Dionysian Nation mp3


Enjoy :sunglasses:

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY :astonished: =D> :stuck_out_tongue:

i cant get to it :confused: :frowning:

Seconded. The interweb of broken links strikes again!

Right click on the link and select ‘save target as’

The file just doesn’t work.

I just tested it. I Downlaoded it and it played fine. Try again.

EDIT: Geocities has a transfer limit. I’m guessing the track can only be downloaded a certain number of times an hour or something. I’ll try and find better hosting.

EDIT: New host: myspace.com/mcimpious

:astonished: #-o

I’ll refrain from being a critic.


i like the distorted voice =D>

I’d like to see you critique the content, considering that’s the most important part. By which standard, of course, that try-hard gangsta shit rates a big fat zero.

Get the fuck out of my thread.

‘Evil men have no songs.’ How is it that an Australian rapper named Impious has songs?

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All the changes that were made to the beat made it werse, the best lyrics wont sound good with an uncharismatic voice and no flow to boot.

You used a harcore beat intended for murder rap which you dont like? and then rap over it with a subject matter quite different, a more serious rap style could have pulled it off but choosing a beat that compliments your style or visa versa should be obvious.

I really quite like the beat. It reminds me of Beat Z.

Cheers for the input. I’m not much of a composer, so I took the lazy option of sampling an old track. For the record, I made no changes to the beat (it’s sampled from Representing Hardcore by Rotterdam Terror Core, not from the original Serial Killers by Dr Dre and Ice Cube). If I want to be serious about it I will have to at the very least get a friend to write a tune for me; I have ideas, but I’m not good at getting them down. The reason I chose that tune is simple: the first time I ever heard it, my first thought was ‘this is fucking awesome!’ - I felt it was suitably hardcore enough for this project, which (granted) doesn’t sound very hardcore on the surface, but which actually contains cannon-shots of the highest calibur.

The voice of Dionysus sample is my work; the other two are reworked from a sample CD.

It was also the first time I have ever done any mic work; I only had a couple of hours to spare and the result was less than my best. It’s really just a mock-up, to see how it flows etc. I could never perform it live; 2 of the verses in the track you heard included 2 different takes. This may be ironed-out in the near future by revising the lyrics.

Big difference between Impious’s effort and all the other links posted above (except, perhaps, for that badongo file, which I didn’t open: “badongo”?), is that Impious’s effort is art, whereas the others are merely entertainment (I found White & Nerdy and that “I’m a Gangster” thing pretty funny, though).

This is a translation of the first entry of my weblog:

It is a song written by Frank Zappa called “Ya Hozna”. It is played in 6/4, and consists of backward lyrics in german, with frightening gothic overtones. I posted it hoping to piss Impious off.


You see, while most bands were still playing Stairway to Heaven…Frank had not only already composed the most complicated music to date, requiring the most skilled musicians to play, but was also writing satirical music with strong elements of humor. Indeed, he once asked “does humor belong in music.” This question is fitting for Frank…and only he could truly ask it. There isn’t much else to take seriously in the music industry after you humiliate it.

Everyone else was dressing up and wearing eye-liner (to make up for the lack of substance in the music). Frank couldn’t help himself…he had to make a parody out of such a disaster.

It is a generation thing. One would have to put Impious in Skinner’s box and play Zappa endlessly to get him to like it. But once rap music is heard…it is too late. We must kick what is already falling.