More and more I am beginning to think that philosophy, science, or thought is useless in this world as they constitute no great change in the world like many may believe.

I am beginning to think that there is no point or end to philosophy and thought.

I am beginning to believe there exists only three focal points of life here on earth in a evolutional sense:

  1. Kill or be killed.
  2. Conquer or be destroyed.
  3. Protect thy own ass.

Anything else beyond those two points seems too idealistic or imaginative to be actual reality in a biological sense of survival.

…it’s kinda hard to kill or conquer in today’s modern climate, me thinks… I think it’s more ‘metaphor than actual’ in these current times we live in… but I know what you mean! :wink:

Perhaps philosophy is just a person’s way of talking themselves out of being killed or conquered! :evilfun:

You’re right for the most part Joker, however, you’re forgetting one very important thing…

The Western World (The American “Republic”, hypocrisy, Christianity, etc.) have all been based of the delusions produced by a few key players/prophets/philosophers.

If ideas like this can spread like a disease, then perhaps so may its cure???

Or perhaps not.

Perhaps part of the cure is acknowledging the kind of freedom you promote–one of the human animal

Does this building look like any you might have seen in Rome?

Coloseum. Ironic that they have transformed architecture of death into a library.

Realunoriginal more and more I am becoming a fatalist on the subject where complete or utter hopelessness has come into me on the subject of any great deal of change ever happening in this world of ours.