Do I have complete control over my Life?

Do I always have complete control over my life? Are there never any times that I do not have control over it?

you may think you have control over your life, but no, you do not…

do you “follow the rules”? why do you do so? because of a threat by someone else? the state will throw you in jail, society will shun you, god will throw you in hell…

are you driven by others via fear?

be honest…

then again, who enforces the law of gravity? and what is the penalty for breaking it?

now do you want to be in control of your life?

give me $1 zillion and I’ll show you how to be in control…


ofcourse not… but then again i am a determanist… i would say that

I’d say you never have complete control, there is only the attempt and your relative strength/power. If you fall over you don’t have the option of stopping yourself from grazing your knee (beautiful though I’m sure they are), if you drink you don’t have the option of not getting drunk. Or so it seems thus far (lest Imp yet again throw the induction book at me)…

Freedom is a silly word that as far as I can tell has no application outside of political and cultural rhetoric. It has no logically valid meaning, no consistent application, no apparent limits on its appropriety and is invariably used as a desperate measure by those without the intelligence, cunning or strength to otherwise defeat their foe.

The wildest horse on earth for you to control is probably yourself. This ego stalion is so crazy so that if you could ride it smoothly, you would have the herd following behind you. The knight who rides well may have the chance to fight for kingship. Internal control is power. Don’t worry about the government, all bend down in front of power. Power gives external control. Kings upon kings have been losing control over their kingdoms mostly beacuse of nothing but that they have been losing control over themselves, let it be to liqours or bitches, coins or lies. Power is the measure of these things, of how much you have control over yourself. The Superman controls himself, thus he controls you, because your restless horse needs to and wants to be controled for harmony, it’s just that you can’t offer the control yourself, so you lend yourself to external controling power as the owner borrows the bridle. It’s Der Wille zur Macht, of you and your horse, even the bridle. “The strong gets power directly and the weak gets it indirectly.” Who rightly claims himself to be the proper Deutscheritter? He who has control over his horse - Der Ubermensch.

Not if you are posting regularly at ILP. You have lost complete control over your life.


Definitely not if you post regularly at ILP’s philosophy forum and have just started to do word associations and movie qoutes simultaneously in mundane babble. Now you probably have a negative life control value. The parody ends here. So what’s happening man? What’s the mind doing to your ego? Where is your control? What do you use as your bridle for such a restless intellectual horse? I don’t know about you man. I use Nietzsche myself, as you can see already.

I don’t agree. I think that this forum changed my marriage. ILP usually irritates me more than helps me, but I found a friend here who has single-handedly walked me through my shadow of death relationship into something better. This person has taken the time to care and see me through a horrible time, and my husband and I are on the road back to “better.” Still not perfect , but better. This internet is a new area of communication which can help the lonely vent, help the angry rant, and the intellectual more fulfilled. Can it be stupid? Duh. Of course. But can you find some peace and fulfillment? You can.


I think you are in control of your life. Other than the fateful fall from a 12 story bldg., you can do certain things to broaden your horizons and give you fulfillment. It is your job in life to find your talents, your lust for life, your passion. Once you find it, you are home. It is like when Curly said in that movie “City Slickers,” "You’ve got to find that one thing."

ps. And, honey, whatever you do, don’t make that"one thing" a man. :wink:

Do you have control over you mind?


there are things you have control over and things you don’t.

You choose which job you have.

You choose what clothes to wear.

You choose your attitude in life.

You choose whether to be “in the system” or a “lawbreaker”.

You choose to speed, down the windy country road, knowing full well the consequences if there’s a traffic cop.

You choose your wife/husband.

You can control how long you live, by what you eat, and the amount of excercise you get.

things you can’t control, thus shouldn’t get upset about:

the weather.

other people. as much as people (women esp) want to change someone else you can’t.

so I would say, one has alot of choices in life. thus you have the freedom to choose.

I believe that you can control your will, but the emotions are harder to control. My emotions fly around all by themselves and I have a difficult time making them behave. :wink:


I don’t agree. I think that this forum changed my marriage.

My comment was a joke. (Hence the italicized “complete”.) Apparently though, if posting regularly one might have lost complete control of one’s sense of humor. :wink:


Sorry, Duny. My mistake… :wink:


Why not help out and define what you mean by the word control.

:laughing: Negative.

:laughing: Double negative.

Well, Epictetus says that there are some things within our control and others that are not. But…I remember reading in a novel, a character saying “What’s the point of crying over spilled milk when the universe was bent on spilling it ?”…Which is sort of the idea to me that, well, whatever happens is sort of bound to happen…or even if we choose it, and it is a bad choice, well, perhaps we just didn’t know any better and so we could not do any better at that time…???

Well, I’m a big Epictetus fan, and I also remember that he said that our control over events has more to do with the mind than what is physically happening. So, to realize that one has no control over many things is really a form of control!

If you understand that you are living in a world of constant accidents, then what will surprise or make you feel out of control? Almost nothing is the answer.

:confused: Great stream of thought ya got going here, Uniqor. It’s a shame it’s probably going to be buried and never come to light on this thread – in Mundane Babble.

You never have complete control over you life. Yet you have more influence over you own life than anyone else in the world. You cannot always choose your circumstances, but you can choose how you will react to those circumstances. Knowing the limits of your influence is beneficial. It helps you to avoid wasting your time.

At this point I can’t take any compliment, not even for my handsome face, I own that to the sign of the libra. Nietzsche is the shaddow over me, but it’s a shade that I need. One day I need to take on the sun on my own and get adorable girls, with my sun glasses on.

What’s really a shame is that many people today still spell Nietzsche wrongly. Though the shame here, is that PhilosophyGirl might have not listened, instead went on to start another thread telling us what a piece of stinky ball this planet is.