Discussion: is Carleas secretly a white supremacist a nazi?

They wanted to ship them off but nobody wanted to take them.

Therefore, Plan B.

Reread what I post, before you ask me questions.
I said, and I’ll repeat.
The best lies do not manufacture events, they exaggerate them.
The most convincing liar believes in his own lies.
The victor writes the history books to glorify himself and to demonize the vanquished.

If you do not understand the implications….then we’re done.
You follow the official narrative religiously. I understand.
Good luck with that.

I wonder why nobody wanted them if they offer such a benefit to a people.

The plan was Madagascar.
But after the war began how could he ship them off to that place?
Plan B was incarceration…mass death due to the consequences of confinement and increasingly lack of nutrition.
No doubt some mass extermination did begin during the time when he realized the war had turned.

I read this :

And it suggests that there is little reason to believe in large scale gassing. Maybe even to the point that there is no evidence for gas chambers … as Gloominary says.

I have nothing more to say on the issue, given the religious-like fanaticism associated with it.

You can continue to worship the official narrative, if you like. Just believe whatever they tell you, and never use your own judgment.
Doesn’t matter.
History repeats.

More objective history is written as the events distance themselves form the participants.
It’s a basic principle of objectivity. The closer, and more intimately tied to other, or to an event, the more subjective and emotional it is for you.

I’m waiting for the next Hollywood movie on it. It’s long overdue. I think that they are intentionally giving it some time, because overexposure can be fatiguing. Like how they stopped Star Trek movies when they were losing money because they were making too many of them.
Marketing principle.
Distance makes the heart grow fonder.
It’ll come. Victim status has to be maintained.
Finkelstein, a Jew, said that it has become a religion. Nothing unifies Jews more than the Holocaust. It has become a religious iconic event.
Like the Crucifixion is for Christians.

Okay. You can continue to worship your unofficial narrative, if you like.

Phyllo, why wouldn’t any country take the Jews if they have always been innocent of unjust business practices and are highly productive and contributive without trying to overtake governments through a religion driven ideological conspiracy known as communism? How many nations have asked or forced them to leave?

They continue to be expelled, their most recent one: 2014.


Is it true that the victors write the history books?

That’s a loaded question. :astonished:

Do they need to be completely innocent of unjust business practices or can they be just as guilty as some other identifiable group?

Are Jews trying to overtake governments through communism?

There appear to be a significant number of Jews who support capitalism. Ironically they are accused of being both ruthless capitalists and communists. :open_mouth:

Are they solely behind communism or does communism appeal to non-Jews as well?

Not entirely.

If you are going to say that the entire holocaust was fabricated by the victors, then you are out of touch with reality.

Is it true that the victors write the history books?
Not entirely.

If you are going to say that the entire holocaust was fabricated by the victors, then you are out of touch with reality.
The Holocaust happened on a much smaller scale than has ever been purported. Other genocides have been larger in volume like the one in Russia perpetrated by the communist Jews. Have numerous movies and books been dedicated to that atrocity? Supposidly that genocide was tallied at 11 million non-Jewish Russians.

What other identifiable group is kicked out of country after country for such practices?

Yes, they are. Capitalism funds the leverage, but the overall push is towards communism with Jews at the helm.

Didn’t Karl Marx, a Jew, pervert socialism converting it into communism? Communism appeals to sheeple and those who want to rule the sheeple.

It’s a total perversion. Even the thought of those who produce controlling the means of production gives me hellish nightmares. Something like that’ll happen over my dead body you sonofabitch commie pinko bastard!

How do you know that?

Do you have some evidence that shows that the “official” numbers are exaggerated?

That doesn’t alter the ethics of the Nazi holocaust. Nor does it alter the numbers in that holocaust.

Sure, Communists have done awful things in the Soviet Union and elsewhere.

It’s not about a particular ideology, it’s trickier than that.
Many Jews are communists, many are crony capitalists, but what unites most of them is 1, their opposition to other people’s nationalism, not their own people’s nationalism, and 2, they don’t want to labor, in crony capitalism they can siphon resources through corporatism, fractional reserve banking and usury, and in communism they can siphon resources by pointing a gun at your head and telling you what to do.
They want to lead all these movements so they serve their national interests.

They want internationalism for everyone else and nationalism for themselves.
At the very least they don’t want the nations they occupy to exclude others based on culture, race and religion, but for most of them that’s not nearly enough.
They want open borders, and to prop up minorities, particularly themselves, at the majority’s expense.

Why did you drop the Jewish part of the communist identifier? You don’t believe that the Bolshevik uprising was dreamt up and organized by Jews and their financing, that the original communist party was led by Jews?

In the documentary, the 4 million number from the '80s Nuremberg trial was disproven, name and dates included, so how could it now be 6 million? In another twenty five years will the number grow to be 8 million or 10 million?

And I still don’t know if this supposed 4 million includes all the other non-Jewish people rounded up and killed? Was it the Nazi Holocaust (including every prisoner) or the Jewish Holocaust? Where is this explained?

Lenin won’t no sonsabitchin Jew!

They’re clowns, ideology is the makeup they wear.
It’s about having one standard for themselves, and another for everyone else.
They want Israel to be xenophobic and every other nation to be xenophilic.
They want to practice crony capitalism (corporatism, fractional reverse banking, usury…) while we practice capitalism.
In communism, they want to be equally rich while we’re equally poor.

He wasn’t?