Define consciousness.

A simple statement with a very complicated answer. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

There’s two “types” of consciousness, phenomenal and psychological.
However, it’s subjective experience, and thus hard to define. My consciousness is probably quite different from another’s. EG, I have a cognitive disorder, and another might lack this cognitive disorder.

U want definitions look in a dictionary. But seriously, what is the point of defining it or even trying. U are it. U cant define conciousness like your would any old object like a book, table ect. How can u define what u are?Since any definition is supposed to be an accurate assesment of what that thing is, it would mean that you would have to have knowledge of everythng that conciousness is, which, i would say, is impossible.

I am not saying that we cant say anything at all about conciosness, only that an ultimate and exact definition is impossible.

The dictionary says that consciousness is ‘awareness or feeling felt by one’s inner self.’ But I feel consciousness is more, it is the difference between what is just life, like the heart, liver, etc. and what is not just life, like us humans and animals. Consciousness cannot be us. An unconscious person loses consciousness but is still us. As for a fetus, since it is inside a body I believe that it is more like life only and should only be considered life, like the heart, liver, etc., and not a conscious human being. My definition of consciousness would be that we perceive that we exist. And a fetus only follows programming and is more like the liver and the heart. For the same reason I believe that plants are life only, they DO NOT HAVE consciousness because they are attached to earth, and not independent of programming. For the same reason I believe, robots cannot ever develop conciousness because they cannot exist outside of programming. For the same reason I believe, we develop consciousness as soon as we are out of the womb and independent :laughing:

To know you are.

To know that you know you are…


Isn’t that a nonsequitor or something?

What is so unlogical about my definition?

From the moment you are aware of your existence you have selfconciousness. Logically, this can’t never be a chemical reaction between matter. Just imagine, some atoms can get very complex (e.g. DNA) but they neven can have selfconciousness because they are made of matter. For example:

A computer (body) is very complex. But a computer can impossible know his own existence and think logically about that. Further a computer can’t develop something on his own. Someone has to control this computer (soul). No matter how good the technology of Artificial Intelligence will get a computer will never be able to compute on his own.

Btw A.I. self is knowledge to think forward. But will certainly stop at a momment because the knowledge will become unsufficient to discover new stuff. You will have to creat A.I. that can create a better A.I. out of experience (well, that’s impossible of course).

dat be what happen to de man when him hear dem twelve bar blues

like him wake up from sleep walkin all his life man

yep him no more zombie man him conscious

him see da light

dat man dat hear no twelve bar him dead man

Living mindfully!

“To know you are” sounds interesting. One test to measure the intelligence of animals involves wheteher they can recognize themselves in a mirror…

What a wise definition! I am conscious of my consciousness…

“Cogitoiergo sum” - Renè Descartes (I think, therefore I am).