deja vu, coincidences, and other wierd things.

I’ve noticed over the past few years, that some on the ideas I’ve had for my fictional stories have been popping up, before I can even make use of them. I dont know what to think about this. It’s like the universe is conspiring against me, or with me, similar to the movie the Truman Show.

I want to take credit for these ideas, but there’s no way I can fully believe that I had something to do with their production. As I get older I notice a lot of my fictional themes have been used and repeated in the real world, and have been growing in intesity.

I’m sorry for not giving examples, they are just so personal they wouldn’t hold wieght as proof. My only point for posting this is to say, that sometimes I feel like the creative side of my brain is responsible for what goes on in the real world. I know you will all shout me down for that, but it the truth.

Do many of you experience deja vu. or coincidences very often? How about clairvoyance or preminitions?

I mean, do you see your greatest ideas appear without any effort of your own to bring them into this world?

The more you look for coincidences, the more you will find them. The statistical probability for coincidence is surprisingly much lower than most would imagine, if one just decides to look for them…

I had a friend who was obsessed with the number 34. Everywhere he looked, he’d see the number. He had fine tuned his mind to find the number 34.

Coincidences happen everyday all around us, and if you decide to start looking for them, you will certainly find them.

By saying they’re all around us, do you mean to say they dont mean anything?

I think he means that the world does not revolve around us.

I write this hoping there is someone out there like-minded reading (join if have to!):

You’ve obviously noticed the acceleration/intensity. Lately I’ve been getting deja-vu where I actually start to have suspended precog that lasted near 20 seconds last time. Also, it was connected in the same temporal stream as one of the previous episodes I had earlier. Yes – simultaneously in both directions for a suspended period of time.

Respond if this makes any sense.

Yes, honestly I understand that. it is very similar to what has been happening to me. I keep saying to myself “this is a repetition” Not only that, but I have regretful feelings for saying the same things over and over, each time.




Since I posted that last post, I got a LOUD tone in my left ear (means something is about to happen) and I had a strong feeling something was about to happen.


Something did alright. Not sure if I wanna talk about this on ILP – will PM.



In a nutshell, people who believe they have great luck, by default, will have better luck than somebody who believes they have shitty luck.

Michael Shermer wrote an article about it in a magazine I read a while back.

Aw man, please talk about it on ILP, that was really interesting.

That loud tone went off and… something changed fundamentally in my ability to perceive the external world . I’ll leave it at that for now…

This is nuts. For me to say that… is nuts.

If you do ever feel like expounding on it, I’ll be interested.

I love stuff like this.



So guys, I was sitting here, and I felt a breeze, and I also had this feeling that something was going to happen, and then the alarm that I had set went off on my phone. I looked over and to my surprise the window was open, which obviously means the wind carried moon beams to my particular temporal stream, and encoded within it was precog information about my phone going off. Luckily I had orgonite in my mouth which acted as a cypher, we all know how hard it is to break the codes carried on moon beams, so you can just imagine how potent these orgonite crystals were.

I don’t want to talk about this here though, PM me of you want to learn more.

I have two recommendations: 1) this thread is removed from the philosophy section…2) A new section is created for this thread, it will be entitled Mysticism.

You simply can’t make me mad right now :smiley:

All ideas for stories are posed in language. All language is learnt. Sooner or later, the same play of words will occur to you as occurred to others.

There’s nothing weird about this. Most people think mostly the same stuff most of the time. Being an artist in itself makes no difference whatsoever.

a few years ago I had several experiances very simmilar to those, it made me sick to my stomach.

You misunderstand, I did not make that post out of spite, but out of duty.

Wanna hear somethign wierd? Not deja vu but wierd anyways- for a long time, I went through a period where everytime I looked at the clock it would read 3:33 1:11 12:12 or whatever hour it was- At first didn’t really htink much of it, but then it just kept happening- I’d wake during the night, look over qat the clock and it’d be like 4:44. I’d be sitting at my com puter for a couple of hours- not look at the clock at all, then glance down for some reason and it’d be 2:22- this went on for a couple of months, then stopped about 6 months ago, and I rarely glance at clock now and see this. You might think it was just coincidence, but it was every time I looked at a clock- I hop in car and the clock would be 4:44 or something- it got kinda freaky to be honest. Not sure what it means- but there it is.

I tend to agree with the language part. Maybe I’m blowing shit out of artisitc porpotion

You should try and get back onto this path of sychronicism.

If you want…