do old people regret no sex

do old people regret not having tons of sex when they were younger??

It all depends on personal values.
It depends on what they value and admire in life.
Generaly in this culture, for males, sex is considered an achivement and increases ego doesnt it?
Im not sure what women think of it in general.

Personally I plan to still be having tons of sex at that age.

Lo, yah, gotta pass the time somehow… :smiley:

Good for you. I hope I could still do it when I’m old. I wonder why sometimes, or a lot of times, society acts silly about old people having sex: but then again, when I think of my grandma having sex, yikes! my bias, conditioned self gets in the way.

Old people regret not doing a lot of things. Perhaps more telling, they rarely regret the things they DID do, no matter how foolish.

Do young people regret having all the sex they just had?

Everyday of my life, someday.

I think old women regret it more than old men. Old men generally know that if they had the ABILITY to fuck around the clock with multiple harems, they would have fulfilled the obligation rather cordially. TO sit and regret not winning the lottery is a foolish thing, and this is tantamount to an old man regretting his lack of sex. Women on the other hand…

Shame on them! Let them rot in guilt for holding out. For single-handedly destroying man’s most prized possession, the SUEBFS (Spontaneous, unsolicited, enthusiastic, blowjobs from strangers) and making the world a little colder in the process.

Personally, I have tried over the years to do everything that I wanted to before I got married. I think that this helps to prevent one’s mind from wondering and believing that one has “missed out” on blondes or redheads or whatever.

So, I certainly do not look back with anything but happiness.

I do regret wasting time on “monogamous” relationships that were a pain in the ass though.

Gimmick Island,

Clarify what ‘tons’ is… quantify it that is.

Postscript: I do regret not masturbating more. From my now aged and wrinkled vantage point, 3,850 times a year seems rather paltry. What was I thinking? I could have done better.