Hello, I am new here.
I’d like to know more about Denihilism (the red circle with nothing in it). I think it’s about denial of nihility (nothingness), but since I can’t find much about it, I wondered if I could get more information here.

Thanks in advance

sounds cool, i wanna know 2. :astonished:

I think it’s easy to deny nothingness. Just analyze the term nothingness with a content neutral, formalistic point of view and it boils right to the surface. You could try and draw out a real distinction between somethingness and nothingness if you want. I’d actually like to read that.

I don’t know if that’s what Denihilism is really about, just thought so. What made me think about is this:

I found this out when searching about Fluxus. Since I found very few about that I wanted more information :stuck_out_tongue:

But I actually believe that “nothing” “exists”. it just isn’t measured by space or time, it is what’s between the last particle of something and the first particle of other something.

denihilists are members of a secret society of beaver enthusiasts (dam builders) from giza…

(denihilism isn’t a word that is recognized by the dictionary…)


From … itemid=541

Denihilism: A neologism of utmost Nonsense.

HA! :laughing: Comedy!