deja vu, coincidences, and other wierd things.

Perhaps, perhaps not. But you take my point - of course people come up with the same ideas sometimes. It’s like a very complex game of cards - sooner or later you’re going to get two Jacks in a row.

Yeah you’re right.

It’s just a couple jacks causing me to see the future.

Damn, you already knew I was going to post this.

Some things never change.

When the majority of people’s behaviour is dictated by broad mechanisms, it becomes quite easy to see into the future. Come on Gobbo, stop dressing yourself up as the messiah of NWO conspiracies, it really doesn’t impress or convince anyone, and solves nothing.

Yes master!

If it weren’t for flip one-line responses, your post count would be somewhere in the mid hundreds.


did you know that subconciously store all sensory data you have ever seen, only a small portion of it is consiously available to us, and your senses are far more accurate than you realize. your hearing can hear any sound between 400 and 40,000 hz that is of high enough desibles, this works out to a pin dropping about eight feet away, consiously we are only aware of a small amount of this information but unconciously we are aware of all of it.

Not just hearing is like this, every sense we have is like this, but because of the limits on consiousness, we are only aware of a small peice of this information. Now consider this everything you know consiously, you know subconsiously so since you know the sound of a bell consiously then subconsiously you would recognize the sound at a much farther distance.

Now what if your subconsious compiled its data in a way we could understand, vision insight you name it. you would be able to see that truck swerving around the corner three blocks away because you recognized it subconsiously by the sound of screeching wheels.

Not just that either, a loose bolt in a trains framework, he slight husk in someones voice denoting intoxication, even the small hints of sarcasm denoting malitious intent. subconsiously you are aware of all of this, but the consious mind most often ignores this in favor of background thoughts.

an odd statistic with train accidents is that there are often less passengers on a train that has a crash than one that dosent, my thoughts are chew on this thought for a while before being sinical, you really don’t know.


Just so I have it straight, since our senses are able to receive more data than our mind processes into apprehension, mysticism is justified.

what happened :astonished: :frowning:
that was kinda scary since i am alone in a dark place…

dude, wtf is orgonite?

Layered steel wool and fiberglass. Or arbitrarily thrown together crystals, metals, stones, ect.

WTF is correct.


First, the matrix (metel, resin) -must- contain a quartz, or any other (but pretty much you gotta have a bit of quartz) crystal which has the potential for piezoelectric output. ( All personal differences aside, for the sake of edification – this point is the most critical. Must have quartz.

Insofar as I know you haven’t seen any reports indicating that orgonite does anything, or affects anything in any way. But also, insofar as I know, you haven’t seen anything indicating that someone has tested and found no effects.

As someone who’s looked, I’ve found countless stories affirming the power and effects described by Reich during his research – ie: proper scientific method. So that got me thinking: If -all- these people are crazy then that’s starting to really defy statistics. Can such a statistical anomaly exist? (A like-minded group of people with no geographic proximity or correleation all completely delusional).

I figured, if it did, then I would be part of the group, and so one day when I was plagued by sickness and constant lethargy I decided to pick up the materials and simply make some. It’s really not hard at all, as you just pointed out.

So I made it, and I swear to god when the resin was curing I could start to feel… something. I’ve always been energy sensitive (I can feel the difference in mental clarity between my house here DT, on campus surrounded by 15 wireless networks, and my parents house out in the quiet suburbs. On this you’ll have to take me on my word but it’s not self-made illusion – I complained about areas which gave me ‘foggy brain’ as a kid.) and so I knew that because I felt a subtle yet definitely present change in atmosphere, there were still many people out there who believed full on in the power of orgonite, but yet couldn’t actually -feel- it and so I awaited more definitive results.

Well, the next morning I woke up so fast, and so alert it actually sort of made me laugh. I’m a big pothead and… it’s just never happened before. I work DT at a bar, before the orgonite I was seriously constantly sick, as weed does lower your immune system in a manner of speaking, despite the fact that it kills certain ailments at the same time. What I think was actually viral bronchitus (this lasted for a month and… it was hell – try meditating when you can’t breathe) cleared up immediately and since I started with the orgonite --about early december-- I’ve had nothing but easy wakeups, energy, and the only sickness I’ve had since was a almost non-existent cough.

The non psyhics/energy sensitives who are usually convinced are those who just feel themselves to be unhealthy in some elusive way which the doctors cannot pinpoint or cure, so they give it a shot. Like I said it’s subtle, I won’t argue the empirical evidence is a little hard to pin down if you aren’t doing scientific tests. Reich himself said that stuff like orgonite is more of a… like this is primitive stuff – the science is still in it’s infancy.

When Reich’s unreleased works become availible at the end of this year, as in accordance with his will, this infant is going to take it’s first public step. :wink:

That’s my story.


Believe it or not.

I honestly don’t care if you or anyone thinks I’m nuts, the frustration isn’t stemming from a confidence problem, it’s more empathetic. For instance my younger sister has William’s Syndrome, which means (as a type of byproduct of the genetic disorder) that she also has a weakened immune system and a weaker heart than everyone. The frustration comes when I try and give my parents some orgonite and they get all apprehensive – what is there to lose, you know? If it works, Meagan’s body is working a little bit better, and if it doesn’t then there is no harm right?

20 bucks would be enough to make a few orgonite pieces. They are tireless quantum machines. My mentality was… why not give it a shot? Sometimes I get the feeling that people here would find a little experiment like that… I dunno, scary?