Discussion: is Carleas secretly a white supremacist a nazi?

Of which nonsense are you speaking?

And like ideology, they make use of religion.
While they hate Christianity, because pacifist and xenophilic Jesus was the opposite of what they imagined their messiah to be, they infiltrate it and emphasize its Zionism.
Their true religion and ideology is Judaism and Zionism, religious and secular Jewish supremacism.

Which part? Is it significant?

Communists killed millions in China and Cambodia, etc. They were not Jews.

Lenin was not a Jew. Nor were many high ranking party members. Jews were disproportionately represented.

Lenin was also supported by the German High Command in order to undermine the Russian war effort.

You’re basing everything on the David Cole documentary?

Is 4 million okay?

Let’s say that I agree with that number. (Because frankly after passing a certain hideous point, the exact number no longer matters. It’s horrific crime. )
Now what?

There are estimated numbers available for non-Jews. Like here :
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Holoc … ersecution

Thanks for the info. Was it the Nazi Holocaust or the Jewish Holocaust?

I don’t understand that question. What are you asking?

I think that you are mistaken.

What does that mean?

That number makes no sense. It’s completely at odds with census data, train records, gas supplied, and structures and equipment in the camps.

Again, what does this mean?

This article is from a Jewish apologist website (it’s hard to find articles from truly unbiased websites, since google has been subsidized by government and subverted, curtailing free speech), but nonetheless I’m going to use it to make a point.


Rosa Luxemburg wasn’t a Bolshevik, but only because she was a German Jew, not a Russian Jew.
She was still a communist.

No one denies Jews were vastly overrepresented in European and Russian communism.
The question is, was the majority of communist leadership in Europe and Russia Jewish?
At the very least, Jews made up a large minority of the leadership, like 20-30%, if not the majority of the leadership.
And the founders of the movement were Jewish.
So if Jews didn’t exist, neither would communism, or at least its most successful variant, Marxism, and without Jewish leadership, it wouldn’t’ve been anywhere near as successful in Europe and Russia as it was, it may’ve never took off at all, and if it didn’t take off in Europe and Russia, it wouldn’t’ve taken off in the 3rd world.

Are all Muslims terrorists?
Are all terrorists Muslims?
No, but so what?
Per capita they commit more terrorism than anyone else.
If you deport Muslims, per capita terrorism substantially declines.
Likewise if you deport Jews, per capita communism in addition to anticonservatism, antinationalism (because these people aren’t just unconservative and unnationalistic, they’re anticonservative and antinationalistic) and crony capitalism substantially decline.

Furthermore, just because not every Muslim commits terrorism, doesn’t mean many or most of them don’t support it, one way or another.
Not every Jew commits communism, but many or most of them supported it, or some other scheme to erode our monetary, national and social integrity.

Jews love ideologies, but one ideology they never get into is nationalism (save their own nationalism, Zionism).
They like international crony socialism and libertarianism, but not national socialism and libertarianism, especially ethnonational, for they’re an ungrateful minority, and they do everything to undermine it.
They resent others having their own home, because until recently they haven’t had one.
Furthermore they require unrestricted access to our home to siphon its resources.

How does census data reveal who was killed? Where can I find all this uncontested evidence?

Jews are small in numbers, so it can be difficult for them to be the majority of anything, but they try very, very hard, and they’re usually very, very successful at being the majority of a thing’s leadership, if not a sizeable minority.
Especially if the thing is rotten, like communism, 2nd and 3rd wave feminism i.e. misandrist feminism, anticonservatism, antinationalism, anti-white sentiment and crony capitalism.
Pit bulls represent only a few % points of all dogs, but nonetheless they bite more people than any other breed, by far and away, and they are banned in some countries, regions because of it.

If, they weren’t the majority of communism’s leadership, and its minions, they were at least a sizeable minority.
They were overrepresented many, many times over.
And that in and of itself makes them uniquely responsible for it.

Furthermore Marx was a Jew, and so were most of Marxism’s (early) theoreticians.
If Jewish intellectuals were restricted, no Marxism.
Or if Jews and their activities were restricted after Marxism’s formulation, it would’ve lost much, most or all of its impetus, wouldn’t’ve been anywhere near as successful as it was, if at all.
We could’ve saved tens, perhaps hundreds of millions of lives if we reigned the tribe in.

It is said that Christianity is Judaism for the gentile, European.
If so, then Marxism is Christianity for the secularized Jew.

It replaces the salvation symbol of Jesus (Messiah), with money.
All are poor replaces ‘we are all sinners’.
Paradise, after-life, after death, is replaced by a Utopian is the forever immanent future that is neve present. In this Paradise all, despite sex or race, find peace within and beneath god; in the Marxist Utopia, despite sex and race, all find peace and prosperity with money beneath the State.
Money is the great eraser of past; inherited wealth (meme) erasing and compensating for inherited genes.
Equal distribution of love is replaced with an equal distribution of wealth.

Money is Messiah.

Of course Marxism fermented over centuries before it became viable, or until human awareness had overcome the superstitions of the past and required a new myth; a less divisive one, without a ‘god’ to inhibit global appeal.
Marxism is the ideology that seduces the meek, the ill, the impoverished, the desperate, the degenerate, across tribal and cultural and religious lines - across memetic categories.
It seduces the weak and the meek in every civilization, awakening to their genetic and memetic quality, and how it compares.

Zionism is a desperate attempt to return to tribal identities - Semitism - before Judaism, and without abandoning Judaism victimhood, because ti has been so successful and because ti has been ingrained in the psyche of the tribes that accepted it as a survival method.
But two incompatible world-views cannot coexist without producing paradoxes and their psychosomatic repercussions, such as neurosis.
Occultism and obscurantism is helpful. In obscurity the incompatible is synthesized; in the twilight shadows merge as if they were one.
Using mystical prose the contradictory can be united and their dissonance ‘harmonized’.

I make a distinction between Judaism and Christianity.
I see Judaism as a form of spiritual elitism, whereas I see Christianity as a form of spiritual egalitarianism.

In Judaism, some individuals and tribes are essentially sinful, for whatever reasons, the quality of their body and soul, and are damned, and some individuals and tribes are essentially righteous, and are saved.
Whereas in Christianity, we’re all essentially sinful, yet we can all be saved.
In Judaism, it’s good to be rich, moderate and marry, whereas in Christianity, it’s good to be poor, ascetic and celibate.
In Jewish end times, Jews will rule the world, whereas in Christian end times, while Jews will rule for a while, ultimately we’ll be given new bodies and there’ll be no distinction between Jew and gentile.

Jews consider themselves superior, because while they’ve been oppressed by many people, they’re the chosen ones.
While they’re physically inept and unproductive, they consider themselves to be more spiritual, righteous and intellectual.
Zionism is sort of the secular equivalent of Judaism, whereas Marxism is sort of the secular equivalent of Christianity.

Yes, and this was the original source of resentment towards Jews. They denied humanity the nihilism they were using to deal with the world’s reactions to their parasitism - their chosen survival strategy.
They denies the weak and meek and desperate in other tribes, their methodology; their superstition, their occultism.
Christianity did not. It made Judaism universal - ergo Marxism is the Jewish version of Christianity; Christianity for the Jew 9secularized so that they do not have to accept Jesus as their Messiah, but keep money as their salvation myth).

Yes, in Judaism there is no after-life salvation, so they must create one on the earth. Their Messiah is money, their paradise is Utopia…forever in the “immanent” (Spinoza) future.
The future is always coming, and never present. Escape from past, where past is nature - sum of all nurturing; free from the body.

One worships an idea/ideal, offering salvation - ideology.
The other worships the idea of money, offering salvation from past" compensating and correcting the injustices of natural selection.
The resurrection myth is this conversion of the tangible, the physical (body) into an intangible, mystical, idea (mind). Obscurantism.
The idea exists in the mind, and reproduces from mind to mind; is free from the body’s limitations; free from natural order.

Nil, for the Orthodox Jew, is the goal. Armageddon. Their worship of death comes from their Egyptian masters.
Secular Jews reject this and propose an earthly Utopia (Marxism). they can carry the pyramids representing destruction - nil - in the form of words.
Zionists want to return to their tribal Semitic past, but without giving up their Jewish identity. They want to cash in on the successes of victim-identity and become masters of their own destiny - a contradiction resulting in the Jewish Paradox.
Power built on the pretence of powerlessness; victimizers identifying with being victims; intent masked as innocence.

The metaphor of being “chosen” is that of themselves choosing an idealized version of themselves.
They, metaphorically, worship themselves. They call it ‘god’.
Who rejected the one-god? All other tribes. God is an abstraction of their collective identity.
Meaning the Jews were rejected by many other tribes - 109 or so.
Germany was not the first.

Nihilism was embraced by them, and integrated into their survival strategy when all other tribes felt ashamed of doing so. They saw a potential to exploit it. A by-product was their neurosis and sexual obsessions.
Such self-repression and internal contradictions always manifests in some form of sexual dysfunction.
You must understand what nihilism is to understand them.
How can shame be converted to pride, through nihilism - the power of the nil.

They are so because they engage reality via a proxy - a host. Typical of parasitical survival strategies.
Semiotics are the tools of their trade. Like all feminine spirits they deal in abstractions, delivered through words. This is how to manipulate psychology.
They harvest the harvesters. They farm manimals. Goyim - cattle.
I gave the example of Gypsies which is a far less sophisticated form of the same survival strategy, using similar methods, like superstition, palm rereading, astrology, begging on the streets by playing the victim, and so on.

This is not new.
Europeans knew…but moderns have ben brainwashed, exploiting their altruism and Christian indoctrinations - later morphing into Communist sensitivities for the under-dog.

We see this linguistic circularity in Jewish methods.
What are the chosen?
Those who chose themselves choosing - choice is freedom, i.e., salvation.
We witness something similar on here before with Value Ontology, described a Value Valuing. It seems like something deep and profound is being expressed when it is saying nothing.
What is existence? Existence existing, existentially; being becoming; power empowering omnipotence; knowledge knowing omniscience; will willing willfulness.
This is the kind of nonsense they are good at.
Christians did something similar.
How do they define their god?
As love.
Love loving those who love - in his image.
So Love loving Lovers.
Father/Holy Ghost/Son

It seems like something profound and deep is being revealed when it conceals nonsense.
The choice of which word will act as a pivot is important, because it determines the success of the ruse.
It must be positive and so be able to deal with skepticism in those who are in need for a positive message, a solution, a final answer; a way out o a dilemma, a way to deal with need/suffering, uncertainty, anxiety.
How would a parasitical survival strategy exploit and manipulate manimals?
Through words - using semiotics - selling hope, power, wisdom, fantastic things to those most in need of them.

If you have X number of Jews before the war and Y number of Jews after the war, then that leads you to investigate why there is a difference. Y is a lower number in this particular case. What happened to those Jews?
(The same applies for non-Jews of course)

Obviously you, or at least David Cole, is contesting the evidence.

If you look at the IG Farben, then you have evidence of quantities of gas shipped. Why was so much gas ordered from IG Farben? What happened to it?

If you say that there no gas chambers then why produce and ship large quantities of gas?

The same goes for railway records. How do you account for the number of trains used?


Why waste time and money shipping prisoners far away from where they reside? Why not erect gas chambers and crematoriums closer to the larger cities? There would be less of a chance of escape or revolt if extermination happened sooner. Why have camps at all if your goal is swift elimination?

Because mass murder in their backyards makes people uncomfortable, fearful and aggressive. The process has to be kept hidden from the general population and the future victims.

Revolt would be much more likely. They went quietly into the cattle cars because they believed that they were simply being relocated.

That’s accounted for in the calculations.

You don’t need large quantities of gas to get rid of lice.

Yeah, you’re not buying it. The question is why are you not buying it?
Do you want to believe in a Jewish conspiracy to inflate the numbers? That fits nicely into your world view.

It isn’t just a modern day Jewish conspiracy to inflate the numbers, I believe the communist soviets under Stalin made up a majority of the evidence which they didn’t release or give access to most of it for 30/40 years. The Soviets wanted to be heroes, so what better way to look more heroic than to make the Germans look more and more evil with human soap and skin lampshades. Stalin’s bizarre relationship with the Jews needs investigating. One year he spoke out on behalf of Jews against anti-semitism, the next year he assassinated groups of Jews. This happened throughout his rule. I think the longer he was in office, the more he understood how the Jews operate and the less he liked them for it.

Not only autocratic systems. So called Democracies also use propaganda.
See how the US went to war against Hussein.

Inflating and/or deflating data, interpreting statistics to produce a desirable effect.

History is written by the victors implies that they would exaggerate the enemies ‘evilness’ and their own ‘saintliness’.

To get a better picture use multiple sources, not only the official narrative of your own nation.
Cross reference and then compare them with your own understanding of life and reality.

Desperate degenerates always stick to their nation’s official narrative, because that’s all they can tolerate. A protective shield, like institutionalization offers, can become addictive.
The prisoner becomes his own jailer.

The narrative has been so successful that nowadays all you have to do to dismiss a perspective is call it ‘Nazi’.
After decades of films and indoctrination, the reaction is automatic. The mere mention of the word creates defensive repulsion.

You see it on this forum of uncommonly collected geniuses.

Very Pavlovian.

Ain’t that the truth. I see the forum geniuses doing the same thing with Marxism, too.