Democracy is a Cult

Democracy is a scam, and a cult.
It’s a cult, in addition to being a scam, because the people are coerced into believing that democracy is a sacred authority.
Altho there’s more, much more, here’s all the proof you need, if you don’t have the blinders on and your head in the sand:


Here we have Cindy McCain on camera conceding to an interviewer that republicans and democrats, all knew that Jeffrey Epstein was pimping minors but that they, the highest legislative, executive and judicial bodies in the land, chose not to go after him.
They chose not to go after him because many, if not all of them were having sex with minors.
Both parties engage in child sex, and drug trafficking.

Are we supposed to believe that these two crime families, republicans and democrats, would engage in child sex and drug trafficking, but be 100% honest in tallying our votes, especially in this digital electronic age of ours with fewer and fewer paper trails?
They would never allow outsiders to win elections, especially elections of any consequence because it would mean they could be prosecuted.
Only scum like them, who’re also wily, who’re also team players are permitted to enter politics, everyone else will be ignored, bribed and blackmailed if necessary, and if that fails, they will debank, deplatform, dox, smear and wage lawfare on them, and if that fails, they will assassinate them.

And so ‘our’ democracy is a farce, a fraud, a sham.
Both crime families routinely accuse each other of committing voter and other sorts of fraud because both parties are heavily engaged in it themselves.
That’s a big part of how the scam works, when public confidence in ‘our’ institutions is high, they play nicely with each other, when it’s low, each half of our institutions blames the other, as a deflection method.
The reality is that behind the scenes, they’re both continuing to work together to swindle the people.

It works the same way, not just within nations states, but between them.
When public confidence in the establishment is failing worldwide, they take us to war.
And that is ultimately why there’s so much tumult in our world today, because public confidence in this world order is failing worldwide, many of us are waking up to the fact we’ve all been had.

Democracy was a compromise made to the non-citizens of Athens due to the success of Timocracy.
it only works in small communities where everyone knows each other, and reputation is crucial to your survival and status.
It was practiced then, and never again.

Since then we’ve had corrupted versions of the original.
Like all ideologies it is perfect in theory, but not in practice.

Democracy necessitates a free and well-informed populace…which is not ever a fact in modern systems - especially America is characterized by its population’s apathy and ignorance…
The American propaganda machinery is so sophisticated - built on the marketing insight of Bernay’s and his uncle Freud’s sexual theories - can easily manipulate dumbed-down, hedonistic, sex, obsessed Americans.
Black cRap adds to the dumbing-down, keeping the masses on a primal level.
Individualism is another method of dividing and controlling.

After decades of this brainwashing most Americans have lost trust in their own perceptions and judgments, requiring a sanctioned authority, an expert, to tell them what they see and what it means.
This is expressed as a rejection of freedom altogether.
See their positions of free-will, expressing a desire to not be independent but dependent…to not be held accountable…to not judge using any criterion than contradicts the popular hedonistic criterion.
The majority is always right, and if it feels bad it’s not true.

The more freedom you give manimals the more they begin to imitate one another, because they have no sense of identity, and no traditions, culture, from which to draw strength and inspiration.
All they have is America’s Corporate Media, Hollywood, Pornography, Consumerism …the pop-Industry the US uses to attempt to subvert and dominate the world.
It has failed…and they are panicking …lashing out as is typical of a panicked best.

A return to Timocracy would be a start.
Citizenship earned, not given.
Citizenship offering privileges but also imposing duties.

a return to a timocracy would simple be another way to
disenfranchise people from voting… we have had a timocracy,
where only people with property can vote, that was the original
idea for voting in early America…

and despite you 'all hatred of democracies, they are still the best
political system ever devised… think of the alternatives,
and it becomes easy to see why our failure has come because
we have, in large measure, moved away from democracies…
not because we have moved closer to a direct democracy,
but away from them and that has caused many of our problems
today… want to solve our problems today? return to a more direct
form of democracy… where, ‘‘WE the people’’ actually control our
fate, not some king or dictator or corporation, (as is the case today)
no, direct democracy is the only answer we have for much of our
problems today…


It’s more complicated than direct democracy.

Most people don’t know anything.

The greatest tragedy I’ve seen in life is that consent violation is the solution and not the problem.

What does a normal person think throughout the universe?

“I’ve got the partner, I’ve got the house, I’ve got the job, I’ve got the kids… I won the game!”

No. They lost.

Humans can’t endure truth.

Do you have any clue what it’s like to be a sentient being and have to solve the problems you think are achievements:

It’s actual work.

None of you do work.

Another thread destroyed by crazies and nit-wits.

Best one never posts anything serious.
Cynics, narcissist, degenerates, and insane people are un-invested in reality and the future.

The other American buffoon says this…

That’s the point, nit-wit…to not give the vote to imbeciles, like you, and people with no interest in the welfare of the system…those unwilling to serve or die protecting it.

Ownership and production of tangible resources, before you are given the privilege of citizenship, is supposed to wed out, degenerate, cowards, cynics, narcists, and retards.
Because including them destroys the democratic process.

A man has to prove his interest, his intellect, his commitments, and his judgment, before he is allowed to serve as leader or participate in determining who leads.
Otherwise, you get the shithole called USA.


Democracy would have a much better chance of working if it was direct, grassroots and local, with people who know each other well and have built strong bonds.
It would have a much better chance of working with a much smaller gap between rich and poor, or in other words, in a socialist society rather than a capitalist or corporatist one.
As a left-libertarian, I’m not a timocrat.

I agree, we should minimize consent violation.
I’m a left-libertarian.
The left-libertarian conception of democracy would have a much better chance of working.

That’s unfortunate because Timocracy is the best system for large populations.
This does not exclude those that can’t or don’t, from participating, without having the vote - without being citizens.
A two-tierd system anyone can opt into or out of.

Those that vote must serve, and must prove their psychological and mental abilities by producing something tangible, and not art or some bullshyte philosophy, superstition, spirituality, that exploits the gullible.
There was a reason why Athenian citizens were farmers.
It takes discipline, respect, patience, and creativity to produce something from nature.

All inclusive democracy gives a vote to psychotics; to degenerates, pseudo-anarchists; to cynics and narcissist, to imbeciles and ignoramuses; who don’t give a shit about the system or its participants.

Why can’t Democracy work?
See below.

He votes…scary.
His vote is equal to yours.
His vote affects your life.
He is part of a majority.
More of him, than of you.
His kind determines your fate.

Surely you people have better things to do than spew idiot conspiracy theories and inherently moronic ideas.


K: as usual, you have this half ass backwards… and this is a major problem
in America, and I suspect in the world, and this problem…
where the average person doesn’t have ‘‘skin’’ in the game…

you want commitment and loyalty to something that has no commitment
or loyalty to you…working for a system that has no payoff, as most Americas
are now doing, is pointless, why do it? why should I lay my life on the line,
protecting it for example, if I have no say in it, I don’t benefit from it,
and I won’t be rewarded for it?

you want commitment from people to the state, without any commitment
from the state to them…why would anyone in their right mind make
a commitment to something that lacks commitment to them?

and this is shown by the apathy currently gripping Americ today…
and this failure of commitment from the various system of America,
are in the form of legal rights, political rights, and economic rights…

if we have a two tiered legal system, as it seem quite clear that we do,
the right/powerful get preferential treatment… witness the legal cases
against IQ45… where he does things that the average citizen would get
tossed into jail for…if the president is above the law, then there is no
justice in America… for justice is equality before the law… and if the
law favors the wealthy/powerful, then there is no equality or justice in
America… and then why should I obey the law or protect a law that
clearly favors the rich/powerful, and not me? that is from a legal

from an political standpoint, if I have no say in my political life,
being able to vote, not having a say in how the political life of America,
works, why should I be invested in an America that gives me no political voice
in its running? why would I protect that? I have no say, so why protect it?
that is why voting is so important… it creates, gives a voice to how
our political life is today and tomorrow… if we have no voice, why vote?

and the same goes true for our economic life… why should we be
invested in our economic life, if we get virtually nothing from
working for 40 years for corporate America? we are barely paid, to
spending a lifetime working for corporate America, we have maybe,
maybe 7 to 10 years of retirement, if we are lucky, where many
Americas have to struggle to get by… A common problem of the old
is the choosing between life saving medicines and eating…
not much of a retirement if you are forced to choose between
medicine and eating…and this is common… my mom, is 89,
and she is/or has already run out of money… basically my mom
is being kept afloat by my siblings… if that is the future to be
in our economic system, why bother? why have any investment
in our economic future if you get nothing out of it?

you want people to slave and work with no getting anything out of it…
and that is insane to expect… why work if you don’t get anything out
of it? there is a clear time spent working/effort ratio to what one gets
in return from working, and it ain’t worth it…
you get so little from spending a lifetime working, that working
makes no sense…

and therein lies the problem with your entire thinking about people
working so, they might, might get something in return? there is no
tangible reward for working, or being a citizen or having legal rights
if they are not rewarded in some fashion, today, tomorrow or
during retirement… you want commitment and hard work, and for
what? possible, possible being a citizen, possibly getting a retirement,
possible getting a legal system that protects my rights, not the wealthy
or powerful rights first…

your entire premise is flawed if you think people will or should be kept
outside of their rights, unless they commit to a system not
committed to them…

I wouldn’t do that and neither would you…


K: now come part two: the fact is that by having property being the
the sole content of voting, you disenfranchise millions, but not me…
I own property…so let us say, you make the voting marker, as
owning 100,000 dollars of property, I still make the grade… I will
still be able to vote… let us say, you up the value of property
before voting, to a half a million, US… as the average home in
America is worth around 430,000 dollars, US, moving the bar to
being able to vote unless the property value is 500,000 dollars. US…
would eliminate most Americans from voting, but not me… I own
property worth more than $500,000… US, I will be able to vote, but
I suspect you, in this same situation, would not be able to vote…
as living in your mother’s basement does not have wealth of over
$500,000… US… but let us say, you make voting rights based on
having a million dollars or more in property, I still make the grade…
and guess what… you have basically disenfranchised 90% of
all Americans, but not those who live in places like NY, or
San Fran or Boston or parts of Chicago or LA, you know the wealthy
enclave of wealthy liberals…you have basically eliminated
red America… if you hold to voting rights being over $500,000
and the average person being able to vote will be liberals in
blue cities… liberals like myself…have fun with that…


Read how many presumptions this American, brainwashed buffoon makes.
He’s essentially debating the monsters, the caricatures in his head.
First the Nazi - always the Nazi and the Holocaust…and how I was advocating extermination.
Now this bullshyte about slavery or working without any returns.

He has no clue what Timocracy is or how it works…but his Marxist infested mind goes to the same presumptions.

Timocracy was praticed…and its success was what produced masses of people that then demanded a political voice, after Athens was threatened by tyrants.
Nobody said that non-citizens would not enjoy all the benefits of a member of the city, except citizenship and all that this entails.
Service to the state, and the vote…and obviously the privileges that go along with it, would be given to those that meet specific criteria.
The criteria can be adjusted. and can range from ethnicity to how much product would be required to become eligible for citizenship. I even envision a plateau to prevent wealth from corrupting the system.

The gates remain open to anyone wanting to leave… migrate to another city.
Buffoons, degenerates, parasites, imbeciles, weaklings, charlatans can leave…and good riddance.

Not simply owning property, buffoon…production of tangible goods.

K: ok, democracy is a sham, so what political system should we have???
Critics like yourself never seem to answer important questions like this…
ok, we end democracy, then what do we put in its place?


History and science are cults too.
Academia and science are big business.
Big business and big brother collude and conspire to uphold their interests.
Big business and big brother largely serve themselves, not the people, nor the truth.
Therefore, they oughtn’t be trusted.
I’m not saying we should toss all history and science in the bin, just that we shouldn’t give them the benefit of the doubt.
A large degree of skepticism is warranted.

Trustworthy history and trustworthy science are only possible in a fundamentally libertarian and egalitarian society.

K: and once again, failing to see the entire picture…
and who decides what is ''the production of tangible goods?"
the fact is that anyone living on the interest of their wealth, is not
producing any sort of '‘tangible goods’" which also includes banks,
savings and loans, and the entirety of ''Wall Street" so, we must exclude them,
and just as importantly as what the ‘‘tangible goods’’ production looks like,
who decides what is the nature of ''tangible goods?"

technically, I just move products from the incoming belt to the outgoing belt,
am I ''producing something tangible?" or does the person selling me a car or
a house, are they producing something ''tangible?" I get a bank loan, is
that something that is ''tangible?"

the problem is that you throw out ideas without exploring what the
implications exactly are… remove immigrants, and your country
collapses within a year… but that would require to follow your ‘‘ideas’’
to their conclusions… to think of your ideas from start to finish…

you seem quite unable to do that… what are the conclusions of
what I propose?


Of course the same principle applies to MSM.

And so revisionist history, alternative science and media ought to be entertained.
Grassroots history, science, medicine and media.

History and science based no leis cannot endure.

Like basing your identity on the lie that you are a woman trapped in a male body.

When ideal meet real, ideal suffers the consequences.
Lies don’t survive for long…especially when adversity begins.

Nature is unforgiving…
Nature don’t give a flying fuck what you believe…
The degree that it is not true is the degree of suffering that will ensure.