Describe your.. faults? - How well do you know yourself.

Faults are obviously subjective, so for those of you who thought you were gonna come in here and snap of some whitty Imp post should rethink now. Except of course for Imp who, at this stage in the game -and because he would never do this anyways-, will most likely not rethink. But the question of this excersize isn’t so much right and wrong… but rather an excersize into the nature of the mind. We all have the things which we feel to be inferior, or perhaps the opposite of what we perceive ourselves to excell at.

The mind is a slippery concept, largely based on the dualistic nature of text. (Complete sidenote, but imagine a world where all communcation was through subjective art? Imagine the thought patterns) So, with this in mind this experiment is sort of a self deconstruction of certain individual facets of consciousness in an attempt to catch a glimpse of what lies at the heart of this cerebral amalgamation. So in other words, don’t think about it too much… just write ‘fault’ as it comes to you, and then scan the list afterwords to compare the opposites.

I hope I’ve explained this well enough… it just sort of came to me as I was laughing at Pysque and Ad’s antics.

I’ll go first.

My faults… including societal are as follows.

I’m 6’7, so buying clothes and shoes seem to put me slightly at fault, at least… that’s the stare I get when I ask for size 15’s in the mall shoe store.
I joke around too much, which leads to alot of bad jokes…
I generally talk way too much when I’m sober, joking or non.
I have a short attention span
I’m passive agressive more than I need to be
I’m lazy
I bite my nails
I don’t eat a healthy, balanced diet.
I exersize fueled by competition (and alot of the time pot) rather than anything substantial to eat.
I tend to play games with girls, testing them, rather than entering a relationship to see if it will work.
I’m too ‘deep’ for 95% of said girls.
I smoke too much marijuana
Unless I’m going ‘out’ I’m usually wearing a housecoat
I have big legs
I’m ‘slim’
I use ILP too much
I ignore grammar
I despise alot of rules
I’m obsessed with ‘useless’ knowledge

Alright… I’m getting bored, and could probably go on, but already I feel refreshed, an empathetic shower if you will.


Nice start, O_G. I will contribute something soon…

In the meantime, I’m already going to go ahead and break the “rules” of this thread* so that others “play properly.” If you don’t appreciate this input, please let me know and I can delete it. Keep in mind that I will contribute my own list of flaws soon, so I hope you don’t mind my commentary this one time. Again, if you do mind, I’ll delete it.

  1. Interesting how you start the list off with a “positive” fault: many people would be envious of your height and it’s not something you really had any control over.

  2. What you did in that first point, along with several other points in your list, is what I stated last year that most of us do when supposedly being “honest” or “introspective” to ourselves, and especially when doing so in the presence of others: we cushion the blow by incorporating a number of positive traits/points that we sort of dress up as “faults.”

  3. This is a self-protective mechanism and most of us do it unconsciously. It’s not what we would call true insight, though it may make people feel a little “relieved” or even “cathartic.” However, true catharsis–the kind that really hits you good and hard–can come only when that last veneer of self-protection is stripped away. It does not happen all that often even in therapy, though most patients and therapists mistakenly think it does. So, I doubt most people are willing to do that online in front of a bunch of strangers. Some poeople here have done such things in spurts (myself included), but to be able to do so entirely honestly in a “list” fashion is not likely.

  • No, not just to piss off thirst… :sunglasses:

Look at the rest of the list though. Alot of the things I said could be perceived as positive for someone else. That’s the point of this whole thing… and why it has to be a train of thought type writing process.

To see where your self opinions lie, and then to study them for a type of mini self reflection.

For instance with the height thing, I felt the need to add the part about clothing because it’s a societal fault… in terms of b-ball and sex, I love being tall.

I understand what you’re saying, O_G, but you have to understand the nature of “projective testing.” I’m not saying you were intentionally doing anything. But you did start off with several benign “faults” and then eased your way into more “real” faults. But then you rebounded with a few “borderline/vaguely positive traits” to unconsciously cushion the blow again. Some people may not like to hear such things, especially since my response/explanation will ultimately boil down to the oh-so Freudianesque “of course you don’t agree b/c it’s an unconscious process and thus you are unaware of it.” But I’ve done enough projective testing to recognize such things. I don’t claim that I must be correct about this; I’m just letting you know what theory, research, and hundreds of my own assessments indicate, and how your own post coincides with such things.

No don’t think you’re going to offend me, I like hearing this stuff. Give me your analysis of me.

However, keep in mind that this -is- still philosophy orientated. So by this I mean: how would you define a ‘serious’ fault? Like the biting my nails thing… For myself, I wish I wouldn’t do it… but there are some who would see this as a positive trait. I can’t think of an example, but I’m sure there is one.

This isn’t so much about faults persay, but like you said… studying the results afterwords. Personally I think the only faults that exist in people are the ones they create… why is biting my nails inherently negative? Perhaps I should have put up the opposites to the ‘faults’ I listed, but as you read my list they should become apparent.

It is my belief that ‘I’ exist somewhere in the contrast.

Heh… now that I think about it none of the adults are gonna do this besides you and a couple others. But maybe this childlike taunt will help


I’ll respond to your post later, O_G. For now, I’ll start with a list of faults of mine. I’ll throw them out at random, but as you should infer, there is no such thing as “random” in these types of exercises…

I can be extremely selfish
I can be too disrespectful to my wife and family members more often than I would like
I can “snap” at my daughters when I’m tired or stressed out
I am a horrible procrastinator
I can be very lazy at times and veg out when I’m tired/stressed, especially when the deadline is not creeping up my ass
I let drugs, alcohol, and insecurity mess up a possible athletic career (though as I’ve mentioned, I’m not deluded enough to think I could have gone pro; but College basket/base/football might have been possible)
I have always been terrible about doing my physiotherapy for my numerous, longstanding injuries
When I’ve been really stressed, sometimes I “smoke” as an actual coping method as opposed to for pleasure; at those times, I do feel as if I really need the stuff
When my wife is away I am so lazy that I will make the simplest/fastest of meals (usually President’s Choice frozen stuff or some simple sandwich) and let my health go to crap
I did far too many reckless things in my past and some things not that long ago
I have my fair share of “Larry David” moments
I do take pleasure in the misery of others whom I strongly dislike
I used to be extremely cheap–to the point of severe ridiculousness–and even though I did manage to get over it, I still have the same “cheap anxieties” at times
I am arrogant “against the system,” in that I will do what is necessary to benefit from the system and not play by its rules if I can avoid them
I have sometimes “not been there totally” for my clients in therapy; I sit and listen, let them talk, ask questions, etc., but that’s the lazy therapist’s style–during those times I am not as “in tune” as I could be and as I’ve been trained to do
I did not spend nearly as much time as I should have with my grandmother when she was still alive
I am not nearly as respectful or in touch with my in-laws as I should be, even though my wife is the best daughter in-law one could hope for

Okay, that’s my first batch. For each flaw I could have very easily added a “qualifier” or statement to “soften the blow”–e.g., state how I’ve managed to overcome my “cheapness” by doing A B C etc–which is what most people do; or made some “joke” to ease the pain; or state “but fortunately I don’t do this very much” etc… But for true insight/introspection, you need to put such tendencies aside.

There are other more serious flaws I have intentionally not stated for professional and personal reasons, since anonymity on the web is never guaranteed. Other flaws just didn’t come to me as I quickly banged this out, but they may be forthcoming…

I have quite a few issues tor esolve, though I suppose we all do…

  1. Unless I’m drinking or smoking pot, I’m extremely introverted
  2. I would rather lie rather than face even the slightest punishment
  3. I have almost no willpower
  4. I rarely see things through to the end
  5. I’m a hypocrite. I speak against excess, but I’m greedy.
  6. I brag about how smart I am, and put others down.
  7. I’m to lazy to finish the rest of this list.

I wouldn’t give a “serious” analysis of you in public, and I wouldn’t do so based on only a list. I have described your positive qualities elsewhere several times, as you know, and nothing I wrote above contradicts or discounts those things.

I would consider a “serious fault” something that impairs functioning at any level or causes distress to self and/or others. Remember, I’m all for promoting the idea that we are all abnormal, so as to reduce the stigma associated with “disorders” that many must live with. Plus, as I’ve said before, if we acknowledge that we have many faults or are “abnormal,” then we can try not to be so hypocritical and bitch at others to change; why not start with ourselves?

I’m not betting against you on that one, O_G. Spirit in Stereo (play on words of Rush’s Spirit of Radio? Ca-na-da…Ca-na-da… :sunglasses: ) did a nice job of being honest/introspective. Few others will, and among those who do, most will do what I said above re. “cushioning the blow.” However, I’m sure you and I can agree on which handful of people will be honest and introspective, so we’ll likely see their responses later this week.

Interesting post. As much as I run the risk of being over-confident in my abilities, I am certain that I know myself quite well.

I have been concerning myself with this very question for quite some time now.

I am a weak, quiet person. I do not like sudden change, and it takes me a lot of effort to adapt when it does occur. I do not like having to meet people frequently, but I am certainly not shy.

I am introspective, but a never a hermit for any cause. I am a very compassionate person. This, I’d say is one of my greatest weaknesses. I live my life trying to make too many people happy.

I am at times very selfish. I seek my own good first. That is, of course, unless I am moved by compassion to do otherwise.

I love having control over my own life.

Finally, I am a curious individual. I realize and accept that I am not half as “smart” as most of my peers. But I have convinced myself that the smartest person in humanity is the uneducated, elderly man living in some remote, unknown village in Africa. “Smartness” is a capacity for knowledge, not an actual level of possesed knowledge.

That is me. :wink:

interesting thread, gobbo. well, let’s see…

– of course, the first one that comes to mind (because i was already thinking about it) is that i’ve been completely unable to tell my friend that i love her, even though she knows. i literally cannot form the words. and it bugs me to no end.

– i’m scared of bees.

– i am too curious for my own good.

– i am too helpful at the wrong times.

– i can come across as a complete dick and not even realize it.

– i don’t let anyone ever have a glimpse into my personal life. i simply act happy so all my friends won’t feel the need to ask questions.

– i am way, WAY too shy around people i don’t know. i’ll actually avoid strangers that i know want to talk to me because i don’t want to say anything to them. on the other hand, when i’m around friends, there’s no problem at all. strange.

– i make a lot of weapons (some are illegal) and teach myself how to use them.

– i tend to have really low self-esteem, but like i said above, as long as i laugh when i’m supposed to nobody knows.

– more will come to me, but i don’t feel like posting a second list.

Well, O_G, my predictions were essentially correct, though I did think certain people would have been more brave/honest/forthcoming… :confused:

I post too much on discussion forums when I should be doing my homework.

in the freshman dorms, my floor was all hardcore computer science majors. they were true nerds, and i was a little more normal. it was probably the most enlightening experience of my life, because i was and still am a nerd compared to most people. but i was the coolest, most intimidating popular kid that those nerds on my floor interacted with, and i noticed a lot of things about people who are insecure.

one of the most noticeable things is fake laughing. i still do it too, its like a reflex at this point. but when im around people who fake laugh, it just seems like they are trying too hard to be a fun part of the interaction. being a part of a group laugh is one thing, but the kind of fake laugh that signals acknolwedgement, that should be replaced with words like ‘yeah’ or a nod. youll just look like youre cooler. i might not be describing your behavior at all, just mine. i might just be thinking too hard about it, which is a big problem that probably most of us here have.

my biggest problem is that i think god sent me here to fix every problem that everybody ever had, explain everything they dont understand, teach them everything that i think they should know and disprove all the things that they should know are wrong. sometimes, if necessary, ill just pull stuff right out of my ass and explain it exactly as if i had just gotten my masters degree in the field. most people usually do appreciate this since im pretty good at it.

but often i annoy the hell out of people doing this because they want to disagree but dont have the effort to spell it out as intricately as i can right off the top of my head. i dont even notice that they are extremely pissed off. i mean people seriously hate me and i dont even have a clue until they explode and yell at me. i figure they would just say ‘i dont want to talk about that anymore’ but they dont. they think thatll be a sign of weakness, inferiority, defeat or something i guess.

also, i just might actually have mild aspergers syndrome, which is like extremely mild autism. i read a couple brief lists of diagnostic characteristics and according to what they said, i do have some indirectly related characteristics like introversion, preferring the company of people of different age groups, not understanding or having sympathy for other peoples emotions.

i basically just have no respect for emotions that arent happiness, and i think they should be ignored at all costs. i have no sympathy for anybody who is sad, angry or boastfully proud for more than a few minutes in a row. i am actually completely incapable of understanding what thats like. and i am also pretty incapable of recognizing subtle, non-verbal communication subconsciously. there a few examples that i have specifically learned to recognize, but apparently there is a lot more to non-verbal communication than signalling sexual attraction.

i think the cause of my lack of emotions might actually just be a product of how incredibly easy my life has been. i mean that virtually nothing has happened to me that was out of my control that wasnt perfectly good. a small amount of nerd persecution is really the only thing that wasnt perfect. apparently this kind of easy life is bad for some reason.

but i actually dont think that those are all flaws, i think everyone else has flaws and i am one of very few who dont. thats the way natural selection starts. now ill just have to have tons of kids.




No, O_G, there’s no cause for celebration. But, as with most things in life, use this as a learning experience: in this case, it’s a lesson about the psychology behind how people see and present themselves, and how anxiety-provoking true insight can be (and how P&Q always knows what he’s talking about… :sunglasses: ).*

  • I guess it can also be a lesson about people not feeling comfortable about exposing themselves to an audience of virtual strangers–and I can understand that totally. But when one gains more confidence in oneself and is comfortable in his/her skin, such exposure is not so threatening…**

** Of course, the types of idiots who totally expose themselves on shows like “Jerry Springer” and “reality TV” are the farthest from being confident and comfortable in their skins. They are just too ignorant/shallow/wrong-headed/desperate/pathetic/insecure to realize how ignorant/shallow/wrong-headed/desperate/pathetic it is to embarrass yourself in front of millions for the delusion of fleeting “celebrity”… [-X

a) I’m arrogant - not as arrogant as I pretend to be while here but nonetheless still pretty arrogant, I really believe that there’s very little that I cannot do

b) I am intolerant of stupid people - this is pretty obvious

c) I enjoy being correct a little too much, though if I can learn to make money out of being pedantic then I’ll be quids in

d) I probably value intelligence (as a virtue in myself and others) too highly or at least in a way that is to the detriment of other virtues

e) I spend too much time on the computer (ILP, yes, but generally also)

f) I spend too little time exercising (though I’ve recently instituted moves to rectify this that are going well thus far)

g) I have absolutely no respect for academia and this pisses people off, people to whom I should listen

h) I’m using letters, everyone else used numbers (if indeed they used anything)

i) I perpetually put details about real life on the back burner to enable more leisurely debate and watching of movies

j) I mess around and will probably never achieve my potential (my teachers said this no end, bastards)

k) on the odd occasion that something genuinely upsets me I usually don’t talk to anyone about it until I’ve managed to fuck my head a bit thinking about it for a while first, causing more ‘damage’ than is necessary

l) I keep writing about what I want to write about rather than what I know that I should be writing about, and these are for the most part very much at odds

Right, that’s enough self-serving twaddle, I’ve got an essay on Chekhov that requires a final bit of editing


Bollocks to Chekhov, I’ve got a new hobby, which is, unsurprisingly, talking you into telling this friend that you love her. Nothing is more important than telling people when you love them and I’m the ideal person (a near total stranger will too much time on his hands and nothing to lose) to talk you into it. If you are willing to be coached then pm me. I’m deadly serious, I don’t have anything better to do with my time than to try to get you to take the leap…

yeah, that used to be a semi-accurate description of my behavior in those situations, but through 10+ years of experience with it, i’ve become a fairly good actor. (that same experience also makes it exceptionally hard to stop doing it.)

actually i was going to ask her out today but she left before i got the chance, so all i could really do was wave goodbye. maybe tomorrow i’ll get a better shot at it.