Discussion on Learning

Just a brief survey

Which do you all prefer: to learn by mistakes or learn by a book/plan/instruction?

I’ve just Been interested in various ways people learn things. And I’m talking about a very craftsman/artisan level of doing things.

I cannot say I ‘prefer’ to learn in any particular way. I suppose I’d rather not learn by mistake if I can help it, but any time I learn something, I view it as a positive experience.

Depends on the knowledge…

Sure, that too. :wink:

I think most of us would prefer not to learn by making mistakes… life would be much easier if we didn’t have to fuck up so many times to figure stuff out.

That being said, I think some very powerful learning happens when we make mistakes and are open to it.


Hello 3xgreat,
To learn by other’s mistakes would perhaps be most prudent…from my particular stance. Now if they could leave a book/plan or instruction manual on how they worked the bugs out,…Bonus. I mean, the whole process just saves time.
Granted, one might experience a warm fuzzy feeling knowing they learned from their mistakes, but that’s not necessarily guaranteed. Besides, we’re here situated in a very fast paced society where Nirvana is not an option and the operative phrase is ‘go go go.’ Then again, I could be mistaken… Hey, wait a minute, I just learned something. Bring on the warm fuzzy…so this is what nirvana feels like.