Did you get the coronavirus vaccine?

Did you get the coronavirus vaccine?

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Well, did you?

Yes. Through the VA.

Now let me ask you this: Whatever possessed a God, the God, your God to create these viruses in the first place? His “mysterious ways”? Or does the Catholic Church go deeper than that?

Seriously. Theodicy has always been more fascinating to me than the existence of God itself. Yeah, sure, God is one possible explanation for Existence. But why on Earth is it this existence?

We can create a new thread if you prefer.

I think we already went over this.

Here’s more:

catholic.com/magazine/print … -of-evil-2

God is a spirit.An immaterial being that transcends alpha and omega

The immanence of babes are no longer conceivable after this passage of the age of inmoscemce, as innoscence is both an eschatelogical progression but mostly a faith based immanence of miracelous sources.

God only materialized once, and only to demonstrate through revelation the emergance of the spirit, both the’Holy Spirit’ what the scholastic named it, and through the spirit of Man.

Very sad we have more anti-vaxxers than vaxxers here…

Not to worry: I’m sorry I asked. :laughing:

No problem.

Next up: praying, hoping and not worrying about those nasty viruses the Catholic God created.


Sigh. Pood was right.

You truly are obtuse.

Doesn’t sound very Christian to me. Unless, of course, it’s a Catholic thing.

The Last Stooge Standing? Go back to your preaching the Catholic gospel threads and take note of how obtuse he has concluded that you are there. Indeed, there we both more or less share the same smirking contempt for a mind as shallow as your own.

If I do say so myself.

I’ll pray for you. In Latin.


You’re an awful poster on ILP.

No offense.

P.S. Baltimore sux.

Yes, and I am getting my booster shot this Tuesday.