Do the Rudebox (Lots of images within)

I hate Robbie Williams.

theres something wrong with him making such a song, its repulsive to watch.

I don’t know who Robbie Williams is and I certainly don’t care to find out.

Hopefully he’l be the next famous individual involved in a fatal accident. :evilfun:

Bastard. It’s even worst when you try’n tell women how much of a cunt he is and they agree; by wanting him in theres. There was one once telling me: “It’s his mind, his just, you know… so much better then other men.” The girlfriend was agreeing at the time. Makes ya think… my girls an bitch idiot slut mobile.

Steve Irwin the Crocodile… all round entertainer in dangerous wildlife dies, laddo of top gear gets involved in a near fatal injury going upto 300mph and then him; Robbie Williams- the complete bastard!! - is still alive. The day he dies i’ll have that extra jump in my step, that extra: “Im walking on sunshine” feeling.

He’s famous? Who the fuck is he?