Differences in language

I’ve noticed in another post that even though we all use English as our language of choice on this forum, the way we speak it is very different from one another. A fact that I have taken for granted. But when I see the words Arse, or “got your goat”, I wonder what other differences are there.

So I propose that we all lay down all the different slang words and terminologies that we use within our respective regions. Because even in Rhode Island we have words and terms that New Yorkers, and people from Boston don’t use.

I’m not to experienced in dealing with other cultures other than Dominicans and African Americans, so if someone who does know some differences, if you can start naming them.

Well in the east coast we say Soda, while the mid-west says Pop, and in Mississippi calls it all Cola.

hum… does brazil count as a different region? :wink:


I just found out that a saying I’ve used for ever is a regionalism “You can have your druthers” is purely texan. My grandmother from iowa calls canteloupe “mussmelon” and Sloppy Joes are “taverns”. The greatest regionalism I’ve discovered is a widely known phenomenon. Southerners really are much more polite. We have a wider range of ways to say thank you, please, what ever, than to simply say "thanks ". I live in Florida with alot of Yankees and it’s funny the differences in speech rhythm. What’s really interesting is that in NYC proper, people are actually pretty polite as well. But take em of the Islands and all hell breaks loose.

lol, got to love New York! It’s funny that after 150 years, you still refer to the north as Yankees. When will it ever end?!!?!??!