Denver International Airport

Do a google search of it, see how many sites come up.

Here is one of them,

and another

It seems that this airport has alot of sketchiness surrounding it. Now, you can distrust the sources, as I do for many… but from the sheer amount of them, there must be SOMETHING going on here. It could very well be harmless… or it could not. What do you guys think? … al_Airport

Even Wikipedia recognizes that something is amiss…

sighs … the world is fucked.

Seeing as how I live in Denver, I’ll have to get back to you with what I see when I go.

They do have a lot of weird art. I don’t remember those pieces specifically. I can tell you that there is a legitimate reason for the airports shape, but are you really interested?

It does attempt to pay homage to a lot of local artists and also some art that is meant to be reminiscent (at least) of Native American artwork, to again contribute something towards the recognition of what was once their land.

The name ‘denver’ makes me think that the townsfolk must be phenomenally stupid…

The Bob Denver association is misplaced. The folks in Denver are, for the most part, quite intelligent. They had to be to build a thriving city at 5280 feet above sea level. They also have (or had 20 years ago) the best damned strip clubs in the world! :sunglasses:


Quite true about the Bob Denver thing. God do I dislike the rep we have here and all the people that reinforce it. I don’t know necessarily about intelligent, but there are quite a few bright people up here.

Also, can’t verify that we have the best damned strip clubs, but you get your monies worth. :evilfun:

Now… is that something that should be in an airport? Notice the dead babies and children sleeping on bricks.

When interviewed, the artists who made these pictures said they were given a very specific set of guidlines for the paintings… but when questioned as to what these guildlines are, they suddenly ‘forgot’

I saw that one in the list and I know that I’ve never seen that one at the airport. They all look similar to stuff I remember, but I don’t think I’ve actually seen one of those pieces of art there. Likewise, the gargoyle would stick out to me.

But again, I may be visiting the airport soon, so I can look and take pictures if necessary.


Well it has been a few years, but the clubs out in Aurora were world famous. Oh, and it took LOT’S of money! :laughing:


Dear Skyd

Who the buffalo is Bob Denver? I just thought that the word ‘den-ver’ sounded like it was invented for the ease of the stupid. The sort of word that it is easy to teach to a young child. Children are stupid yet more imaginative that any adult could hope to be. Radical thinktanks should interview only children under the age of 12…

Saitd, no offense but this could be the weirdest post you’ve ever written.

The whole purpose of a thinktank is to either say ‘on the one hand this, on the other hand that’ or to come up with something no-one else has invented yet. Children are terrible at the former but great at the latter…

Denver is a Native American word. So I have no idea what it’s origin entails. But yeah, I totally agree with the children thing. They are simply amazing with the solutions they can come up with by not thinking so damn hard about things.

And JT, Shotgun Willies still has a pretty good rep, although we’ve become a no-touching state. But, it’s still good.

I admire children, myself included! :laughing:
So the art is…unique. I’ll go along with anything, hey, I’m a kid.

Careful Gobbo, Wikipedia is a dumping ground where any person, regardless of credentions, or any organization can dump information. For example, I can dump in this site regarding science, etc., regardless of the fact that my background is in English and history.

This site is being nailed big time by academics, especially credentialed librarians.

Take care Gobbo, and be careful.

Yeah… you’re right aspacia.

It was the closest thing I could think of for like… general sort of ‘thought’ on the subject. So like… the site isn’t ‘conspiratory(sp?’ in nature.

Nevertheless… that airport really is odd in nature, does anyone have any actual thoughts on the subject?

Quite true about the Bob Denver thing. God do I dislike the rep we have here

Hum, Tancredo(sp)?

I’ve generally had few problems with Wikipedia, apart from it’s obviously atheistic tendencies. Maybe ‘atheistic’ is a little strong, secular is perhaps a better word.

Academia has been dumped on by a lot of academics. No offence but there are very few things in this world about which you’ll not be able to find an academic to speak, either positively or negatively. There is no consensus.

This is of course why academia has almost completely lost its one-time status of authority. If they can’t agree amongst themselves they can’t expect to convince other people.

Hi Gobbo, no problem. Until recently I would peruse Wikipedia, but stopped when I discovered any schmuck could contribute.

Nope, I haven’t given the Denver airport much thought, heck I still haven’t had the time to peruse immigration numbers and foreign aid for another thread. I will peruse after Thanksgiving as I’ll be back in So. Cal. for the holiday.



Hum, Tancredo(sp)?

I spoke more of the reputation we have. We’re still considered more of a cow town by a lot of bigger cities. The general populace doesn’t help to break that much, but we are very quickly growing as a city.

And the National Western Stock Show has got to be the worst thing that’s still happening to us right now.