Oh destiny what can I say,
I walked the paths you laid for me,
The rocks you wanted me to ascend, I did,
As the years went by, higher and higher they became,
You see I had no choice.

Still, I drank the beauty to be hold
Despite your obstacles.
I hoped that one day it would all end,
Suddenly at one of the narrow corners,
A lighter shade to life would shine,
That you would smile.

I thought the road to the sunset,
Would have a softer edge,
Perhaps a ray of light to guide me.
Towards the last Twilight,
That grief never again would stab my heart,
That tears would only be shed,
For the sight of wonders.

I have waited so long for the wind,
To sing upon my soul your restful melody,
I thought one day my dreams,
would be my companions,
You have teach me love and compassion,
But you gave me none.

How often even in the darkest of time
I would still sing you in praise,
For I always could discover,
A magic moment here and there,
Between my sobs.

In the silent voice of my mind,
I would tell you my heart,
But my words you never heard,
And if today I am Destiny fatigue,
Please be gentle and understand,
One person alone can only bare that much,
Before the load becomes too arduous.

I will never know why it had to be,
Nor do I seek the answer, it is too late,
Once I had a little faith in your wisdom,
That too you took away, I am tired.
What can I find in your name,
Since suffering is your domain?

Oh destiny is it so difficult to lay a garden path,
For my last steps to the sunset Twilight?
Can it not be a little spark
On which to close my eyes?

7:30 1908 subject:female
month:october income:$200.000
died a hero of her country
(puts his hat on his chest and says)
“God you should give her another chance”

and here you are a excellent poet and a
beautiful person if i do say so myself
welcome to ILP and isn’t destiny a ***** LOL.
“peace and love to yah”