Can’t imagine a person living without any devotion into anything.

Do we need devotion to be happy?

Why do we need devotion to be happy?

There is a heavy price for devotion - life basically.

Feel the passion to devoute, look at these guys on the top-left of your screen, look at any any guys, who devote their life into things.

Many of those guys which you speak of went beyond the point of devotion, and ended up with and almost uncontrolable obession over what they enjoyed (i.e. Nietzsche).

Of course, I’m certainly glad that these men were exactly that way. For, my personal devotion is reading books—specificall philosophical books. And if they had never had their devotions (and obessions), I would not have had mine. :wink:

Devotion is the only way to get pure joy.

Maybe devotion will get you pure sadness, too.

Look at some of those musicians, painters, writters, philosophiers… Hang on, philosophiers are supposed to be able to analyse and kind of ignore their pain, right?