Describe your.. faults? - How well do you know yourself.

I can be very bossy in groups.

I find it really annoying when people are overly chatty or excitable in the morning.

I have a GAD and a SAD.

I’m developmentally disabled.

My butt sticks out too much.

My boobs are too small. (If I could only have my bum transplanted on my chest…)

I procrastinate.

Insanity runs in my family.

I get really pissed off at being constantly referred to as “the strong one” in said family.

Sometimes I want to be completely alone without distractions.

When I look in the mirror, all I can see are my flaws. (most of the time, anyways)

I’m a relationship addict.

I have an avoidance complex.

I’m afraid of commitment.

I’m too pale.

I inherited my grandfather’s curly “shelf” eyebrows…I have to tweeze and trim.

:laughing: Wow, is this topic supposed to be such a bummer? :laughing:

Not if you follow the directions.

Basically you’re not describing your faults, your describing yourself… your beautiful unique self. Just like everyone else that attempted.

Faults are more of a definiton of self in my mind…

I invision it as like a character select screen for some video game where you scroll through the different characters and see the different attribute bars change up and down.

For instance there might be someone who sees that ‘bum sticking out’ attribute as maxed out and think ‘Yeah… that’s what I want!’

This make any sense to anyone or should I continue taking crazy pills?

I lack patience

I lack integrity (I don’t always walk my talk)

I think I’m right a lot of the time

I’m self centred

I’m selfish

I’m lazy

I choose seriously damaged men in relationships

I’m too hard on myself

I have high expectations of people

I’m harsh with people, insenstive

I’m too direct

I struggle with vulnerability

I have an addictive nature


I distract too easily. I am clinically diagnosed ADHD.
I am a bit of a glutton.
On that note, I could lose at least 30 pounds.
Unfortunately, most of that is muscle that I really don’t want to lose. Better health does demand it, though.
I have horrible time management skills.
I am sometimes overwhelmed by curiosity.
I try to smooth emotions over too much. I always push for harmony.
I sometimes abandon projects in the middle, no explanation.
I have a peculiar kind of insecurity, one that lacks faith not in my abilities but my follow through.
Sometimes I allow myself to be manipulated.
I hate calling other people liars, even when the evidence is overwhelming.
I hate bureaucracies and mayonaise.

I could probably go on all night, but that would be out of character.


Knowing ones faults in my opinion is healthy and useful.
Exposing them is an entirely different matter.

So you’re saying that your fault is that you’re afraid to let others know your faults? :wink:


I am saying what I said.

That one rang home.

I love mayo though…

Guess it goes with our short attention spans. The internet’s great for the attention impaired, though.

Mayo is still disgusting, though.


I have this extension for firefox that is an extra button that will basically take you to random web page based on certain criteria you fill in.

It’s deadly addictive… I’ve wasted away entire days just surfing…

Fortunately, I have a wife, daughter, and job that keep me from such addictions. When I was your age, however, whole days disappearred to just random things. Now life gets in the way…

Still, that button does sound tempting…

Nnow that I’m done basketball… whole weeks will disapear into novel writing and pot smoking I imagine.

Let the games begin…

I think that you’ve mentioned this before but which extension is that? I spent yesterday going through my massive list of in-window search engines and deleting all the ones that I don’t use…

it’s called ‘stumbleupon’

Sorry - I tried - but my flaws (I managed 3 including smoking) were all a bit half-hearted. I am temporarily rendered flawless as a result.

I’ve got it now, and it seems pretty cool. Thanks for pointing it out…

Are you trying to outdo me in the arrogance stakes? I challenge thee to a duel!

Me? Faults?

I joke around too much, which leads to a lot of bad jokes…
I generally talk way too much when I’m sober, joking or non.
I have a short attention span.
I’m passive aggressive more than I need to be.
I’m lazy with the things I hate.
I am a driven fool by things I love.
I exercise fueled by competition.
I tend to play games with men, and take great pleasure in teasing them.
I’m too ‘deep’ for my husband 95% of the time.
Food is my drug, I married my pusher, and…
I am obsessed with staying thin.
Unless I’m going ‘out’ I’m usually wearing accessorized pajamas or sweats.
I have skinny legs.
I used to be reeeeeally ‘slim’.
I play piano and ignore responsibilities many hours a day.
I never ignore grammar.
I despise most rules.
I’m obsessed with ‘useless’ knowledge.

I feel refreshed, a cathartic shower if you will. :smiley:

I’m with Dr S on this one. There is nothing more critical than in knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses. For me, I choose to ignore my few strengths and concentrate on my many weaknesses. That said, the issue of private versus public is curious is it not?

That I know my failings as far as I am able to see them is a private issue. The fact that I have failings does not compel me to take out a full page ad in the local paper or to blow gas all over the internet.

Since when does having ‘issues’ require public acknowledgement? I don’t see any connection between my failings and blabbing them all over the place.



How does concentrating on your weaknesses help you to grow? And how does admitting to such weaknesses make it “blathering” and not just sharing, thus making you more human to those listening.

I don’t see where being honest about our insecurities and weaknesses makes us weaker in the eyes of the reader. Especially since most of those reading here are strangers and never someone we will meet. Having weaknesses makes us human. Admitting to those weaknesses makes us even more so. I have nothing that I am ashamed to admit and my many weaknesses are apparent and visible to all.


Her Bessiness from “The School of Truth-telling Without Limits.”