Do vegetables know what they are?

I’m convinced they know how to be.


I knew an onion once who was convinced he was a bad vegetable because people would cry while he was around.

I told him he was in bad-faith but he was a determinist, so he wasn’t convinced.

I once posited the theory that all plants are essentially absurdists, they’ve consciously come to the conclusion that it makes no difference what they do and hence they do as little as possible, watching everyone else get all het up and giggling to themselves…

I once knew a banana that had a lot of appeal. Not to be racist, but they’re all like that really. Anyway, once you got to know him, he was just one of the bunch.

I like to eat, eat, eat, apples and bananas…

No, vegetables are not self-aware. It might make for some interesting problems though.

They do seem to do being vegetables very well. So much more than humans I think sometimes…


Liquidangel- was it Spanish or French, or perhaps Australian?

Who the humans or the vegetables?


The wine you’ve been drinking tonight. :slight_smile:

what is fun is when the judge pulls the plug on the vegetable and removes all doubt…


I don’t drink (or use) but I am intoxicated…


They do seem to do being vegetables very well. So much more than humans I think sometimes…

This thought is the driving force behind your spiritualism.

You do know that I meant that humans have a hard time being human?


Actually no.


I’m going with Australian. :smiley:

I’ll drink to that – literally. Oi Oi Oi

Anyway, how about some Vegosophy:

“I think, therefore I yam”
“to bean or not to bean”
“Lettuce have have faith…”
“Hell is other peaple”

PS: You’re a brave person LA; if I believed that, I would never admit it. :blush:

I laughed out loud when I read this. Very funny, Imp. :smiley:


“I’m convinced they know how to be.”

What convinced you that they know?

Ok Ok, I am a bit of a nutcase…and it has now been revealed…

Delightful soul: What ya doin?

LA: Eating supper. You?

DS: Practicing being a vegetable.

LA: A broccoli?

DS: Do vegetables know what they are?

LA: They know how to be.

DS: What sauteed?

LA: They certainly know when they’re cooked.

DS: Do vegetables get tatoos?

LA: um…dunno but some of them are into branding.

DS: Heinz?

LA: Or searing.

Anyway…what I really meant was that veggies know how to be. In otherwords they just are. Humans are different, we are human but I don’t always think that we know how to just be, with all our intelligence, sometimes I feel that we try too hard. We have lost our humanity.


Brave? Ah you give me too much credit, just fooling around. I’m a bit done with all the seriousness in the world really. And if it would be, it wouldn’t be Australian, it would be South African. :wink:


No, you’re not.

:cry: I understand what you mean. The last time I knew how to be, I bailed out of LSAT. And a relationship. I was not sorry at all.

Good for you, LA. I think I should just follow your advice, and just be. Just be…whatever. Heck, we should celebrate this right now.

I’m done also, maybe.