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It’s been a while. I was thinking about a good post so i spent about an hour and a half writing about Derrida and i got prompted for my password and lost allll of my work. So now i’m an angry person. I basically tried to explain what i knew about Deconstruction, trace, and binary opposition. Bit revealed that im still lost on trancendental signified and how it works and i wasn’t going to bother touching on differance. I thought it would be neat to spark some conversation on topics of reality, being and meaning. Anyone care to give a general summary? Anyone fond of Derrida? Any angry phenomenologists out there?

Love Szpak

Are you/one allowed to discuss Derrida?

  • You might find your self de-authored from your own views and then have to watch miserabley as they were “deconstructed” for ya



It is most impossible to escape those binaries!

But in all seriousness the pragmatic method of deconstruction? How does it actually go down? Does anyone have an example?

I kno door is around here somewhere… :wink:

Nevermind this page… refer to Deconstruction 101: for better stuff!