diversity truly is a strength..

after reading Lori’s comments about diversity, I have a few moments
to reply…

there are several ways to approach this… let us start with this…
ok, they are making an argument for being against diversity…
ok, so, what are they saying is a positive… in other words, you don’t
want diversity, great, what do you want?

the argument against diversity then requires one to be in favor of
one specific group or another being able to exists…so,
to end diversity, which groups are you going to remove?

are you saying gays are not part of your little party, or blacks or
women or Russians? If you are against diversity, then you have to be
for something? and what is that something?

is your historical model going to be Nazi Germany? they hated diversity too.
Or is your historical model going to be the Soviet Union? or is it going to
be 18th century Geneva? Are we going to gas the Jews, to eliminate
diversity or do we just simple exile them somewhere?

Your talk about being against diversity is great until one has to get into
the specifics… and that is your problem…ok, you are against diversity,
so, what exactly are you for? give us specific examples of your purely
exact same state or your uniform society… remember, you are against
diversity, so, what does your ideal state or society look like?

are there no black people or Jews or gays or trans or liberals?
what does your perfect society/state look like? for that is the point
of the creation of a ‘‘perfect’’ to remove the riffraff that
prevent an ideal and/or perfect state/society…

I am guessing that all you will do is huff and puff about what a
terrible society and person I am… and not answering the question because
that would mean you have to admit to being a… pick one: racist, bigoted,
prejudice, narrow-minded, warped idiot… and being about diversity…
you can still be an idiot in the diverse world we have… that is what so
great about diversity… you can be a moron, and no one cares…

so, what about it? feel free to tell us about your dogmatic, partisan
ideal world that has no diversity at all…


I never claimed there is no diversity, or that it ought not be diversity…
I claimed that ethnic populations with a shared past, traditions, genes, cannot dilute themselves and disappear.
Thousands of years of natural selection will be erased…and along with them the traits that resulted in their success.

All ethnicities, races, should compete as distinct entities.

In the multi-polar world, now emerging, every super-state will establish its own model for dealing with their multiracial, mutliethnic, multicultural populations.
America’s model is the ‘melting pot’, where all peoples are mixed except…except one. They can remain distinct.
we are entering the end of the age of the nation-states and the beginning of the age of the Super-States, e.g., America, Russia, China, India, perhaps South Africa, Brazil. and hopefully, in time Europe.
Each one will have its own way of assimilating its diverse populations.

How they deal with these mutations that produce mind/body dissonance, like Transexuality, Homosexuality, and paedophilia, bestiality etc…is also up to them.
The States chooses to normalize them, and impose them on everyone. This will have dire demographic consequences, down the line.
Without families being the foundation of a system the system cannot replenish its human resources and compete with other systems that have adopted a different, more traditional, more nature based model.

That melting pot miscegenation model I reject.
The Russian model incorporates races, ethnicities, into a confederation, retaining their autonomy.

One reason I reject it - one among many - is that Europeans will sacrifice the most to this miscegenating model…everyhting that made them dominate will be diluted out of existence.
This may serve some interests, which I am not aligned with.

Race/Ethnicity and Culture are intertwined.
I don’t expect an American to understand this.

Cultures are gene specific.
Culture (memes) can be transmitted, like genes, but they will not remain true to their origins if the transmission is towards a people that do not share their historical past, traditions, values, mental and physical traits.

Examples of homogeneous populations:
Russia, Hungary, China, with all its multiethnicities, Poland, up until recently when they adopted the American model…up until a few decades ago, England, France…and now they are gone.
In a few decades there will be no France or England…that are distinctly French and English. What will remain will be a caricature.
All of Europe is committing ethnic suicide because they’ve adopted the American model.

If diversity is truly a strength, and you actually believe this…then, by all means, continue taking in Mestizos, from central & South America, Black Africans, and Muslim Semites and Berbers.
We’ll see what happens, okay. :-k
It’s already happening.
Do you think the US will survive if its European population falls under 40%?

No need for debate…we’ll let nature decide.

I think you’ve made a mistake.
I want to preserve racial, ethnic, cultural diversity, and you want to erase them through melting pots and miscegenation.
Just watch your movies, television shows and commercials constantly promoting it.

I want ethnicities and cultures to remain distinct and autonomous, no matter how much I disagree with them, whereas you impose upon them your Americanism, forcing them to abide by your values and ideals.

You, sir, are a hypocrite.

Hmmmm… I wonder why… :-k

‘Multiculturalism has nothing to do w/studying other cultures. It’s a euphemism. The single most important theme that runs through multiculturalism, is that it’s anti-Western. It’s a vehicle for denouncing it.’ -Peter Thiel

“Diversity” for dumb Americans, born and raised in a culture-of-no-culture, that have no experience with real traditions, is a concealment for uniformity of thinking.
Superficial, shallow diversity, used as a thin veneer to conceal uniformity.

See, as long as you adopt Americanism you can pretend to be whatever you like.
Culture, for dumb Americans is a product one buys, uses for a while and then discards, replacing it with another.
Diversity, for dumb Americans - is restaurant selections with exotic cuisines, strange garments and languages, trinkets they purchase on their vacations and place on their bookshelves indicating how cultivated they are.

In fact, Americans impose uniformity on the world.
They will sanction or bomb another nation if it does not adopt American values and ideals.

Americans want uniformity, with a diverse cover… a facade.
They feel like they were chosen, like their Jewish overlords, to bring ‘freedom’ to the world, and they will bring it even if it means killing everyone who resists.

Americans are liars, or ignorant.

See, what real diversity means is that every culture can practice its traditions, in accordance with its values and ideals, but Americans will have none of that.
Diversity, for these morons is a garment you put on, then change for another.
One day you are a man, the next a woman.
One day you are white, the next black.
One day you feel like Szechuan the next you want Thai.
Funky clothes, strange music…incomprehensible languages, that’s all they know of diversity.
No spirit…all materialistic and hedonistic.

So, all must adopt the American model, their Woke agenda, their open borders, open markets, or else.
This is how “diverse” they are.
As long as you follow their rules you can pretend to be whatever you like…this is their “freedom”.
Free-speech, only as long as you do not have a mass influence …because then they will disappear you.

So, Europe must adopt the American model and import Blacks and Muslim Semites, and become another Americanised shithole…because that’s what diversity is to them.
See Britain, France, Ireland…Sweden.
It doesn’t matter if thousands of years of history and traditions are reduced to a fashion trend, all will become Americanised.
America has no culture, no shared traditions …the closest they come is thanksgiving, and the rest are holidays for selling product to dumb-Americans, or used as an excuses to travel…as if traveling enlightens and cultures them.
All America has is popsicles, pop-culture, pop-art, pop-music…popular…what can easily be controlled and exploited.
A shallow place full of shallow people. Nice, the way most shallow people are.
Beer and sports on weekends…March breaks, and Black Fridays…hamburgers and Disney tunes; endless discussion about sitcoms and Hollywood flicks…where they bond as if they were truly unified.
They sit around discussing what happened in the latest episode of a popular TV show, because they have nothing else to talk about.

They don’t understand what cultural traditions mean because they’ve never experienced them…not even in the many travels visiting local Americanised tourist enclaves that are designed to make them feel as if they never left home.
They believe that they are on a cosmic mission to liberate mankind…which is code for control humanity.

They can’t stand true diversity…so they deny its very existence.
See them deny race and gender…some deny free-will altogether, converting their messianic agenda into a cosmic end.

Anyone who resist is a Nazi, or a terrorist, like they are depicted in Hollywood blockbusters …or envious of their wealth and freedoms. They got that from their Jewish overlords, as well.
A psychological method of silencing dissent.
Their idea of philosophy is talking politics… American politics. They are the centre of the universe.
Going from LA to NY is like traveling to another culture …when it is but another copy of the vacuous place they left.

These imbeciles want to tell me I deny diversity when I want to liberate cultures from their Americanised uniformity.
Everyone should live in accordance with their own traditions, values, ideals…not as copies of American imbeciles.

Lorikeet: I never claimed there is no diversity, or that it ought not be diversity…
I claimed that ethnic populations with a shared past, traditions, genes, cannot dilute themselves and disappear.
Thousands of years of natural selection will be erased…and along with them the traits that resulted in their success.

All ethnicities, races, should compete as distinct entities.

In the multi-polar world, now emerging, every super-state will establish its own model for dealing with their multiracial, mutliethnic, multicultural populations.
America’s model is the ‘melting pot’, where all peoples are mixed except…except one. They can remain distinct.
we are entering the end of the age of the nation-states and the beginning of the age of the Super-States, e.g., America, Russia, China, India, perhaps South Africa, Brazil. and hopefully, in time Europe.
Each one will have its own way of assimilating its diverse populations.

How they deal with these mutations that produce mind/body dissonance, like Transexuality, Homosexuality, and paedophilia, bestiality etc…is also up to them.
The States chooses to normalize them, and impose them on everyone. This will have dire demographic consequences, down the line.
Without families being the foundation of a system the system cannot replenish its human resources and compete with other systems that have adopted a different, more traditional, more nature based model.
That melting pot miscegenation model I reject.
The Russian model incorporates races, ethnicities, into a confederation, retaining their autonomy.

One reason I reject it - one among many - is that Europeans will sacrifice the most to this miscegenating model…everyhting that made them dominate will be diluted out of existence.
This may serve some interests, which I am not aligned with.

All of Europe is committing ethnic suicide because they’ve adopted the American model.

K: Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can focus on the matter at hand…

I’ve read, and reread everything that Lori has written in both diversity threads…
and he tries, very hard, to hide his thoughts and beliefs… he doesn’t come out
and directly say it, but it’s there, if you know where to look and think
about the words he uses…

the above selection points that out…he tries to hide the fact that Lori hates…
that much is clear… but who exactly does he hate? it is clear that Lori hates
Jews, and he certainly has a thing against black men who date white women…
and as the above post shows, he is against, homosexuality, trans people,
bestiality, pedophilia… in words suggesting that they are the exact same thing…
that to support one is to support all the others… NO, but that is what he is
implying…he is also, saying, that it is blood, birthright, that matters…
UMMM, I am starting to get his trend…he hides it, but it is there…
he also hates Jews, that much is clear… so, he hates, (in no particular
order) Jews, blacks, gays, trans, bestiality, and pedophilia… of course,
he holds to believe in one is to believe in all of that)

Now let us see who else has held these beliefs???

the KKK of the American south… (I lived in Fla for a short time,
and the misfortune of dealing with them, but that is another story)

and who else holds these exact same beliefs?

why the Nazi’s of course…Lori’s rhetoric is certainly softer
than the Nazi’s but the words are exactly the same…
he uses this word a lot, and to be honest, I had to look it up,
Miscegenation… and what does this word mean?

Miscegenation: is a marriage or admixture between people who are
considered to be members of different races…

this is the great crime of America… we are ok, with people being
of mix races… and according to Lori, this is the great danger of
the western world… that our blood is being mixed and that danger will
bring about the end of the world, or at least western civilization…

And Lori tries, really hard, to avoid saying this, so I will say it for him,
his viewpoint is pure prejudice, racists and bigotry… nothing more, nothing
less… and it avoids some very unpleasant facts…
for example, that our races are already mixed… My sister took one
of those 23 and me genetic test… and I, so I know my history as well,
and we were over 10 different nationality/races/religions… including
Ashkenazi Jews, native American, African from Ghana… I believe,
Dutch and Irish and English… plus some smaller factors like French…
his and others like him to hold to ‘‘purify’’ the races has already failed…
and my family history points out that we are already one, large ‘‘happy’’
family…like it or not… unless you are an Eskimo…your blood is already
well mixed with other races…

his hatred of Jews and blacks and gays, has brought out some unpleasant
facts… that he is what he hates… I will be willing to bet that some
of Lori’s genetic history includes Jews and possible blacks… depending
on his nationality…

but what his hate also shows us is that his hates, from the Jews, to blacks
to gays, is a ‘‘conservative’’ viewpoint… to be blunt, Lori’s viewpoint is
basically, Nazi German… or todays’ MAGA party… he hates everything
those two parties hate… and he has already said so, so I am not
creating something that is not there… he has already said so…

but he is ashamed of his hatred, so he ‘‘soft soap’’ it, so he doesn’t look
like a ‘‘bad’’ guy… he is afraid of someone calling him out… of someone noticing that
his hates are simply retread Nazi German hate…

he will of course, pretend that I have mischaracterized his viewpoints…
instead of having the courage of his convictions… his ‘‘war’’
on diversity is simply a war against that which he hates… and that includes
the modern world, but more on that one later…

I have the strength to believe in diversity because I am not afraid of what is
in store… that in time, that we human beings, will in fact, hold to a ‘’‘higher standard’’
which is moving from the old viewpoint of tribalism, into the future, in which
we no longer believe in such nonsense… we will self identify as
human, not as an American or white or some other tribal nonsense,
but when asked, one will say, I am a human being…and as history as
shown us, that is the logical path we have been taking since
our first day walking on the ground in pre-history… going from
small identifications to much larger ones… that we no longer self-identify
as a small tribe member or as small city to a city/state, to a state, be it
a Californian, to an American, to a citizen of the world…
with the passing years, we begin to self-identify as larger and larger
institutions… from one to family to city to a nation to the world…

I am Kropotkin, I self-identify with my family, and as white, as an
American, but I am really, a human being… and that is where we must
head to next…as our self-identification goes from the smaller, family or tribe,
to the larger, nation and to the world, in our self-identifications, we include,
as we must, larger and larger group of people…

that is the ONLY way we survive as human beings…
not by making our self-identification smaller and smaller,
but larger and larger…as history has shown us…


now the next point is that Lori, hates, just another of his many hates,
but he hates ''American culture"… but he leaves out what exactly is
‘‘culture’’… so, among my many questions, what is ''culture?“”
and why is American culture so different than say, French culture
or German culture or even Japanese culture?

as it part of my belief that Lori uses complicated phrasing and words,
to hide his kkk/nazi beliefs, so I hope instead of trying to confuse us
with his verbiage, let him speak plainly…

let us begin there… as I have already tried to get him to state his
ideal political structure, which he still hasn’t answered… or which
‘‘tribe’’ he believes to be worth killing to hold to his belief in
his ‘‘purity’’ test of saving humanity… for example, he hates Jews,
he has made that clear… ok, do you believe that the Jews should
be wiped out? or what about Gays, should they be ''exterminated".
how far are you willing to go to save your ‘‘dream world’’
which you still haven’t explained…what is your ideal political structure,
or ideal state?


I threw the Kraponit a unexpected curve ball…
He so wanted me to be a Nazi who wants all to submit to Nazism.
I don’t think he even knows what Nazism stood for, other than what Hollywood and US media, and the American institutional system told him.
But, that don’t mater.

I, in fact, want true diversity…not the superficial shit he sells.
Actual diversity.
Real diversity, across the board…because nature is about diversity.
This liar wants to impose upon the world uniformity, masked as diversity.

But…let’s proceed…without using 'big words…

A set of traditions, beliefs, ways of living, that connect you to the past, and a shared ancestry.
Language, rituals, habits.
A way of engaging existence. A worldview.
A spirituality.

Culture is the relationship of a people with their environment, developed over time, manifesting a language and a worldview.
Culture connects past, present, and future.
Cultural is profound and spiritual, not a product.

You have no culture.
What you’ve adopted from the brits, and a bit form the French you’ve diluted and warped into paste…or a soup of sewage muck.
America is a culture-of-no-culture. All you have are seasonal events, all geared to sell goods and services.
A superficial nation, populated by superficial minds.
All you have is seasonal consumerism.

The fact that you dared to compare your 300 year-old nothing to France and Britain says it all, no?
How about Italy and china…or Russia?
Can you compare?
How about Greece, Persia, and India?

I repeat…the closest thing to culture in the States is Thanksgiving…maybe Jazz, though I can’t stand that organized chaos.
All you have is dates when you are expected to consume certain products, and travel…
What’s your culture…Disney films of Holidays and shopping sprees…cRap music and twerking?

Now that you’ve mentioned France and b/ritain…have you seen what you’ve done to those nations?
You’ve Americanised them…and they are no longer France or Britain but shitholes mirroring the states.
France and Britain are gone.
So is Sweden…
Open borders; open markets, diversity is strength; people are replaceable…and all that bullshyte…
Americanism destroyed them.

Another attempt to reduce me to your level…one more and you will see the real me. I will give you an excuse to turn and run.

Old fart…you think I am a nazi, a skinhead, or a redneck, because that’s all you know of politics. That’s all you understand.
You are the ‘good guys’…whatever is not you is part of the ‘evil forces’…the Nazis, the Fascists…
Now, you insist I live up to your simplistic expectations, because you don’t know what to say.
You have to lower me to a level your simple little mind can grasp…Nazi!!
You are a hypocrite.
You don’t want diversity, old fart…you reject diversity, unless it’s superficial and Americanised.
Your entire nation is a force of evil that tolerates no cultural diversity in the world.
You use ‘freedom’ as a justification to impose your will upon other peoples.

Does communism tolerate diversity?

Are Jews a race, an ethnicity…what is a Jew?
Is it, perchance, an ideology, a dogma…like Muslim, or Christian?
Is Marxism an ethnicity or an ideology?
Is Islam an ethnicity or an ideology, I’m asking again because most Muslims are Semites, and many Jews are not Semites.

The emotional angle will be denied to you…hypocrite.
I will not be that easy. :-"
Never said anyone should be harmed or exploited, or enslaved, or exterminated, did I? The opposite in fact…they should be liberated and allowed to live by their own values and beliefs and by their own wits…without imposing them on others.
If they do not, then they are the enemy, trying to impose their values on others.
Like the US and the Jews.
I mean, what’s the difference at this point? :wink:

Ha!!! :evilfun:
Such an amateur.

Timocracy is my ideal state.
Let’s see you twist that into what you can comprehend.

Timocracy…precursor to Democracy.
Democracy was a necessary compromise due to the success of Timocracy.

The US isn’t a Democracy…it’s a Republic.

Now my turn:
What kind of diversity do you support when you do not allow any culture to exist that does not adhere to American values or the American socioeconomic model?
What kind of diversity do you support when you don’t believe in races or that gender is biological? Or do you? :-k

Is it a superficial kind of diversity? Uniform thinking clothed in a veneer of fashionable diversity?
Are you only for the appearance of diversity?
The diversity of sexual intercourse; diversity of eating, drinking, consuming different products?
Why don’t you Americans not allow other people to live in accordance with their own traditions, beliefs, values, socioeconomic systems?
Why are you such hypocrites?

so, instead of Lori’s pseudo-intellectual crap, which is
using big words, or hiding what he is saying in a morass of
verbiage, let us speak plainly about the value of diversity…

let us take this to a simple level… a soccer/football team…
having played sports my entire life, baseball/softball, track/cross country,
rock climbing/hiking, I do have a sense of what it takes to win in
any given sport… (I have also coached my daughters AYSO team
for a couple of years) a team with only strikers, people who
attempt to score, will not win… it can’t… a team must have
people of diverse skills to win a game, or a title…
let us take Messi, a great scorer to be sure, but you wouldn’t really
trust him to defend, that is not his skill…you have others who skill
set is better suited for playing defense… and that is exactly what
the value of diversity is… some people can play office and some people
play defense, but not too many people can do both… maybe midfielders?
but even they have a strong side, be it offence or defense…

it takes a different skill set to win in any sport… for example, take
my favorite sport, baseball… some players are really good offensively
and some are really good defensively, but few are good at both…
and one of the challenges of a coach, I faced this with my own teams,
is finding the balance between the two skill sets…One of my teams was
very strong in offensive skills, but getting them to play defense was hard…
so, I set them up as a back end, defensive team knowing that they will
attack anyway because that is who they were…and it worked out pretty well…

so some teams have real strengths, but having a set of diverse players
will help one team manage any weakness that the team will have…

and it is no different in the ‘‘real’’ world… not everyone is strong in
math skills… so you have to have some people who are strong in math skills
somewhere in your department so to have a good ‘‘team’’…

and in some cases, you have some people who have good people skills,
I am one, and so you put those people in spots where they can use that
skill to the store or business advantage… and you have your strong
math skill people in as bookkeeper position… not necessarily as
a person skill position… diversity in any company or store, will help
it to be able to solve its own problems and challenges…

and the same goes true for a society or state… if everyone has strong
mathematical skills, but no people skills, that state/society will be in
serious trouble…you need diversity of skills to make any state/society work…

and this goes the other way too… if everyone has social skills, but no
mechanical skills, who will build and service the machines of that
state/society? any society/state has diverse operations to do and partake
in, and you need a diverse and talented group of people to handle
that… NOW, Lori will say that I am not getting to what he is saying,
ok, the mixing of blood is something different… but it isn’t…
the strength of any society/state lays in the different and diverse
people that state/society has… that the mixing of blood, the miscegenation
of people’s blood is a dangerous thing, at least according to Lori…
but I find it a strength, not a weakness… what does it actually mean to
‘‘mix blood’’…

that we mix different people means that we mix the strengths and weaknesses of
people… our gene pool is stronger when the races is mixed up…
the diversity of the races is stronger when it is mixed up… not when
it is separated…

the basis of Lori’s claim is that the races are widely different,
that some races, based on blood types are inferior to others,
and some blood types are superior to others… with his of course, being
superior… for that is the basis of his claims… that he can make such
‘‘pronouncements’’ of the inferiority or superiority of others because
he is superior… that is his bottom line claim… even if he isn’t
brave enough to publicly say this…every argument he makes, begins
by silently proclaiming his superiority… and goes on from there…

the entire point of diversity is that we are not, NOT able to do all task
equally, and by having a diverse skill set, or blood lines, as one might say it,
we can cover our weak point with someone else’s strong point…being able
to do math, whereas I really can’t do that… so, to be able to deal with that,
I have someone who is stronger at math, do math… and I deal with their
weakness, which is people skills…

that is the value of diversity… so instead of dealing with my weakness,
math skills, I am dealing with my strong point, people skills…
and the same goes true for others… by having a diverse state/society/
business, we can work from a position of strength, not from weakness…
Lori will of course, claim that my position is not what he is saying,
ok, in plain English then, what exactly is your position? in terms of
diversity? or what is the strength of being all the same, as he silently
promotes, without ever coming and saying so…


I bet real philosophical texts leave you feeling confused…

What you’ve been doing on these forums, old man, is not philosophy.

Let’s bring it down a few IQ points, to accommodate Kraponit.

He’s giving us a resume to soften us up.

No, old fart that is not about diversity…that’s meritocracy.

What, the fuck…does this…have to do with cultural diversity?
What a dumb American.

Here’s a better angle…more in-line with real diversity.
What if your national team could get a Black, or one of those evil Russians, to win the world cup…would you take him just to win, and if you did would it be a real national win?

The entire French football squad is African with French citizenship…is France truly winning?
France has been Americanized.
There will be no more France left in a few decades.
There will be a territory once called France…but no French culture…no French traditions, no French people that could trace their lineage back to the Gauls.
Another American shithole, full of fast-food joints, Malls, and crime rates.
No French spirit.

Diverse traits is not cultural diversity, old fart.

Cultural diversity is about preserving hundreds, sometimes thousands of years of culture, traditions, beliefs, history…
You are clueless.
Your mind is filtering everything through your American brainwashing.
Nobody said someone should be excluded, for any reason, who is good for a job…

By the way…they are excluding Asians and European kids form Ivy League Universities, in the States, to allow blacks in.
affirmative action.
Are you for it?

So, you are for assimilation …and uniformity.
Stop lying and pretending you are for diversity, old fart.
You want America’s system to become a global standard…or do you want Communism to be the global standard?
Whichever it is…you are not really for cultural diversity…fuckin’ hypocrite.

A people who have never developed a culture above a certain level of sophistication cannot maintain or grow a system that is above anything their ancestors ever built.
Miscegenation does not make it better, it makes it worse.

If a tall people mix with pygmies, what kind of people will be produced?

So, now you’ve admitted that you are not really for maintaining diversity, but for assimilating and producing uniformity.

Your hypocrisy is exposed.
You don’t want diversity you want uniformity…like Marxists, as well.

Now the issue is how do I lower it to a level that a mind like yours can comprehend?
let’s give this a try:
If you mix a wolf with a dog, will the outcome be “better”?
In what way is it better?
You’ve lowered the superior and enhanced the inferior, so the inferior gains and the superior loses.
The result is a median.

Or…if a man with 130 IQ and a woman of 90 IQ have children…what IQ do you expect the children to be?
Over 130?
Then you have no idea how genetics works and what natural selection is.

If mixing fit and unfit produces a more fit organism then natural selection is debunked.

I am not subjective, like you…I am objective.
You don’t know my race.

Superior/Inferior have to be given context…superior at what?

Some species are superior to homo sapiens …I would say all species have some form of superiority to humans.
Man is not the fastest, the strongest, the most prolific…the most durable species.

As for human races…
So, you admit, again, that you don’t believe in diversity…only the appearance of it.
And this only applies to humans, for some reason.

I don’t care how you cope with your inferiority…
This is about broader subjects…like biological and cultural diversity.

Kraponit is realizing he is out of his depth and is now trying to not predict what I will say, or mindread what I am thinking.
All I will say to him is that I am objective and I do not lie…
If I cannot speak a truth I remain silent…
Nothing I say is what I benefit from. In fact, I am suspicious of anything I benefit from.
My personal interests are not a factor…in this arena.

My positions have already been stated.
I am Timocratic…and though this system is no longer applicable, some variant is what I wish for.

Diversity means peoples should be left to govern themselves in accordance with their traditions, values, ethics, customs cultivated over hundreds or thousands of years …
Ancient cultures should be autonomous, and nobody should impose their values on them, unless help is asked for.
Let natural selection sort it out.

Diversity is not a man wearing a dress and calling himself a woman…or immigrants forced upon a people until nothing is left of them but a memory.

Americanism and Judaism is the enemy because both are messianic.
They both have this self-righteous superstition about their world role, and their importance.

What Americans call diversity is uniformity.
A method of dominance, forcing mass migrations into Europe so that nothing is left of those ancient cultures…and all becomes a shithole like the US.

The Chinese don’t do it…the Russians don’t do it…but the US does, and has since the end of WWII.
Now they are imposing Wokism on the entire fuckin globe, so that the world becomes an insane cesspool, like they are currently becoming.

It’s a strategy…to undermine all resistance to America’s Globalism plans.
But it has backfired…
If Americans want men dressing like women and fucking little boys, or girls chopping off their breasts…then let them.
Why are they imposing it on the entire world?

Natural selection.
If American diversity is a strength - miscegenation, degeneracy etc. - then it will survive and dominate.

Ask the Jews why they practice inbreeding and why their nation does not open its borders to immigration, or why marrying a non-Jew is prohibited.

What sameness, Kraponit…I just said the world should be maintained as diverse as possible.
If some people want to cultivate particular traits, in accordance with their heritage, their values, their ideals, then who the fuck are you, and your damn country to stop them?
Are you the chosen ones?
Manifest Destiny, you fuckin hypocrites?

I think it’s pretty much obvious that those Americans - primarily - acting as defenders of diversity are not really pro-diversity.
Most do not believe in human biological diversity - claiming races and sexes are ‘social constructs,’ with no relevance…no real meaning.
All humans are the same - uniformity - and only differ due to circumstantial effects - social factors.
They all want to create equality, that is erase even socially produced disparity.
They don’t believe in cultural diversity because they will never allow any people to live in accordance to their own inherited values and ideals, even if they are thousands of years old.
No, all must adopt their values and ideals, and imitate their socioeconomic system.
They will not let them live autonomously and with their own cultural ideals, but force them with sanctions and bombings, to concede and teach their children how to be homosexuals, transsexuals, and sluts.
No, not just tolerate them, when and if they arise, but cultivate them; socially engineer them into their own children.

Do you know what the Americans taught Afghanis in schools, for those years they were there?
Can you believe it?
This is what they brought to Afghanistan, other than death and poverty.
They now hang the LGBTQJEWKLMN+ flags everywhere…promoting their insanity across the globe.
Human rights, they call it.

K: ahhh, so much here… let us begin with asking, Lori, so, we have a point of reference…
what is your nationality? Your race? Your skin color… as to be fair, I shall begin…
I am an American, I am white, and my family hails from England or Ireland…
but as I have pointed out, my genetics are from all over… as is your genetics…
as is everyone’s genetics… unless you are an Eskimo… and few are…
there is no such thing as purity of race or country…which leads us to which
culture or tradition should we follow? My family on my mother’s side, has been
in America since the 1640’s, and on my father’s side, since 1900 or so…
and my mother’s side is English, and my father’s side is Irish…
so, which tradition should I follow?

the next point is that you have attacked America several times as having no
culture? and that is based on what examples? America does have a culture,
you just don’t like that culture… and to be honest, I am not that fond of
it either…the fact you can’t see it, says more about you, then it does about
the ‘‘American culture’’…(and by the way, I love Jazz, but it, at least according
to your way of thinking, has too many blacks involved)

speaking of which, black culture is quite distinct from white culture in America…
as is Asian culture… as I live in California, I see the differences between the
various cultures…but as cultures, they clearly exists…so instead of lumping
all of America into one culture, how about noticing that we have several
different and DIVERSE cultures in America… and frankly, part of the problem
in America is that the various cultures in America don’t connect to each other…
they don’t see each other… people simple make assumptions, as you do,
to what is American culture… the MAGA crowd believes as you do,
that any other culture outside of ''white" culture is wrong…
(whatever the hell white culture actually is)… no one can tell
me what exactly this MAGA culture is supposed to look like?

as your post has a great deal of verbiage in it, I shall work it down a bit…

you mentioned, as a political ideal, timocracy… which is:

Timocracy: a form of government in which possession of property is
required in order to hold office…

thus saying without the guts to say out loud, that you only want
white, wealthy, male Anglo-Saxons to be in government…
god forbid we have non-whites governing us ‘‘pure’’ races…
if only you had the guts to speak the truth… BTW, what race are you?
yah, thought so…

and for me personally, I am wondering about this one comment you made:

L: ''another attempt to reduce me to your level… one more and you will see ''THE
REAL ME". I will give you an excuse to turn and run"

K: which is kinda my point… what you are saying is not the real you, you just admitted
that… you are ‘‘playing’’ being someone… you are playing at being a ''moderate""
which as you have stated, is not the real you… your beliefs are not moderate nor
are they ‘‘common’’ they are extreme… only you won’t admit as to how extreme they
really are…

then you make a bunch of points… points I have nether the time nor inclination
to deal with… as I am old, as you so ‘‘nicely’’ pointed out… I don’t deal with
verbiage… but you did make an interesting point…
that of the Soviet Union… of communism…

''does communism tolerate diversity"

and the answer is no… as Nazism, the kind you support, doesn’t
tolerate diversity… and you don’t support diversity… supporting
gays or trans people, that is the true test of diversity… I am not gay nor
am I trans… no need or desire to do so, but if that is what they want, go for it…
and then you will bring out some stupid questions about gay people '‘grooming’
children… or trans people grooming children… and it isn’t so…
or you will ask, what about pedophiles and being tolerant about them…
or bestiality?.. please that is just more verbiage to hide behind…
verbal games meant to score points, nothing more…


You are looking for an angle to exploit and use your ad hom,. because you’ve got nothing.

The Nazi shit fell through.
I am not German…so I can’t be a German Nationalist Socialist, can I?

Irrelevant…my interests have nothing to do with the subject.

You are already mixed…so like most American you have no real sense of tradition.
And so, there’s nothing you want to preserve…other than your self-interests.

Mongrels, like you, can choose which of the lineages they know about, they feel more kinship with.

You keep asking me to tell you one culture all should follow…because you still believe I am like you Americans pushing my personal interests on the world.
You’ve understood nothing…of what I posted…

You are poking…desperate to find out my motives.
My motives are subtle…concealed in Timocracy.
Unable to find any you use your own and you project them.

But I’m feeling playful and want to give you some bait:

A formula to follow…even in my ideal Timocratic system.
There’s a simple fact underlying Timocracy…
Those that produce tangible goods have proven their physical and psychological merit - emphasis on tangible goods, not art or abstractions.
Those that serve the state and produce tangible goods for the state, are invested in the state’s welfare. They have proven they are willing to die for the state.
Only they can be citizens and be given the privilege of the vote, and the privilege of holding office.

Wrong…some are more miscegenated than others.

Yet, there are racial families, delineated linguistically as well as genetically.
American is not an ehtnicity…nor is Canadian, or Australian…

Your culture is that you have none…allowing anything to become the flavour of the month.

You had the beginning of a culture, and then you were infected, by a mind-disease, and fucked it all up.

What you call ‘culture’ is pop…popular…whatever is in fashion, trending…selling…
And this can easily be manipulated.
That’s not culture.

I dislike Jazz because it is organized confusion…not because of the blacks.
Again…you are stuck in your image of a ‘racist’.

And one from a black man:

You Americans throw words around, like culture, without understanding them.
I gave you a definition of culture.
What you speak of is style.
America has a style, a cultivated pseudo-iamge, a facade…no culture.
America has multiple styles…and they change.

Culture is passed down from generation to generation - slightly modified but remaining true to its origins.

Your American brainwashing still clouds your mind…or what’s left of it.

Why do you assume Timocracy can only be practiced in multiracial societies?
The original wasn’t?
Who were these “whites” that benefited when all were white?

Africans can adopt and practice Timocracy.
Which whites will benefit then?

So, now you are assuming I’m a white Anglo-Saxon?

Unless you know, how can you assault my ethnicity and use it to claim I am prejudiced, old fart?

I’m a black, single mother, paraplegic lesbian, living in Harlem.
No counter-argument…and no ad hom…you are floundering.

Maybe…I’m…Russian…or Chinese.
Chinese have a higher average IQ of all the races, including Indo-Europeans.

By the way, dumb-Aemrican…there is no ‘white’ or ‘black’ or ‘yellow’ race.
These are superficial Americanisms.
Race is not only skin pigmentation.

Ya got me.

You’re upset because I’m not a Nazi.
You had an entire tirade to use against me, didn’t ya, old fart?

Americans always assume a benefit in everything.
If it doesn’t benefit you, it can’t be true…how can anyone believe something that doesn’t benefit them personally?
It baffles you.
Everything must benefit you, no KrapOnIt…or you crap on it.
For all that reading and thinking you claim to do…where’s the evidence?
You don’t even understand what objectivity is.
And you ignore my questions…like a good hypocrite…right after you predict I will evade yours.

Damn…I thought this would be more interesting.

Then why do you expect something different in return?

No, that’s degeneracy.
But diversity means if America wants to go down that path it ought to…but it ought not impose it on the world.
If this kind of diversity is a strength, then it will grow stronger and the world will remain feeble.

Yes, the old American individualism.

Have you ever considered the demographic costs?
No…you haven’t because the US compensated in the past by importing new brains from Asia and Europe…
But you will see the demographic costs soon, when the replacement populations come from Africa, the Middle-East, and South America.

You’re old so you will die in ignorant bliss…but you see it already…but you’re too dense to see patterns…no matter.
US is slipping…all that invigorating diversity is not having an effect.

That’s the price of degeneracy.
A nation that cannot replenish its own human resources is doomed.
Immigration replenishes human resources but are all humans the same?
No…humans are not uniformly the same. They differ by race, sex, ethnicity…
In your uniformity mind, they are all the same, and different only in appearance.
Because you don’t believe in diversity…as I said…you believe in the appearance of diversity.
Men in dresses, women with shaved heads, toddlers with tattoos, boys with no testicles…girls with no breasts…
Diversity…a freak show.
Different music genres, different take-out menus, different dress styles, different accents…that’s culture for dumb Americans.

instead of a long, boring and tedious point by point discussion,
I shall try to bring it home with a few points as possible…

your attempt to avoid committing to any self-identity… you think
is clever and bright… it isn’t… the question to ask is this, why
is it so necessary for you to hide who you are? I would suggest two factors,
one, you are a coward… and afraid, to honestly to admit who you are…
two, you are hopeful of making points, instead of getting to some truth…

to have a Nazi mentality… doesn’t mean you have to be German… you just
have to hate people… and you do that just fine… and I find it interesting, that
of all my comments you have denied, hating others, you have not denied…

you are afraid that if the ''white folks" disappear, then those ugly ‘‘people of color’’
will take their place… you have mentioned demographics… if not enough
white people are born, then their place will be taken by others, not so white…
you have said so, in not so many words, but yes, you said it…
you even used the word Mongrel… in my handy dandy dictionary says this:

Mongrel: a dog of no definable type or breed.
2. any animal resulting from cross breading of different breeds or types…

and in another place:

If you refer to a human as a mongrel, you are definitely making a pejorative
comment about that person’s origins… In this use, it is considered an insult.
definitions of mongrel: a derogatory term for a variation that is not genuine;
something irregular or INFERIOR or of dubious origin…

and the definition of superior in your mind is race… blood, but that requires
one to believe in the superiority of races… and that is assumed, but certainly not
proven… which race is then superior? the German assumed that it was the
Aryans that were superior…but there isn’t such a thing… you have already made
the connection between race and culture… but I don’t believe in this idea of race…
because to assume one is superior, you have to be able to have some sort of
standard or way to mark how a race is superior… and there is no such thing
as a standard for the superiority of race… how would we be able to know
which race is superior, or which is inferior? what standard are we using?
Americans cannot be superior because they don’t see themselves in terms of
race…and if you don’t see yourself in terms of race, then how do you see
yourself? by Lori’s standards, you are inferior if you can’t claim race as your
criteria…but as I have pointed out with my 23 and me test, I am many
diverse and different races… which one is my superior race and which one
is my inferior race? Lori won’t identify as a race because to do so would
blow a hole into his own belief that he belongs to a superior race…it is
a means of making himself feeling better about who he is… it gives
him a identity… that is the sign of a small and weak person…
by making some nonsense belief a sign of one’s supposed superiority…
I self-identify as an American and as a male, mostly because it gives others
a sense of where I stand… it isn’t for me… it allows others to orientate to
who I am…but unlike Lori, I don’t need that to know who I am… I already
know who I am… and I do not self-defined by race, color, religion, sex
to myself for my own sense of my own value… race is very important to
Lori because it gives him a value of who he is…it is his standard… and
his definition of who he is… whereas I am secure in who I am… I don’t
need such vague and useless values like race or color or even nationality
to define who I am… I live in California for the simple reason, I like it…
I have lived elsewhere, and I prefer California… but that doesn’t define who
I am… it is just a place where I live, nothing more…

he attacks me and my being an American for the simple reason he is
not happy with who he is…and he won’t say his nationality or race,
basically, because he is ashamed of it… it doesn’t meet his own standard
of being a superior race… or his color isn’t superior enough for him…
or whatever nonsense he will bring about… I can say my race, color and
nationality because it doesn’t really identify me in a way that matters…
I am not ashamed, I just don’t care that much… I am secured in myself in
ways that Lori can’t even imagine… that is the plus side of being old…
I know who I am…


You claim that gays/trans people are degeneracy incarnate…
but how do you know this? what value or values to you measure them by?
how are we to measure the value of gay/trans people?

by race? you have separated them outside of race…to be gay or trans,
is to be outside of race or religion or color… it is supposed to be a sign of
degeneracy, but what does that actually mean? to be degenerate to whom?
and why is that trait supposedly degenerate? to know that, you have
to compare it to something… what are you comparing gays/trans people to?

my guess is that gays/trans people don’t promote family values…
in which the family values are the values to have, but once again,
what are family values? what values exactly do families promote that
are positive and what values do families promote that are bad?

and what does that have to do with your all encompassing value of race?
Inquiring minds want to know?



Lazy mind…

My identity has nothing to do with the arguments, ignoramus.

Whatever I am, the arguments stand.

No, ignoramu…a Nazi is not someone who hates humanity.
Furthermore, ignoramus, i don’t hate anyone.
If people are hurt by the truth then that’s their problem.

The fact that you used “hate people” let’s me know you aren’t bright at all.
You want to reduce this to an emotional argument because you have no rational argument.

All I’m saying is to let cultures autonomous.
The rest is your speculating using your tiny American brain.

You gave me a worthless, tedious tirade about your personal life and some example about meritocracy that has nothing to do with diversity.
You are a typical American buffoon, arguing against prejudices, and for affirmative action.

You are against biological diversity and cultural diversity, because your idiotic conception of cultural diversity is having cuisines and fashions and different musical genres to choose form…product.
You may think you are a Marxist but you are a pure Capitalist materialist.
You just want fairness…as if this were a novel idea.

Did you not tell me of your mixed heritage, or what you know of it?

Superior at what, ignoramus?
Asians are superior at mathematics.
Blacks at athletics.
What is the standard, ignoramus?

I can’t believe I’m wasting my time on you?

That’s because you are a hypocrite and you do not really believe in diversity.

You want the entire world to become like the US…

This is incredible.

What’s your IQ old man?
I think after this I will not be wasting my time on you.

I’ll give you an answer that will confuse and help you make all kinds of presumptions:
That which is superior is what allowed the homo sapient species to dominate species faster, stronger, more prolific, and mora durable.
these same traits also helped some races dominate other human races…and, on a micro scale, also determine which individual will dominate another.



The question is which traits do I refer to in the above quote?
I’ll rephrase it:
The traits that allowed a weaker, slower, less durable species, like man dominate stronger faster, more durable species are the same noes that allowed some races to built empires and others to wallow in mud-huts, and it is these same traits that contribute to an individual’s success, and dominance, if this is what he chooses to do.

The original Americans did. They were of one race, and they slaughtered the native race.
The slaughter of native American was the biggest, holocaust in human history.
but nobody commemorates it as much as the other holocaust…why do you think?
Ignoramus…it doesn’t matter how they saw themselves. Race doesn’t require acknowledgment. Like species, or sex, it is a biological fact.
it doesn’t matter if Americans thought of themselves as human, either.

The Civil War wasn’t fought over racial matters, ignoramus, it was fought over cessation.
Lincoln contradicted your sacred constitution when he denied the southern states their right to secede.
Slavery was the justification…like WMD’s were an excuse to invade Iraq.

Ergo…you are a muti-ethnic mongrel…or a product of miscegenation.
Luckily, of one race.

Do you have any sub-Saharan or North African or Levant blood lineage?
My chart was 96% from one region.

Hypocrite…I never claimed to belong to a superior race, did I?
Do you have any integrity, old fart?

Furthermore, ignoramus, even if I belonged to the inferior races, using whatever standard, it wouldn’t mean I was not part of its upper percentile.

Race, ignoramus determines range…it doesn’t mean everyone of one is better at something than everyone of another race.
I could be an Asian, or Monoploid race, with the highest on average IQ, and still be on the bottom of their range.

See why the old fart wants to know details about me.
Ad hom.
He has no argument…

:laughing: :laughing:

and that’s why you are losing control.

you aren’t for diversity, ignoramus…you want Americanism across the board.
The appearance of diversity.

Well…this went as expected.

=D> :laughing:

Aaaaand none of that has anything to do with cultural and biological diversity.
Your coping mechanisms are of no importance,. they only shed light into your psyche and why you are…so simple.

Just because I’m a black, transexual, midget, a single mother of six, and a blind parlaplegic…doesn’t mean I cannot perceive the truth objectively.

I think any discussion with this mental cripple will only produce the same drivel.

To conclude.
I am for true cultural and biological diversity, nor superficial diversity concealing uniform thinking.
Every ethnicity, with their own cultural traditions, values, rituals, beliefs, has to remain distinct and autonomous.

Americanism reduces all to a uniform brown sewage, where they only kind of diversity allowed is in style.

This is what the war is all about.
This is why the world is rising up, finally, to stand against this authoritarian, messianic power pretending to be benevolent.
Multipolarity is the future.

Look what they are doing to Europe…the western half they controlled after the war.
They are destroying them…
Look at France, Britain, Holand, Sweden, Ireland…
They are turning them into American copies… destroying cultures that have been around for centuries…
Do you see them doing this elsewhere?
Why is Israel excluded?

Japan, and Hungary resist…and so does Russia, Belarus and Poland,…
They’ve already begun a miscegenation campaign in Poland.
Liberalism, Wokism is how they undermine traditional, cultural values, so as to destroy resistance to their uniforming globalism.

KrapOnIt has a low IQ, and he has no idea what real culture is, since he is American.
His idea is, product options, and lifestyle choices…and style.
Materialism + Hedonism = Americanism
Americanism = Globalism
Open borders, open markets, no biological identifiers, no traditions, no culture,…uniform sludge.
Oh…and one last thing.

Ta, Ta,

He’s flustered…one last one, then…

Degeneracy = degradation of a population’s fitness.
It’s ability to maintain itself.

Thier demographic impact, on a nation competing with other nations.
Look it up.
Google it.

All moral judgments are relative to a collective.

All value-judgments are relative to an objective.

Every collective, such as an ethnostate, has shared objectives, based on their shared ideals.
The US is not an ethnostate but it also has an objective: world dominance, necessitating the subversion of all resistance, such as traditional families, cultures, values, biological identifiers etc.

Families are the foundation of States, especially ethnostates.
They replenish human resources…and maintain a shared culture.

There is no culture, no nation without families.
Unless you import them from elsewhere, like the states is doing; as its own population falls further down into degeneracy.

Demographics ignoramus.

And now…I’m done…and you can go spend time with your family.

Piss off.



Homosexuality, transexuality…later bestiality, paedophilia…all indicate a tuning against the physical world.
Disconnection, first, the mind turns inward, exploring itself, detaching itself form the body…expressing growing disillusionment.

to be honest, the only real emotion I have had with this exchange is
humor… sometimes, I feel, well, pity for the young…
so, I don’t hate Lori, in fact, most of all, I feel pity for him…

as for facts, well, let us try this fact… the fact is that homosexuality is
quite common in the natural kingdom… Monkeys are well known for
being homosexuals as are, in no particular order, dolphins, lions, giraffes,
elephants, penguins, black swans, sheep, and walruses… to name a few
animals that can be homosexual…

if nature is to be our guide, then we have to include all of nature, not
just pick and choose what parts seem to be convenient…

I am especially entertained by the many names Lori called me…
not very original names, but nevertheless names that are intended to
damage my old soul… sorry… I am very secure as to who I am
and what my value is… throwing many diverse names at me, isn’t
going to rock my world… to me, that is a sign of laziness… which is
the point of those lazy YouTube video’s…just another sign of laziness…

anyway, you make a defense of the family and yet, the family isn’t the
end all, be all of life…the family isn’t the basis of civilization…
despite what you may have heard… as I am part of a rather large family,
second of 5 children and member of a family in good standing, wife and daughter…
(and if my daughter ever got around to it, I would be a grandparent too,
but that hasn’t happened, yet) I have seen families up close, and I got to say,
that they are not all they are cracked up to be…

it has been my experience that people who laud the family, have some deep rooted
problems in growing up… father was missing and/or always drunk, mom was in rehab…
the more fucked up the family, the more one proclaims the family as the final answer…
as if a strong family could solve all the world’s problems… (spoiler alert, it can’t)

if only the family were strong and ‘‘perfect’’, all the world’s problems would be
solved… there wouldn’t be homosexuals, and war would end and there would
no cancer on earth… another spoiler alert, it doesn’t work that way…
in fact, if I were to guess as to why you are so fucked up, I would guess that
it is because of family… we thrive despite our families, not because of them…
no matter how ‘‘perfect’’ the family, a child can become a drug addict,
can commit murder, can steal, lie and cheat…

or to say it another way, families are way, way, way overrated…

and your faith in the family, tells me the hole in your heart is
large… and thus explains the anger you feel… if only my family
had taken care of me, I wouldn’t be so fucked up… at least that
is what you are thinking…

but I end this because dinner is served…