Deletions should accompany PMs.

I suspect that a lot of posts here are deleted without any trace or explanation. Most or all of these deletions are probably with good reason. I don’t believe that they all have to do with crashes and bugs on the site.

However: I do think a person has a right to know in even the subtlest way that their post was removed.

I recommend that you make some algorithm in the software that PMs the poster when their post is deleted. Something simple like “this post was deleted” and there’s no need for an explanation. In this way, this should not add any work for the already burdened staff. Just an automated PM triggered by post deletion. It is not as though the poster is being betrayed. In fact I’d hope it encourages the poster to look at what was removed and take a second thought as to why they shouldn’t post that.

Other than that I see no other constructive criticism necessary.

The only posts I ever delete are links…

I move some without warning to the hall, mundane or rant but never outright delete them…


Ditto. Spam is the only thing that I delete. I will move posts when the need strikes, however.

Though I do notice sometimes I don’t wait long enough for my post to go through, so I’ll think that I’ll have made a post . . . but it won’t appear. The post wasn’t deleted, I was just in too much of a hurry. Perhaps you are having the same experience?

Yeah, posts shouldn’t be deleted without warning, and I don’t think they are. The only posts that are deleted are spam and multi-posts. Even overtly off-topic ad homs aren’t deleted. And spam topics are usually moved to a hidden forum, so that we have a record.

If you think a post of yours was deleted, PM a moderator, or PM me, and it can be investigated. To my knowledge legitimate posts aren’t deleted at all, silently or otherwise.

Ditto. When I move something, I PM the poster(s).

Maybe I am screwing up my own posts and thinking it was moderated? Heck . . . maybe I am imagining writing the entire post when the entire thing never took place :smiley: Lord knows I see internet windows in my sleep.

Just to clarify: I think moderators should be welcome to delete posts that are too revealing to character, too biggoted, too condascending, or whatever other way breaks the rules. I’ve probably made them.

Or maybe it’s all a conspiracy and you’re part of a secret terrorist plot with Interpol that goes as far as Black Ops NSA and you’ve known about extra terrestrials all along!!

Well, Gaia, if we were doing what you think we are doing, we wouldn’t just come right out and tell you, would we?

Where’s the pun, people? The pun!

Gaia, ILP had to be rebooted a while back, and the posts during that downtime were lost: did you not see the post explaining it, from Carleas :-s I lost a few posts during that time too…

This was after that. Unless there was another one right after.

One example, I think, was in “The King is Dead, Long Live the King.” I did a sort of gut-spilling “I love you man” post, and “maybe I’d be totally suicidal lost without” and I can very much see why that would be ideal to delete. I could even justify a PM from Ben saying "relax, you fucking melodramatic hippy. :-({|= " It’s not something to split hairs on.

Gaia - no one on staff even reads your posts, much less deletes them.


I was just kidding.

I think it’s that!

Gaiaguerrilla, this has been an ongoing problem/glitch with the board in general. I’d say over the years I’ve noticed more than ten of my posts that have mysteriously gone missing, and none of them have been “controversial” in the least. It’s not the mods.

I still think they have aliens.

Especially faust.

He does things to them.