Do planets,suns,moons etc. effect us? if so, how?

Asronomy has been about for bloody ages. fazendz of years.

Older people in my family believe in it. I mean the proper shit…not articles online or in trashy papers etc. Like proper mystic , credible shit. Anyway, when i was born they had this mystic draw up a “birthchart” which is a chart that indicates where all the planets, sun, moon and shit were at the time. In later years i found it and explored what it had to say- i was shocked in its accuracy…how can this be?

Not everything you understand is real

And not everything you cant explain is false

Not i am a bit of an ameture but i do have an interesting idea from time to time-

I was thinking that perhaps they effect certain liquid deposits in our brains in the same way that they effect the tide?

what do you think?

Dr. Projectile wrote:

OMG, that’s funny Dr. Projectile. :laughing:

Vague predictions are universally accurate in hindsight.

Your brain has the consistancy of a thick custard - it could be scooped out with a spoon. Your brain, no different than other matter, follows a course through spacetime that has been warped by all other matter. However, the force on your brain as a result of you simply standing up is far greater than the combined forces due to the masses of all the stars and planets combined (including the earth’s!). Moreover, the brain’s reaction to greatly elevated G forces, both positive and negative, are well documented and predictable. Tiny or great, the integral effect of all the distant astronomical masses upon your brain is rather simple and slowly varying.

I think, Dr. Projectile, that if you would place astrology under your skeptical lens then you’d see that the vast majority of those claims made for it are wildly inaccurate.


Aren’t some children figured to be delivered due to the moon phase? (being a male with no children I haven’t the slightest clue if that is true or not, but it is something I have heard quite often.)

I am not sure one could make the case that heavenly bodies have any effect on the mind, but they certainly seem to have some effect on the body.

I find the astrological signs and all that mumbo jumbo, to be quite concurrent with my personality. Its amazing to me sometimes, and something I honestly dont understand how this is possible. I dont believe that the predictions are very general either. While online, I checked my astrological predictions for the year with regards to how the moons and stars were aligned when I was born, and they were accurate. Im not sure if it has anything to do with affecting the brain, but possibly when we were born does affect the type of person we are.

I have found over the past few years than astrology can be useful in gaining insight into personality. The psychologist Carl Jung also used astrology as a tool in his practice.

I don’t think there is a causal relationship but a useful coincidence.

There is a naturally occurring variation in human temperament that happens to take place on a yearly cycle. The position of stars provides a map that corresponds to this temperament variation. The position of stars and planets don’t cause your temperament, but it indicates where you fall in the natural cycle of variations.

I think this is related to determinism. Forces determine our temperament that we may not fully understand, but that we have a method to predict.

I have found it useful to pay attention to the astrological sign of everyone I know. I try to watch all those people who have the same sign for similar temperaments. I have found a number of subtle but identical traits.

Also important are differences between genders. For instance one difference exists between male Scorpios and female Scorpios. Scorpios tend to be emotionally intense. Whatever they feel, good or bad, they feel very intensely. Females in our culture are allowed more leeway in the expression of their emotions. Males have more pressure to keep their emotions in check. A female has a bit of an easier time in our culture because an expression her of emotionality is somewhat accepted. A male Scorpio tends to have more emotional introversion because strong emotional expression is not allowed in males. “Big boys don’t cry,” a father says to his 5 year old on the playground. The intensity is still there but directed inward, which diminishes the relief experienced through venting.

Now a whole personality results from the interaction of natural temperament with environment so astrology is only one tool in understanding personality.

thankyou Polemarchus for rubbishing my idea with such…efficiency.

And thanks xanderman for the inspired post.

Just a suggestion- we can only suggest.

There was this story within a story i once read sort of went like this;

These foreighn soldiers were coming to attack this native people. The natives never ate marnots because demons lived in them (or something equally vile). The foreighn soldiers baggage train was delayed and they could not find the ussual game. So they ate marmots and died of the plague that they carry.

The point is the natives didnt know that the marmots carried the plague, but through generations they learnt not to. In the same way most people are scaired or effected by spiders, snakes cockroaches. Its inherent.

Astrology is iherent- we do not know how it works but…the evidence is there. There is as much evidence to say the opposite-maybe more?- but i put it to you that there are fakes in every proffesion; fake docters fake philosophers fake musicians fake mechanics fake petrol station clerks fake politicians…the list goes on.

They’re always general, and people always think they’re not. This effect has been repeatedly demonstrated with a paradigm in psychology. The hypothesis-blind subjects are told they are taking a personality test, and take one or two tests, like a questionnaire. The researchers, however, ignore the tests and give everyone an identical personality report. The subjects then have to score it on its accuracy, from “excellent” through “good”, “average”, “poor” and “not at all”. They were also allowed to comment on it.

Almost all of the subjects say it was “good” or better. In addition, there are frequent comments to the effect that the report doesn’t seem general, that it’s too accurate to be general and so on. And all in spite of the fact that everyone got the same report.

The natives had in the past learned not to eat the marmots exactly because it had caused some of them to die and they made the connection. Taking this into account, they avoided them “like the plague”. There’s nothing to suggest marmot-avoidance is innate, even if fear of snakes may be. But this latter would be because snakes, unlike marmots, have been a consistent threat in mankind’s evolutionary history.

There is no evidence for astrology and horoscopes. People believe it because:

  1. It’s general.
  2. They only take note of its “successes” and not its failures, the former being more salient in any case.
  3. They want to believe it’s true.
  4. They force matches by being generous in interpreting both what the prediction says and what actually happens.
  5. Astrology tells them what they want to hear about themselves.
  6. They give it an open timeframe in which to operate.
  7. Horoscopes cover all bases (“you’re outgoing, but sometimes like to be alone” etc).
  8. They make them true by the “self-fulfilling prophecy”.

And so on. I could probably come up with more if I set my mind to it.

I certainly won’t defend the entire enterprise of astrology. Yet I have also found that not all astrology information is general.

A Scorpio can hold a grudge for longer than anyone. Scorpios also tend to be more vindictive than anybody else. Aquarius tends to accumulate more odd friends than others. Taurus tends to demand to get they way more often and become surly and obstinate when they don’t. Virgos love to challenge and break apart every idea, even their own ideas.

The ability of astrology to predict future events seems low. While the ability of astrology to describe and predict temperament ranges from moderate to high.

I find it helpful in understanding that every other individual has a point of view that is distinct and different from your own but equally real.

I am completely undecided about astrology, however, I do find that the description of virgo really describes me, while the other descriptions really do not describe me. It might just be a coincedence tho…