Did Jesus know where he came from?

“Perhaps Jesus was the first person to have a conscious recollection of where he came from.” Author Unknown

To accept ‘in faith’ is not the same as ‘to know’.

When we ask ourselves the question … Who/what am I? … the response is limited to our knowledge of the history of our genealogy … and for most people this is frightfully little.

The six billion or so people in the world today are all descendents of the rather small community of people who survived the last ice age. Imagine if we could trace our ancestry back to the ice age … we surely would have a few surprises … perhaps some not so pleasant. 

St Augustine eloquently described the limits of the human mind in his book Confessions

“This power of memory is great, very great, my God. It is a vast and infinite profundity. Who has plumbed its bottom? This power is that of my mind and is a natural endowment, but I myself cannot grasp the totality of what I am. Is the mind, then, too restricted to compass itself, so that we have to ask what is that element of itself which it fails to grasp? Surely that cannot be external to itself; it must be within the mind. How than can it fail to grasp it? This question moves me to great astonishment. Amazement grips me. People are moved to wonder by mountain peaks, by vast waves of the sea, by broad waterfalls on rivers, by the all-embracing extent of the ocean, by the revolutions of the stars. But in themselves they are uninterested.”

Perhaps St Francis of Assisi was referring to the same phenomenon when he stated … “The second death is easy … the first death is the difficult one”

What is the ‘first death’ St Francis is referring to? Obviously not a death of the body…

Perhaps the first death is loss of ego.
Or perhaps it is the destruction of the illusion or the matrix which holds us bound to it -so that we may be capable of seeing reality with a clearer vision. They are both intertwined.

Life is a process. Perhaps Jesus only ‘in time’ knew where he came from just as we too, in time, within a process, discover where we came from - what our real roots are and who we are…to become…

Why was he obviously not talking about the death of the body?