Death is the antithesis of life. Death’s weight directly correlates with that of life.

If one adores life, death will seem the cruelest blow. If one abhors life, death will seem the kindest blessing.

If you love your life, you can’t defeat the power of death. All you can do is learn to accept it’s place and react to it in a life affirming manner.

Live with the knowledge you have a precious opportunity, and follow the passion of your heart, don’t sell yourself short for comfort.

If one lives a fulfilling life, they can meet death with open arms and a smile, ‘Hello, friend. You should have seen what I just did, but alas, you had to be there’, with full knowledge, that one got the best of the deal, and that nothing can take that away, for one never experiences a moment of death, all one will ever know is life.

Joe: A singular experience e of ones own death is never experienced, at the moment of death, and existence is predicated by experience, death of ones self does not exist.

Further, since eveeyone is singular, death for anyone at the moment of death does not exist.

Death of others therefore, is a simulacrum.

We could say that death empowers life, that eternal life is a vanity [as ancient Egyptians etc attempted].

Each new life is a resurrection, perhaps of old spirits [if reincarnation is true] or in each case, of new ones from the same original self.

I am pro-natalism for such reasons.

I consider the soul to be like an actor, and relish each character I play, even if it is not me [the same actor as such] in each role [again a ludicrous vanity].

Outside of the stage [life’s a play/stage etc], the stories continue regardless of our individual position on the matter. Motherhood is either way a wonderful thing.

I have to agree with this, but let’s take this one step further. The only way that people can accurately face death with courage; and courage is not the absence of fear; is to experience the death of the spirit throughout their life. And through experiencing that repeated death of the spirit each time we breathe it new life, we begin to see the truth behind it. There is no end to life, it dies and is reborn and is renewed and yet it carries on some memory of the days and months and years before. It becomes stronger and wiser with each death and renewal of life and becomes all that much more richer and vibrant because of it. Perhaps what we think of as the death of our bodies is but the birthing pains of a greater spirit? What do we truly know of life and death? Perhaps it could be that there are countless alternate dimensions that exist for each possibility that could have stemmed from each moment in time and when we die in one, our consciousness just gets pulled to another and we continue to live unknowing of how many deaths we have already experienced, counting our lucky stars for surviving the accidents we survived. And perhaps, the concept of Heaven and Hell isn’t so perverse and wrong, however inferior others have painted it to be.

When we truly think about it, we can’t even be sure that we are still alive, for the perfect Hell would be to make you think you still have a choice and a chance to do shit with your life, but continually squash you every time you do and leave you with nothing. But that’s being a negative little pussy, in my opinion. There’s a lot of great things in life to experience that becomes worth the Hell we go through and therein lies Heaven as well. I really think that where our spirits go when our body dies, depends on where they’ve been our entire lives. So, if a person is locked in the recursive cycles of negativity, unable to break free by the time they die, that is what they will be for all eternity. And those who are able to break free to fly straight are those who find their own personal heaven for all eternity. The Kingdom of Heaven would then, surely be within each of us.

And those who weren’t stuck in recursive cycles of thought who chose to harm others in their lives and to be twisted and cruel and mean and enjoy every minute of it, who can say where they go? Perhaps they will be the ones to rule over Hell and cause people in recursive cycles of thought greater suffering and for them that would be their heaven. For they have experienced Hell and rose above it, but have done so in a different manner. One has to imagine that what holds true on one scale holds true on all scales. That no matter what we can’t rely on, we can always rely on what we see and experience to give us greater wisdom and insight and as long as we refuse to believe that we know everything, the greater it will become.

Recursive cycles of thought go nowhere, though. Mankind stays within recursive cycles of thought because they’re afraid of what happens when we make a choice either way. The coin has been flipped and it’s yet to come down, yet based on what we have experienced in life when we have begun to face it with courage surely gives us the answers we need, for there is a deeper magic to all of nature than modern humanity has yet to accept en masse. There are things we can’t see when looking at them directly. We have to go the roundabout way of figuring out their true nature, from the smallest atoms to the largest.

No death is permanent unless we make it so or allow it to be so.

Edit: On a side note, A movie I would recommend seeing if you haven’t already, ‘Cloud Atlas’. It took me a couple watches to get the gist of the theory behind it, but it’s brilliant and I think would change the way we think of life and death in quite a few ways; not to mention time, itself.



But I don’t know what you mean by the death of the spirit and repeatedly so? For me spirit is the thing that has no cardinality [edges or limits] and so is not constrained by finite limitations in existence ~ that’s the whole point for me.

Death may only occur to that which has cardinality, spirit therefore cannot experience death! Consider the logical fallacy of; ‘life experiencing death’ ~ how may life experience [a function of life if not the very thing of it] a non-experience! Death is not a thing.

So the limitedness in the world dictates the un-limitedness of the spirit? The things we endure and don’t create [causality etc] make the soul eternally live in there limitedness even after that is no more? :-k Those cycles of negativity are of the world, not of the spirit, and after death they no longer exist ~ that’s the beauty of it don’t you see! :wink: :slight_smile:

Thanks for the film idea, I vaguely recognise it and will take a look when I can, thanks!

When you lose all hope and faith in good things and feel only hollow and empty and sad and depressed because no color and light can make it in for the darkness that envelops you within it’s icy depths and you’re not sure if you have the courage the pull the trigger or the courage to continue living but you’d rather do the former; that is a death of the spirit. When people simply don’t care anymore, that is a death of the spirit. When anger rides higher in the seat than compassionate sympathy, that is a death of the spirit. When we lose sight of our selves within the void and we know not who we are and find our selves naked before our fears, that is a death of the spirit. All over the world, the spirit is dead in many; for the spirit is life; the spirit of life; that which causes our eyes to burn with passionate fire and for life to take on its vigor and intensity and richness and depth that we so enjoy and love being alive and treasure it even throughout all the pain; and enables us to soar through the skies instead of being bound to crawling along the ground.

Death is only an end to living. Life goes on and life does not always necessitate self involvement.

Did life live before we lived as humanity…yes it did.

Should human beings respect life…yes, because if they alter what supports their own living capacity they will die. We have always understood what gave us our own life and knew we should respect the purpose, why we taught about the purpose of God…but that does not make us God. Knowledge comes from understanding, not just experiencing.

Death is only a place of leaving, and when you understand that we have always left those we love in many circumstances of leaving throughout life, death is just simply another moment that we live.

Therefore we actually live death as it is a part of life…as far as it being a friend, death is not a communal shared state…we always die alone and everyone knows this which is why some fear death, as they have so much support in life, many of us have never learnt the meaning of leaving, and when forced to leave become fearful. As sad as the fear is, I know myself that many fear death only because of the life they led, and it is obvious that they should fear what they always knew was incorrect behavior.

We live, we die. One moment we exist, the next we do not exist, not even to wonder about the fact that we no longer exist.

What else is there to say?

It doesn’t matter how you approach death, once it comes you are wiped from existence utterly. No amount of “nobility” or lack of it can justify or make death meaningful.

Follow your passions, don’t sell out, don’t waste opportunities or take things for granted, live life to the fullest so you can die without regrets.

Complete and utter bullshit, all of that.

Nothing you ever do or don’t do will make death even the slightest bit meaningful or justified. Just keep telling nice lies to each other and reciting accepted platitudes, because that doesn’t matter either, death doesn’t care what a cunt you were in life, or that you read some new age self-help bullshit about “following your passions”.

Yeah, so what makes you so greater than nature that you can sit there and claim its entire system to be faulty? You, the man with the short life span who does have the experiences or wisdom of the ages. Sounds like you’re more full of bullshit. Might want to get that checked.

Haha. Thanks for demonstrating my point, dipshit.

I didn’t. You said that death wasn’t meaningful. By saying that, you said the system of nature was faulty just the same as you said their system of beliefs was faulty. That makes your system of beliefs faulty. As each one in turn holds a particle of truth, not a single one is the full truth and therein remains a lie. To say that the society of men, and therefore your society; the one you belong to and are a part of whether you want to be or not; does not serve a purpose, is to undermine natures plan for the growth of man and his spirit.


Lol. You just made my day with that autistic tirade of yours, well done indeed.

Right? lol. It’s kind of funny because I grew up with a lot of people misunderstanding it. Didn’t know wtf autism was back then. Thought I had adhd when I was just autistic and bipolar. It took me a long time to overcome my differences and be able to fit into social settings because everyone treated me differently because I was seemingly smarter than them. And yet, I struggled with so many things that other people found easy. The simple fact that we can now readily identify Jesus Christ as an early example of Autism and that we can readily identify so many people alive today with that same affliction of mentality, though to varying degrees, only goes to show how far we’ve come and though it may seem like we exist among our darkest days, it is usually darkest before the dawn. I fought hard to overcome negativity and depression and insecurity and I am so very thankful for being autistic and having an advantage in doing so. I realize others don’t have the same advantages and though it’s hard to remain patient, I have resolved to never lose control of myself and to always make my lesser nature serve my greater when dealing with others. I have done mushrooms and the last time I did so, I dug too deep and found insanity. True insanity. It took me off the foundation I knew to be stable and told me that even though I had mastered the truths of nature, that I was never going to be more or better than nature except by adding myself to it and giving nature due credit.

Genius and insanity do go hand in hand and it’s a sorry fact to admit that all men are insane and all men do fight the same inner battle in their own fashion.

Well now you’re just trying too hard, believe me it’s more convincing if you don’t overdo it.

Yeah, that’s something I’ve been trying to work on. It’s not easy, lol.

This thread is about accepting death’s place. Not putting it on a pedestal or saying we need it and it does us lots of favours.

Strawman or complete misunderstanding?

You misunderstand.

This thread is about how WE react to death, not how death reacts to us. Death is unrelenting and it’s coming, no doubt.

My suggestion or advice, is to recognize what gives death power, and with that knowledge, improve the quality of one’s life. Not as an act of fear against death, but love for life.

Don’t shelter your heart from life to soften the pain of death’s grasp.

Funny that’s exactly what this whole thread of feel-good platitudes is all about.

I wrote the thread. You can’t tell me what it’s about. You can tell me how YOU interpret it.

To shelter one’s heart, would be to deprive oneself of all that validate life and bring oneself closer to life. It would be to deny love, deny joy, deny hope, deny purpose.

These are what I argue for love, joy, hope and purpose. As I said in the original post, death’s power directly corresponds to life’s power. Therefore, to live a powerful life, is to feed the power of death.

Explain to me how what I call for is sheltering or minimizing.

Otherwise, go fuck yourself along with your empty insults.

Haha, good good. Now we’re getting somewhere.