o.k. this is my whole story. …i used to suffer from ocd/depression. i didnt know i had ocd untill about 2 months ago. once i realized i had it i got high and wrote down everything that was bothering me…i worked it all out and realised it was all the ocd. poof. i was cured (or at least i thought)…so i went to bad , woke up the next day feeling compleatly ocd free! went out had a great day. that night i smoked some pot (for medicinal purposes). i was feeling good. i rememberd reading on an ocd message board how their is no cure. so i was thinking holy shit, i found a cure to ocd? am i some kind of genius? THEN a quote popped into my head…the quote was “i decided to be a genius” …the quote was from a movie abot some young genius poet (non fiction)…and it sounded like a real quote …so i started thinking about this…so i decided to try to decide to be a genius…i had this book that i liked called "secrets of the night sky (i liked it but couldnt understand it…i looked up the hardest sounding chapter (parellel universes) and read it . it was much clearer then it was before…while reading it , if i caught myself stuttering…i would simply say your a geneus now why are you reading slow? then i would read fast and smooth…i started drawing like a genius. i convinced myself i was a genius. i caught myself whistling an ultra elaborate tune…then i thought "ow yeah your a genius , this is how you whistle now…after being a genius for a about an hour…i realized that i had no way of knowing whats possible (because ultimately whats possible was due to what i was taught to be possible) …i started testing everything (much like one does while lucid dreaming.)…i didnt dismiss anything as impossible…i tried walking into a mirror…needless to say it didnt work…but i went about it like it could have…so i did all that and went to sleep…i woke and i felt compleatly different (even more different then a genius)…i felt like i compleatly filled my skin, my head was more clear then i could have prviously immagined, i had NO anxiety or stress of any kind…no fear…i also realized my goals in life no longer mattered…after researching i decided i had expeirienced ego dissolution…or self actualization. i went from being a christian, to believing that free will doesnt exist, over night…your mind compleatly controls your mental reality. decide to be a genius, today.

Dude, Look at all these used cars I have! I have a deal- FOOOOR YOU!

Right, man. Ok. I’m a genius. Altough I only have the IQ of 128. That is above average, but isn’t really being an Edwin Hubble.

Another thing: You honestly don’t come off as a genius with all those astricts. …
Damnit! I still think you beat me! :stuck_out_tongue:

The power of the mind is… powerful. Yeah. Perception is reality, and I have been saying it all along! If perception is reality, and reality is but an illusion, then we can say we are a banana, and we would be right! :smiley: A dancing banana! Then if I convinced myself of this, I would eventually begin running from people, thinking they would tackle me and try to peal off my skin. :sunglasses:

…good point…im not claiming to be a genius, compared to anyone else, but compared to my oldself i do feel more inteligent, at least 2 times more intligent infact (i …used…to…type…like dis…!

You are on the path to some enlightning revelations. Continue to realize and know that whatever you believe to be true will be, and stay positive with it, you will go far in life. Free will does exist, only in a sense though. If I was the only person alive, I would have free will right? But anyway you should go out and buy the book the power of my subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy. Its life changing.

has your weight perhaps changed dramatically some time prior to that night of revelation when you discovered you were a genius?
do you have a normal, usual diet like tmost people do?

GlacticHeart have you ever been or are you currently on any psychotropic medications? I’m just curious.

Yes, it does sound like enlightenment. I had a similiar feeling when I decided that I wasn’t happy with my life and that I was no longer going to be afraid. (well, I’m still afraid of some things- as we all are) I set about to make some major life changes and reverse certain aspects of my thinking. Good things started to happen and I was moving in a different direction. A sense of euphoria set in and everything I saw looked new, every action was done as if it were the first time and the trivial became meaningful.

genuine thanks to everyone who has replied. lenore- i did notice a change in appetite. before hand i didnt eat meat. i still dont eat meat. beforehand i ate/drank dairy products…i still do now, but not nearly as much…and it still doesnt sit quite right. beforehand i used to drink 1-4 cokes a day…now i ll ocasionally drink one but cant drink regularly…i feel my oveall appetite has decreased… ive slimmed a little so far. (i was allready fairly slim. Otherthings that have changed- my senses have improved dramatically…they verry from time to time though. i get pleasure from running outside , and jumping over objects, kicking off trees…stuff like that. (as well as other "sense orriented acctivities). Vortical, no ive never been on any medications. illativmindedindeed/vortival…you two sound like youve expierienced the euphoria i feel. with myself ive noticed it the strongness of that feeling varies (possibly from living in society)…did it verry with you guys or was it a constant feeling? my theory is that affter the innitial ego dissolution , if you still interact with society no matter what a slight ego will form. but you can go back through meditation.

Yes, the feeling does vary… it comes and goes and I think the intial intensity was partly caused by being in a state of shock. When you make a lot of changes all at once and get really manic, stop sleeping and have a burst of emotion and creativity pulsing through your system, trying to claw it’s way outward your perceptions become heightened and dulled almost at the same time. You reach the top of a quickly vibrating wave that crests with a plunge into exhaustion.

Things are more clear and balanced now, a level of intensity has diminished into a much needed and more manageable flow. I don’t know if my experience has anything to do with yours and I’m not OCD. There is an element of instability in the feeling of it. Since we’re talking psychology, one might slap a manic/depressive label on the kind of mental and emotional states I’m talking about.

I can imagin how that is possible.

[size=200]Now tell me how I can make my 2.5 year old Baby Girl a genius!?[/size]

GalacticHeart wrote:

As vortical said it does vary. The key is as you mentioned to meditate and rid yourself of all other detrimental thinking processes. Interacting with society is still possible while still trying to obtain complete self actualization. What one must learn to do is to more so live beside society. Be able to interact and compete socially, yet distance yourself to the point that you will remain unaffected or refrain from engaging in certain damaging social moors and norms. Know that in your mind perfection is obtainable and strive and reach for it everyday.

Exactly. Be in the game while watching the game.

This sort of expanse is rather overwhelming, but when you exercise deliberate control over it, for me at least, it feels as though you can put it back where it belongs. I feel in a way that by doing so is to stifle it’s full potential…to fear experiencing it in it’s possible and complete magnitude. However, it intensifies to the point at which to stop it would be analogous to interrupting a sneeze or repressing an orgasm at the point of climax.

Inevitably, you have to face the emotion you have been running from.

Just out of curiosity…what the hell is an ego dissolution?

Ok nevermind, I already stumbled across it. By your definition I have had an ego dissolution but I think you wrongly define ego, but since that is not relative to the thread, I’m starting a new one…I’ll put it in Phsycology if anyone cares to read it.

Hey Galactic I got a question for you. when you sleep do you still dream ?

yes. my dreams(the ones i remember) seem to be slightly more lucid though. by lucid i mean i analyze the information more. some times its enough to realize im dreaming, but usually its not.

interesting. My freind once told me of a way to become self aware while dreaming. His technique was throughout the day when he saw something he named it. Like if he saw a tree he would say in his mind “tree”, if he saw a smoke he would say “smoke”, you get the picture. So that when he was dreaming if he saw a tree, then rational thought would be triggered, and say “that is a tree”, bringing about awareness in the dream. Just thought I’d share that lol.

Anyways why I asked is because I think dreams are the minds way of bringing about order. Its why we think throughout the day, to solve problems, we see a problem and we attempt to solve it using thought, once its solved theres order and we move on, if its not it usually brings about an analytical nightmare. So if the mind has order, then one doesn’t dream. At least thats the theory. This is something that I rarely experience for any length of time, but I believe it is because at night I let my mind wander.

I would say seeing things as your first and last time would point to some kind of enlightenment. It should help you to realize also that enlightened is just another label. I think in a lot of cases it is a tool to propel people to follow someone.

I think the only difference between someone who wouldn’t be called enlightened and someone who would be is the place from which they percieve reality. I think someone said it, perception is reality. Awareness/will. That is the constant. That is the eternal. But form is also needed to give shape to awareness. Without it there would be no time, and no experience. The goal is to escape from time while your still in it, and seeing things like they are the first/last time is a sign of this. Many experience it, but you can really run with it once you start consciously directing your evolution.

This shift in consciousness attracts people because of the way they behave after the shift. A pre shift person sees things relative to past, or idea of future which is based on past. So what these people are attracted to is being freed from the past. They want to let it go so it doesn’t continue to shade their present. They don’t want to see everything relative to something else, and to do that you must dissolve what maintains relationship to past, and that is identity. They want to see things for as they are, and that is mystery.

Does anyone else think there is a tremendous shift in consciousness on this planet? Love expresses itself as oneness. Families act as one. Nations have made connections for communication in order to network our minds, and thus experience. I’ve talked to so many online who have begin to enter into this state, but not as many who have cracked their identity. And I rarely meet people in real life who have. Maybe one or two people, but still it seems like there is much change happening.


how did you mean “cracked their identity”? what did you mean? can you be more specific? give examples. is it good to crack your identity?

Sure I can. :slight_smile:

Identity is who you think you are. If you think you are ugly, you will feel ugly, and act as someone who wants to hide how they look. You might not want to go out, or you will dress down to not be noticed. Now, ugly is a relative term. It has no real meaning. Ugly relates to order. And it only exists in our minds because of duality, comparison, relativity. Ugly does not encompass a person, but when they believe it it can limit them. It can imprison them.

Have you ever heard of a black man who was raised by rich white parents? He interacts well, networks well, succeeds with other rich white folk, but has much trouble relating to other black men. Especially one’s raised in black communities. The two clash. Do you know why? Identity. Our bodies mean nothing. Our manerisms mean nothing. We may clash a bit with certain types but it is how we classify ourselves that seperates us. This black man has a white identity, or feels white, and that is in conflict with a black man who has gotten in touch with his roots. You see what I mean?

Children practice for adulthood by pretending to be everyone else. Doesn’t that make anyone wonder? Adults also try to mimmick others, and be ‘successful’, ‘rich’, ‘hot’, ‘charming’. We someone we like, and try to be like them, which is to say, we see someone who’s identity is something we like, and we try to model it for our own. Human beings are so absent of identity that they are constantly trying to create one, which is why one of our most common phrases is “be your self”. I’m not sure what that means. I don’t think it means be the identity you have created out of your relative form, which would limit you. I think it means act natural, which is to say, act without being shaded by the past.

If you have an identity which is in great suffering, you probably have many relationships to past. In order to let that identity go, or to heal, you need to dissolve what relationships that hold you to the past, and that is done through forgiveness. Forgiving means to no longer be that identity which suffers. You ask or give it to free yourself from the connection to past.

We are all stuck in the physical world. We all only see our relative forms because our culture is mind dominated. We see everything relative to ourselves/belief system/identity. Whoever we think we are, it is a label, and it only limits us from the totality of what we are. I would say that eternity is our identity. This energy never dies, only the identity it uses for a short time for whatever purpose. So there is no life or death for our forms essence, only for identity. Identity resists change because it means changing who it believes itself to be. Take on the identity of eternity and you will be perfectly happy with what you are, when you are, and where you are. You transcend form and time, freeing your identity’s grip over your awareness and will/being. Identity lives through past and future, because it wants to control what it is. Being/spirit/awareness and will lives through the moment, and whatever circumstance it offers, because it is free of the illusion of past/future. To be free of your relative identity is to be happy with the moment, always, short of some extremely threatening situation.