ding dong al zarqawi's dead


and can you hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth?

no not by al qaida terrorists in iraq but by the major american media and the democRAT party… there should be party party party about our great victory and how the terrorists leaders are being eliminated, but NOOOOO can’t have anything like a bush victory, that would be just terrible.

and the neat thing is that the american people who used to believe only that propaganda which the main stream media provided now have access to the truth beyond pravda and that spells doom for the democRATS…

just look at the polls…

the last elections…

bush is winning…

and I waited all day for anyone to mention this…


Even the village idiot realizes that it really doesn’t mean
much. It won’t stop or even slow down the insurgency.
It won’t stop our troops from needlessly dying from
a pack of lies. It won’t help us anywhere in the world.

It is a pretty meaningless event and should be treated as



You’re delusional.

And the UN members were totally silent weighing what is the PC language would be appropriate.

Come on all, a thug is dead, let us CHEER!

Granted, there are probably about 12 million to go. Do not laugh, is from a Canadian Muslim who is very worried regarding the language used in the mosques. Actually, the number may be much higher.

Party, no! Many more need to be eliminated. Nice euphamism.

Yes, look at the polls, as the Iraq war is down in the polls Imp.

Imp, look at the polls, Wbya is in deep doo doo and you know it. Immigration is killing him.

I work for a living ?

Three cheers, a thug is dead. Just remember he was not as deadly as bin Laden and the more educated leaders. He was just a thug. Now al Quada is rid of him, he may have been given up by his peers, as he caused too many enemies because he murdered too many Muslims in Jordan and other places. You know Sunni Muslims.

With regards,

aspacia :sunglasses:

We should do what the Italians did to Mussoulini. They dragged him through the streets with meat-hooks. I say let both Sunni and Shite’s wrap him in pork rinds and drag him through the streets with rusty, pig-fat soaked meat-hooks. For one group it will be disgracing the man who killed thier religious brethren, for the other it will be disgracing the man who gave thier sect a bad rep, for others it will be horrible because he won’t be going to paradise, they can just deal with that.

As for me I will just laugh becuase even though I believed there was a pretty good chance of him going to Hell whether his corpse is trenched in pig feces and other bodily fluids. (I can never know for sure if he’s going to Hell and the Catholic church hasn’t/doesn’t have the authority to say that God, in his infinite mercy will not let said person into heaven. The closest thing to that is declaring someone a Saint. That’s when the Catholic church says,“We’re pretty sure that this person is going to heaven.”)

Oh, I forgot to mention the part where they chop up his body and feed it to pigs.


I’m glad to see him dead, but I don’t think it’ll have a big affect on things. Certainly it doesn’t get us any closer to “winning the war.” From a strictly military point of view, we already did that. That is to say, we went in to remove Saddam and his regime and we did that. It’s the political end that’s been a disaster. Hearts and minds have not been won, and the people of Iraq have not been convinced that they need to be free. Perhaps culturally a people can be indisposed to liberty? Centuries of religious indoctrination are hard to overcome overnight.

apart from the tragic loss of a human life, once more

it’s only the decent thing to do for the US goverment to remove the threat that they created in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:
zarqawi was a nobody untill the US government started using this name as the representation of al qaida in iraq, … only after this did he become the leader of the terrorists :stuck_out_tongue:

Tragic loss of life??? He was a homicidal maniac who would have not hesistated in taking a knife and sawing your pacifist head off. Wake-up and smell the coffee willem, there are a whole lot more out there who want us to submit or be killed.

Hum, now, let us count the bodies in the mass graves??? The estimate is that under Saddam close of a million Iraqis perished. Sure, we stirred up a hornets nest, and the war was not properly handled, not enough troops, quiet a insurrgent hot bed then retreat, disband the Iraqi military. Rummy is not a military minded man, he did not listen to the generals, similar to Hitler not listening to his generals, especially Rommel.

willem, take a look at transcribed Middle-Eastern media, you know the bits they do not print in English. This will provide insight regarding what many think and want to have happen.

MEMRI might be a good beginning. Then there is the right-wing Israeli Arutz Sheva that also transcribes. This is frightening information.

With regards,


It would appear that more people despise the death of Zarqi… It would also appear that despite their posts and comments that they are actually happier when a US soldier dies. Go figure right?

A person who is big time, be it self made or US made, is dead! This guy was a total prick and wants you Zarqi lovers DEAD! It is only a “Good Ridance”.

Taking down a leader is ALWAYS a serious blow to operations and DOES demoralize the enemy and gives morale boost to the troops. Denying this is just like saying gravity does not exist because somehow it is in league with Bush to pull your body to the floor! I dont like Bush either but I dont run around making a point to look like an idiot about it!

The only tragedy here is that this sucker was not dead sooner! To call the death of a tyrant a tragedy shows your true colors! You are a foe to anything decent! Zarqawi forfeited his life willingly!

=D> =D> Another realist. I am glad he is gone, just a few million to go. Better them, than me, my family and my country.

This guy was a thug long before Iraq. Many do not realize he was in an Jordanian prison a long time before Iraq.

Doesn’t matter, to many pacifists it will still be all the USA’s fault.

With regards,


MMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Zarqawi with a rusty knife! Sympathize with him now biotch!

consumptionjunction.com/down … _34947.wmv

Are you calling me a bitch??? I have no sympathy for the thug!

Sorry friend, retraction here. He was a thug and thankfully the bastard is dead. :sunglasses:

No sir, it was not directed at you. Unless you sympathize with Zarqawi. That statment was directed at anyone who does sympathize with Zarqawi. I sympathize with thier family ONLY if they are ashamed of raising such a bloodthirsty terrorist.

aspacia, this is foolish… violence and killing of whoever is never going to solve this conflict
don’t believe this lie… violence only serves itself, breeds more violence

for the violence zarqawi would have done i’m glad he’ll commit no more but i’m not happy about another man killed in iraq

willem, at times violence is necessary. Do you really believe individuals like Chamberlame (intended) did the right thing trying to appease Hitler? Will you be one of the sheep trying to negotiate with madpeople. Read what they say. Here is a link For some real mind-blowing insight go to Palestinian Watch or Jihad Watch. Ouch!


Gobbo, how about Canadians are delusional?

The price of ‘nice’ for Canada

Jun 9, 2006
by Jonah Goldberg ( bio | archive | contact )

A few years ago I wrote a cover story for National Review with the subtle and nuanced title, “Bomb Canada: The Case for War.” It caused quite a stir up there. My argument at the time was that Canada needed to be slapped out of its delusions and forced to stand up for itself in ways other than the Potemkin courage it shows in “standing up” to the United States.

Had I thought of it at the time, maybe I should have had American bombers stand down and suggested instead that Islamic terrorists plot to behead the Canadian prime minister and blow up a few important buildings.

Canada is arguably the most deluded industrialized nation in the world. Because elite Canadians think the U.S. is the font of the world’s problems, they think being different than the U.S. and sucking up to the United Nations will buy them grace on the cheap. They claim to be “a nation of peacekeepers,” but they rank 50th among U.N. peacekeeper nations in the number of troops sent. They’ve bravely contributed to the war in Afghanistan, where 2,300 troops still serve, but refused to join the effort in Iraq, believing that jihadists would honor such fine distinctions. That was awfully nice of them. Too bad nice has nothing to do with it.

The presence of a profoundly evil, homegrown terror cell in Canada has understandably provoked a lot of soul-searching to our north. As one Canadian editorial put it: “We are Canada, peacekeepers to the world, everybody’s nice guy. Who would want to harm us, and why?” Or as Audrey Macklin, a University of Toronto law professor, confessed to the L.A. Times, Canadians “picture themselves as being thought of as nicer than the United States.” Why on earth would terrorists want to hurt a “nice” country? Well, for starters, nice isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The frog who carried the scorpion on his back in Aesop’s fable was nice. It didn’t make the scorpion’s sting any less poisonous.

Indeed, there’s good reason to believe that niceness is part of the problem, not the solution. Many Canadians (and Americans and Europeans) cling to a deep-seated belief that more multiculturalism, more interfaith dialogue, more “understanding,” more Western apologies, more acceptance of Sharia, more “niceness” will fix the problem.

As the American Enterprise Institute’s Reuel Marc Gerecht and the French intellectual Olivier Roy have suggested, multiculturalism in many ways breeds Islamic radicalism among deracinated “born-again” Muslims in the West. It foments the climate of grievance and honors the quest for radical authenticity. Indeed, jihadism imports any number of Marxist and anti-colonial bugaboos into its worldview and then spits them back out at the West. “This militant evolution is happening, in situ, on our territory. It partakes henceforth of the internal history of the West,” Roy observed. The 9/11 hijackers were Westernized, educated and cosmopolitan. Nearly all of the alleged Canadian plotters were raised in Canada and attended Canadian public schools. They were indeed homegrown.

Just a few weeks before the alleged Canadian terror plot was revealed, a sociology professor penned an essay in a Canadian newspaper boasting how well “multiculturalism works in Canada.” Canadians are blissfully immune to the backlash against multiculturalism in Europe and the U.S. caused by jihadi terror, argued Augie Fleras, and this has created a climate of progress and social peace. Fleras might want to revisit that.

But if Europe and the U.S. are any guide, it’s doubtful Fleras and his confreres will have any epiphanies about the failures of multiculturalism. The Danish cartoon controversy was a perfect example of appeasement. A host of Western leaders indulged jihadist outbursts and threats to behead cartoonists and journalists by denouncing, in Bill Clinton’s words, “these totally outrageous cartoons against Islam.” Sen. John Kerry joined in the moral equivalence: “These and other inflammatory images deserve our scorn, just as the violence against embassies and military installations are an unacceptable and intolerable form of protest.” And French President Jacques Chirac tut-tutted that “anything liable to offend the beliefs of others, particularly religious beliefs, must be avoided.”

In Canada, the retreat into denial was instantaneous. At the news conference announcing the arrests, officials said the alleged plotters came from “a variety of backgrounds” and the “broad strata” of Canadian society because “some are students, some are employed, some are unemployed.” They might as well have said the accused plotters were diverse because they all liked different ice cream. The relevant fact was that they were all Muslim and nearly all attended a single radical mosque. But it would be rude to mention that.

In a meeting with Muslim leaders the day after the news conference, Toronto’s chief of police reportedly boasted that the government never mentioned the alleged terrorists’ religion. Well, isn’t that sweet. I’m sure the next time Islamists set out to chop off lawmakers’ heads or murder the staff of the Canadian Broadcasting Co., they’ll keep in mind how nice you were about all this.

Jonah Goldberg is editor-at-large of National Review Online.

Copyright © 2006 Townhall.com

look at the american (or israelian) attitude towards middle east countries and look at it from their perspective

same ol’ same ol’

if they succeeded to appease hitler, they would have evaded a world war… so well… d’uh :stuck_out_tongue:

no person is mad untill made so… mostly by violence or horrible circumstances in the first place

[side note: rare exceptions might exist but they’re irrelevant… war doesn’t come from one person being a nut either… war is a symptom of something being seriously wrong on a much deeper level… no crazy bastard has ever succeeded in waging war if the circumstances didn’t help him… in this sense hitler, saddam and bush all did the same… they rode the wave of their time]

treat a person like a beast, he becomes one, kill his family and he’ll do anything to get even… even if he isn’t aiming at the right enemy, he’ll pull the trigger anyway
these people are not beasts… they are driven mad by the circumstances they live in…
i thought everyone would know this by now :stuck_out_tongue:

violence may sometimes be needed to prevent worse… but it’s never going to solve the causes of a problematic situation, but rather enhance them

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