Describe your internal monologue

Right now mine is: relentless

Feel free to describe it any way you think it deserves.

All or nothing… for I am either doing nothing at all/lounging, or going full throttle/maxing out.

Kill the children…kill the children…okay - I don’t have any children…find some children…

And then kill them?

Bored, and meandering.

singing along with Everlast.

sloshing along with everclear? :wink:

Nope. It’s Everlast. I’ve had Whitey stuck in my head all morning.

What, you thought I stopped rhymin’ ‘cause I started signin’
Pickin’ on a six-string, wrist bling blingin’
Name’s bell ringin’ from coast to coast
You’re rollin’ with the one that rocks the most


Confused and random… Humble(d) yet aggressive… Inqusitive with a side of malaise.

I’m in love with the song “White Trash Beautiful” by Everlast. I’ll post the vid later, right now I have to get my office shut down and locked up, then walk home in the rain :smiley: yay!

Amidst the incessant echoes of my circumstantially betrayed self reflections I am working on ripping off my trusty old mask of self-effacement, as I enter a potentially long and involved human rights grievance. Whipping up the wrathful demons in my mind, organizing a most poignantly urgent delusion so as to conquer the appearances of beaurocratic noncommittal which are facilitating my adversary’s deceptions. I could go on. I really could. I probably will…

Nice. :slight_smile:

…phewww… thought I was transgressing the dogma there, anon!!! :smiley:

You may have been, but how would I know? :stuck_out_tongue:



you definitely have a potential career as a political speech writer… :wink:

Thanks Tent! Just so long as I needn’t be required to state the Truth, or be consistent…

Umm, check out the job description. It doesn’t say anything about honesty or consistency. You just have to be able to blow smoke up… and make them say, hell yeah!

Well, hell yeah, I can blow smoke up…!!

…wait a minute!!! Are you giving me a political speech here?? :angry:

You’re coming along just fine. Don’t look back, it’s OK. The Dark Side will comfort you… :evilfun:

at the moment: still and silent, like a candle flame in windless space