What is death?
How we should define death?
How can we know that one is now dead permanently for sure?

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Death is “absence of life”.

The shortest definition is certainly “absence of life”.

  1. Knowing that there is no heartbeat of this one.
  2. Knowing that there is no brain activity of this one.
  3. Knowing after observing this very probably dead one further over a certain time (at least three days).


It is good to have you back here, Zinnat.
By the way, did you ever make it over Know Thyself?

You mean the end of it all or the little deaths which we experience now and then?

Define should.
Does there have to be one particular way in which we must define death?

The smell will give it away. :blush:
I know, that was crass.

What is death? … the butterfly asked the caterpillar. :slight_smile:

And what did the caterpillar answer? :slight_smile:

Communication terminates when one crosses the threshold from life to death … at least according to conventional wisdom … ergo … science.

OTH … ancient … very ancient … cultural traditions and rituals point to communication after death … suggesting one retains individual consciousness after death. We can never know … with any degree of certainty … one way or the other. or can we. :slight_smile:

Language compels the use of naming conventions … which inevitably leads to ambiguity and confusion … which in turn all too often leads to hostility and violence.

The caterpillar responded … you have to die in order to really ‘know’. :slight_smile:

Your answers may be right by not acceptable in philosophy as you have not provided any reasoning. Find some arguments to support your claim.

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That’s a philosophical, very wise answer.

Are you a subjectivist, Sanjay?

No, the opposite one, at least by intent.
I would prefer to take a call every time and take the risk of being wrong instead of saying that nothing can be decided ever.

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Death is a transition from consciousness to non consciousness
And if it is permanent then that can never actually be known

That may be true but that still does as not answer all questions.

The real issue is spot physical or real time verification of the death. What exactly happens to anyone to conclude that now one is dead for sure. What scientific/medical test/condition is sufficient to conclude that one is now dead forever?

Alf provided three types of spot physical verification as below -

These tests generally confirms death but not in all cases. Can you offer some such other confirmatory test?

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What kind of inherent nature does man possess?

Does he have a mortal nature or an immortal nature? According to the dictionary, the word “mortal” means “subject to death,” and the word “immortal” means “not subject to death.” Simply stated then man is mortal and subject to death, nobody has died and returned to tell us what it is like on the other side. The clearest and most concise inspired definition of death was written "then shall the dust return to the earth as it was and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it. (spirit meaning the breath).

How do you support with argumentation what hasn’t happened yet? I’ve astral projected so I have lived via my soul away from my physical body and I have fed from the eternal river of Peace while astral projecting so I am less skeptical than most people who struggle with their beliefs about what comes after the death of the physical human body.

Ask yourself this. What kind of inherent nature does man possess. Is his nature mortal or immortal, according to the dictionary, the word mortal means subject to death and the word immortal means not subject to death. It is not difficult to figure out that man is mortal and subject to death and nobody has died and returned to tell us what death is like. Why? Because the dead know nothing.

Man possesses two natures, two bodies…an external, human flesh body and an internal, spiritual soul body. The spirit in God’s kiss may simply connect the soul body with the flesh body for our stay in the Earth realm. That kiss doesn’t necessarily mean a new soul is born, but rather simply a new human being is born with an ancient soul.

Absolute rubbish.