Ask yourself this. What kind of inherent nature does man possess. Is his nature mortal or immortal, according to the dictionary, the word mortal means subject to death and the word immortal means not subject to death. It is not difficult to figure out that man is mortal and subject to death and nobody has died and returned to tell us what death is like. Why? Because the dead know nothing.

Man possesses two natures, two bodies…an external, human flesh body and an internal, spiritual soul body. The spirit in God’s kiss may simply connect the soul body with the flesh body for our stay in the Earth realm. That kiss doesn’t necessarily mean a new soul is born, but rather simply a new human being is born with an ancient soul.

Absolute rubbish.


Rationally speaking,… … -dead.html

Aside from that, when that one or that self or that being, is pronounced legally dead, there cannot ultimately be any evidence one way or the other as to consciousness surviving in another form.

And we are not caterpillars doing what must be done in order to be transformed into butterflies.
The caterpillar works with the material which it once had in order to eventually become the butterfly.

Once the human being is dead, heart dead, brain dead, once all human functioning has ceased and become defunct, no one can possibly know what if anything occurs next.
For what we cannot explain, we fill in the gaps to our own liking, which is natural to us humans.
It’s like proving or disproving a First Cause. It cannot be done so some of us fill in the gaps by a living faith.
It doesn’t make it so though.

A Shieldmaiden

The capacity to evolve, to survive, to struggle, to learn, to imagine, to be inspired, ad continuum…

Yes, capable of dying and being destroyed. Even the experience of pain and grief is part of his mortal nature.

It wouldn’t appear to be that way. Perhaps there will come a time when it may be proven one way or the other. Don’t know how that might be but until then - until I can know, I will not believe. Then I won’t have to believe. haha
What if there IS no such thing as immortality?
Once we have breathed our last, we would not be aware of not being.

I think that whoever wrote that passage probably had the belief in the eternal soul; otherwise, there would be no breath or spirit or soul returning to God.
He or she was just giving to Earth what belonged to Earth and to God what belonged to God.
Let’s not forget that this came from the Bible.

With my answers above, I am in absolute agreement with all doctors, all physicians, all neurologists, all natural scientists.

And you are saying that they are “wrong”?


I look forward to your explanation and proof.

Life’s state of nonexistence.


There is no such thing as permanently dead.

How can we be sure someone is dead???

Two hunters are out in the woods when one of them collapses.
He doesn’t seem to be breathing and his eyes are glazed.
The other guy whips out his phone and calls the emergency services.
He gasps, “My friend is dead! What can I do?”
The operator says “Calm down. I can help. First, let’s make sure he’s dead.”
There is a silence, then a gun shot is heard.
Back on the phone, the guy says “OK, now what?”

I am not talking in metaphors. Here by death i mean plain and simple death.

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I also firmly believe of rather know that for sure because of my personal experiences. But, i can put that only as a theory or assumption because i cannot prove that empirically to others.

But yes, i can certainly put some such evidences forth which proves that the other side is not also right.

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I read that link. Whatever they say is not wrong and applicable to almost 99.9 percent of cases of death. But, there are some exceptions also where some creatures becomes alive once again even after confirming all possible medical benchmarks.

And, if that is true, does that not mean that there must be some other core reason of death instead of all those which we generally assume?

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They are almost right but only almost, not absolutely.

Considering something as a fundamental truth, it must prevails in all conditions, not merely in majority. There must be no exceptions whatsoever, otherwise it should be considered as a thumb rule only, not a fundamental truth.

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Of course. Let all others state their opinion first.

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Sorry, i did not get your point.

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Yes and no!

They are ‘right’ within the limits/boundaries of what they ‘know’.

They … and all people who subscribe to their opinions … are wrong … arrogant and small minded … to extrapolate beyond the limits/boundaries of what is ‘known’.

Death doesn’t actually exist. But the real and much more relevant question is: What do you want to believe?

Sorry James, i am unable to make anything from your answer. Would you elaborate?

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The Scriptures contain no such statement, ‘the soul never dies’, it is a pagan view and there is no reference in the Bible where the soul is referred to as being immortal or undying, in fact, over and over again it declares the opposite but people continue to believe only what they want to believe, ignoring the explicit verses which tell the truth about death yet multitudes still blindly follow empty teachings of an ‘everlasting soul’.