our people are so manipulated by fear, political correctness, stupidity, passive religion, and propaganda that most do not even want to admit that they’re going extincted!

Once you understand that were practically handing our nations on a silver platter to all of you I can understand why your taking advantage of our collective weakness.

Why not? Were practically handing you a free lunch or a all you can eat buffet.

If I was not white or Caucasian I would take advantage of us too by moving into our neighborhoods in mass completely taking them over in remodeling.

In the end this is just nature allowing a suicidal self destructive people go extinct by being replaced by others. Completely natural.

I wonder before we go extinct, will you allow us cultural or racial preservations?

Will you let us die out?

Will you celebrate us dying?

I wonder, will the future have museums or books talking about our extinct race and cultures?

Will we be just left to fade out of recorded memory like we never existed in the first place?

For some reason I envision a future where the last fifty white males are paraded in cages at a local side show wearing speedos as some exotic endangered species kinda like Chinese Pandas.

[ Continued ]

Extinction will not end with just whites or caucasians. With global multiculturalism and government I envision a world where there is just one singular race, culture, history, and language worldwide. Everybody will be of one singular mixed purple race and ethnicity.

Everybody will be united under one world government.

Whites will not be the only casualties to reach this goal or vision even though we will be the first.

After us it will be the natives of all around the world followed by the hispanic latinos, Africans, Arabs, Persians, Asians, and so on until one day there is no distincted seperate group of people left with identity where everybody is molded into one giant admixture of purple races speaking one language.

Speaking of Asians everybody thought European colonialism of “evil” whitey was horrible just wait until you get use to the perils of modern Asian colonialism. They will not even pretend to be egalitarian, fair, or open to you.

After whitey goes extincted something tells me that you will wish for us back someday.

From your friend,

Random Going Extincted White Heterosexual Male.

In this paper, you don’t come across as the kind of white people that others will be “wishing back.” You come across more like a redneck with no more than 5 teeth, overalls, a shotgun resting on your shoulder and an aged copy of Mein Kampf on your rotting coffee table. You really oughta get one of your more literate friends to edit your stuff for you.

which is not to say that you don’t make any points worth considering. just letting you know how you come across.

What points? Serious question, I can’t force myself to read every line of this.

I do think that “White Guilt” is all over the place in the western world, and I don’t think it’s doing any good. Perhaps that’s worth looking in to.

What is white guilt? Again, serious question. I’ve heard of it, and I just looked it up on Wikipedia and read the whole article - but I still don’t quite know what it is. Is it something like saying how much you like the movie Driving Miss Daisy while still secretly being scared of most black people (i.e. black people are ok as long as they are completely impotent and have a sweet smile on their face all day and all night)? That would seem to match George Will’s definition, “[White guilt is] a form of self-congratulation, where whites initiate “compassionate policies” toward people of color, to showcase their innocence to racism” - especially if you substitute the word “attitudes” for “policies”. But that’s just deception, and probably self-deception. Nothing unusual about self-deception.

If Will’s definition is more about things like affirmative action, I think affirmative action is perfectly defensible. It’s very easy to defend its temporary use, and I think very reasonable to defend it as a more or less permanent fixture of a democratic government. As a policy that provides protection against the possibility of extremes of group power imbalances within a society, it is no different than any other way that governments protect the peace and enable their citizens to flourish as individuals. Affirmative action is one way in which we ensure equal opportunity.

Even if all the worlds ethnicities blend into one I’m sure many wouldn’t act as if they are all “one” they would still have cultural differances. Even then they would just split off again anyway.

This sounds more like a rant, another example of you trying to rile people and it’s getting pretty old. It 's not even fun to respond to these anymore.

Aww Joker… maybe this’ll cheer you up :sunglasses:


Well, for starters, it basically seems like it’s a common opinion that it’s literally impossible to be racist towards white people – like, even if you absolutely hate white people and want them dead, it’s not racist. I remember when I was a kid, some black kid said something horrible about white people, and when I said that that was racist, it was explained to me that black people can’t be racist, only white people can. Now, I know this is only a child’s uneducated view, and most adults wouldn’t say something like that – however, I do think that that’s not too far off from how it really is. I mean, that kid had to learn that idea somewhere, right? He didn’t just make it up – he somehow learned that. He learned that from how the adults around him approached racism, and that’s no doubt how it seemed.

When Americans talk about slavery, it’s not about slavery in general. Slavery to Americans doesn’t mean slavery, it means White People Enslaving Africans. It’s almost as if white people invented slavery. In fact, in Africa, the slave trade preceded the New World by at least a few centuries. It’s practically a continental pastime. Black people were trading black people long before whitey started trading black people. Hell, the slave trade was still going up until the 60s until white man came and shut it down. And yet, whitey gets all the blame for slavery.

None of that is explicitly about white guilt I guess, so here it goes:

White Guilt is when you can’t bring up the fact that blacks are overrepresented in prison without also saying that it’s because cops and the justice system are just racist. You don’t dare imply that black people actually commit more crimes. No, that would be a massive faux pas. Regardless of any evidence that it’s the case. White Guilt is when if you’re not white, racial pride is the norm, expected even, but if you are white, racial pride is racist. White Guilt is when white politicians pander to a mexican group called “La Raza,” spanish for “The Race,” while it’s simultaneously true that a white group called “The Race” would be politically disregarded, dismissed as nazis.

Idk though, that’s just how it all seems to me.

This song is really funny never thought I would be laughing to something like this

Depending on your race and ethnicity your either a self loathing white or of another race that has a vindictive stance towards whites with your Mein Kampf redneck references.

Thank you for proving my point showing how the extinction of Caucasian people everywhere is imminent within the next couple of hundred years and illustrating various forms of social propaganda that guarantees the success of global multiculturalism which will bring in the death of ethnicity all the more faster.

OR I just have an insight into how people will view your words.

I do too except for that it is seventy years late to do anything about it. I believe in the inherent doom if not the damnation of Caucasian peoples within western civilization where what makes it worse is that were mostly doing it to ourselves.

To Stoic: You get props with the Southpark video. I like that show.

I suppose that is what I can expect with conditioned social propaganda.

People change, whats your point?

What is the assurance that “Whites” will no longer be.

And what do you see as wrong with this if its true?

I would be whats considered white but I don’t vehemently uphold it as a major contriubutor to my identity, at least not specifically being “white”.

Im not one for politcal correctness or “white guilt” im not going to feel bad or responsible for actions I didn’t commit and am sure even most of my anscestors didn’t commit. I can admire the acomplishments and abhor the crimes of “my people” but I wont take credit or responsibility for actions (good or bad) that I had no part in.

Try living in a minority majority area like I have several times where there is nobody hardly around to relate to where your a racial, cultural, and ethnic outcast. In some places I have lived speaking English makes you a outcast.

Once you have done so where you understand the statistics you practically know where everything is going from there.

Affirmative action is funny because it means equality for everyone but whites.

If your a poor white fuck you because somehow having white skin makes you privileged and pays your bills. Get to the back of the line looking for work white fella! We got some historical reparations to get to!

For some reason concerning oneself with poor whites of a area does not sound sexy enough to make the news headlines but once it is mentioned that there are disadvantaged black or Hispanic youth that are poor not only will they make the headlines but some rich charitable donation group will come along their way.

Don’t even get me started on what it is like to be a racial white minority in the workplace where other ethnicities constantly disrespect you because they don’t like you.

Affirmative action prevents racism by making race a critical part of the hiring process.
Affirmative action prevents sexism by preferentially favoring women.

Logic only a government bureaucrat can understand.

There you have it.