Discussion: is Carleas secretly a white supremacist a nazi?

Jewish deaths by country:

encyclopedia.ushmm.org/content/ … by-country

That was a good documentary! Thanks Gloominary. How does the number of Jews killed keep growing? 6 million seemed unbelievable at the outlay and to find out that it was originally 4 million thanks to the Soviets in the 80’s and researched later to be only 1.1 million or less. How many of the actual number were Jews, not gypsies, dissidents and the like? Were any prisoners ever even gassed rather than dying from disease and starvation due to the war cutting off camp supplies?

How were the Soviets holocausted?

Killing squads went in after territory was occupied. This was all part of the policy of ‘cleansing’ the area in preparation for settlement.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Einsatzgr … viet_Union

You might find this interesting:

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Topf_and_ … haust_fans

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:
You may want to check these docs out too.
They’re not as good as Cole in Auschwitz because they’re not grass roots, insurgent, but nonetheless they help reveal how much power Jews have.


It’s not a conspiracy theory Jews run Hollywood.
In fact Jews don’t just run it, they founded it.
Same with the neoconservative movement, which wrote Bush’s script.
Fast forward to 20:00 where they reveal neoconservatism’s Jewish origins.



This guy is right about everything, except neoconservatism, is defined by its ethnicity, but you have to speak softly when you talk against Jewish lead organizations.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

When white people lead something, and it benefits them at everyone else’s expense, we blame it on white supremacy, but when Jews lead something, and it benefits them at everyone else’s expense, we’re suppose to believe their intentions were 100% impartial. Why?
Because they said so, and they’re in charge, and you’re an anti-Semite if you challenge them, whether you’re liberal, conservative or independent, black, white or brown.

It’s the same with the neoliberal movement, which wrote Reagan’s script.
And we all know how much sway Jews hold over dems.
The paleocons, classical libs and old school dems were predominantly white, but they were incrementally supplanted in the mid-late 20th century.
It’s the same with academia, banking and other media and politics, directly or indirectly Jews either dominate or they’re a close second behind whites.


Jews make up about 20% of the world’s billionaires.
If they’re not hiding their numbers, they make up 2-3% of America’s population and probably about 50% of its billionaires, a staggering overrepresentation.
By and large It’s the billionaires who shape politics, not the lower and middle classes.
Jews are close to being 50% of America’s overclass.

The thing is tho, the white demographic is not a collective, they don’t and cannot politically organize for their cultural, ethnic and racial interests, to do so would be considered a hate crime, whereas the Jewish demographic can, and most certainly do organize for theirs.
So while individually whites and Jews share power, collectively Jews dominate.
Collectively Jews are the most powerful demographic in America and the world, and as we’ve seen, as a minority, their interests conflict with the interests of the majority, as well as other minorities.
They can organize against our cultural, ethnic and racial interests, but we cannot organize to defend ourselves against them without being labeled xenophobes, racists, anti-Semites and so on, because our elite, who for reasons are no longer anywhere near as ethnocentric as theirs, sold us out a long time ago, threw us under the bus.
It’s the working and to a lesser extent the middle class who receive the brunt of the fallout from their plutocratic, Judeocentric, immigrant and minority-centric policies, not upperclass whites living in their gated, predominantly white communities.

It’s all propaganda, lies.
At most hundreds of thousands of Jews died, if not tens of thousands, not millions.
By and large they died of malnutrition and disease, just as Japanese Americans did.


Hitler wanted to deport the Jews to Madagascar, not exterminate them.


There were no gas chambers, just as there were no electro or steam chambers, human lampshades or soap, or all the other lies that were told and believed for decades.
There’s no documentation of a plan to exterminate the Jews, no gas chamber, not a single, solitary shred of evidence.
All we have is hearsay, rumor, speculation, unsubstantiated claims and Hollywood working round the clock, churning out propaganda film after film, with no mention of the millions of Gypsies, Poles, Japanese Americans or others who were also sent to camps, not to mention the millions of Germans who died defending Germany against Jewish lead communism.

And this from their greatest ally, Winston Churchill.

The Jews won the cultural and economic wars.
We are a conquered people.
Even the religious war.
Christianity has been totally koshered, may as well call it Judianity now, which’s not to say it was ever an ideal religion for us, we’d be infinitely better off with paganism.

Judaism and Nationalism are like oil and water, they don’t mix.
Speaking out against the banking cartels or in favor of nationalism, especially ethno-nationalism will get you harassed, doxed, fired, physically assaulted, imprisoned and possibly executed if you’re high profile; have a big enough platform.

Russia is free.
Russia is European.

We are conquered memetically. Our minds corrupted through language. Most cannot think as Europeans. Their brains are zombified by a linguistic parasite that warps words, and uses them to take control over the individuals thinking, judging…behaving.
Look into parasites like Lancet Fluke and how they take over other organisms, through their nervous systems - their brains.
From genes to memes.

The same survival strategies apply to both genetic and memetic types of unities - organisms and superorganisms.
Control DNA and you control the fate of a species; control language and you control the fate of a people, a tribe, a race.

If you mix a chimpanzee with a human you will not get a superior human, but only a superior chimpanzee. The human will be diminished.

Films, photographs, first hand accounts, surviving witnesses, mass graves, physical structures, engineering reports, transport documents, accounting records, …

doesn’t count as evidence. :laughing:

True, and the Visegrad Group also appears to be free.

Yup, they got the religious right with Zionism and the secular left with white guilt.

The parallels between biological and memetic parasitism are fascinating.
Real life zombification.

Yes…now notice how to return back to health a patient must take the reverse course back, through his symptomology.
For instance…Russia progression from Paganism , via Abrahamism, into Marxism, is now taking the reverse path, back through Abrahamism, accepting its Orthodox past - because the layman, the average man, needs a lie; an absolutist, comforting, certainty - a pleasing superstition. The masses cannot cope with their existence without some kind of superstition.
Putin could not introduce Paganism to a people - even if he wanted to - that had experienced hundred of years of nihilistic indoctrination - the shock would be devastating. They would not accept it.
So, he abandons secular nihilism - Marxism - by replacing it with spiritual nihilism - Orthodox Christianity. He goes back to a previous state of dis-ease.

Now I’ll introduce you to another aspect of this.
When Hellenism and Judaism came in contact - via Rome’s dominion - Christianity was created - some, like Atwill, claim the Romans created it to combat the Jewish rebelliousness - so the west was infected by this alien, to them, spirituality, even if monotheism was part of their philosophical discourse - Socrates realizing this after coming ni contact with a character he names Zalmoxis, a Thracian, who probably introduced him to Zoroastrianism.
But cross contamination also occurred, meaning that the Jews were also affected by this contact, splintering them into three: -1-Orthodox Judaism -2-Cultural Judaism (Marxism) and -3-Political Judaism (Zionism)
Zionism is a return to Paganism, sparked by this contact with Hellenism, but it is corrupted, just as Christianity is a corruption of Paganism. It cannot abandon its victim identity because it has proven to be effective.
The two world-views are so antithetical that they cannot coexist but only in the minds of fanatics - compartmentalized, schizophrenic, self-deceiving minds that place survival above integrity and clarity.
Nihilism serves as a form of obscurantism that could allow for such antithesis to synthesize. Using occultism. In ambiguity, in shadows, everything can merge. Differences are erased and concealed.

Yes…memetic zombification by corrupting language. When words are rendered obscure and meaningless, the organism loses contact with reality. It exists in its own mind; it exists in theory (ideology).
Parasitism is a survival strategy, adopting the strategies that help it survive and propagate. As there are selfish genes, according to Dawkins, there are selfish memes. So even the participants are unaware. They do not know what they are doing or why. In their mind they are helping, offering great gifts, treasures…insights.
This is part of the efficiency of self-deceit. A good liar is the one who believes in his own lies.
If a parasite knew that its actions would kill the host it is infesting and that along with it it would die, would it be as willing to continue?

Are you a holocaust denier, Aegean?

No…I believe the best lies are not outright fabrications but subtle exaggerations.
The best liars do not just make shit up, they take a truth, an event, and manipulate it.

Isn’t that basic marketing?

Which part is the “subtle exaggeration”? The number of Jews killed or something else?

All of it. Subtle hyperbole, meant to maintain the victim identity.
The victor’s write the history books.
Do you believe in the good intentions of the official narrative?

Over 9 million Germans died. Over 20 million Russians.
Shall we go into the numbers, ro can you do ti yourself, even from these official narratives?

Sure. They died during a war.

But the holocaust is targeted industrial killing. It’s not the killing if enemy combatants or the unintentional deaths of civilians in a combat zone.

So, you believe the official narrative?
You only doubt what challenges it, as you ought to?
What makes you certain they did not die of diseases and famine - you know the usual things one dies from during times of war - and only a few of organized slaughter?

What bout the official 9/11 explanation, or those weapons Hussein had?

I believe that Jews were rounded up, sent to camps, starved and worked to death. Some were executed immediately upon arrival in the camps. The numbers are in the millions.

And yeah, Jews were not the only ones … criminals, homosexuals, political opponents, priests, gypsies, Russian POWs got the same treatment.

Some form of mass extermination did take place, but most of it through passive causes, like absence of food, or the usual diseases that occur in contained areas where too many people are placed in a small space…
Many Germans, and Russians also died due to malnutrition, and the same diseases that kill in such times of destruction and mass death.
I also do not think it was the original plan, but forced by the war’s limitations. He wanted to throw them out of Germany…but how many people have done the same over the centuries?
Do a search.

My own short search gives me 109 times.