Do we have souls?

Do we have souls?

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Nietzsche suggesting that a new conception of the soul is quite apt:

from Beyond Good and Evil, 12

I went ahead and voted “no” because you said “souls,” plural.

I believe we have only one.

Regarding the soul as being something “indestructible, eternal, indivisible, as a monad, as an atomon” is not Christian in the pure sense, but rather platonian. The word soul itself as found in the KJV Bible is drawn from the Greek word Psuche (from which we get the words psyche and psychology) and encompasses ones emotions, cogitations, and the like.

Man is a composite creature made up of a flesh (sarx) body(soma), a “soul” or psyche (psuche) and a spirit (pneuma). I myself equate the body with the molecular level and above, the spirit with the quantum or sub quantum level, and the “soul” with some mixture thereof.

No, there is no such thing as a “soul” by religion’s definition of a “spiritual” entity that is who we “really” are and may have lived before our material here and now and may live on in the “spiritual realm” after we die.

There is also no afterlife of any kind. When we die, we are completely dead, no exceptions.

Soul and afterlife are just fantasies, as I have been taught and as I have confirmed for myself.

That’s interesting…

It’s all in learning how to tell when people are speaking the truth … and when they aren’t.

It’s an art, that can be retroactively applied back through the ages, to tell for 100% certainty one way or the other.

We don’t have souls, we are souls.

it’s not exactly accurate to say we ‘have’ souls, it’s more that we ‘are’ souls.

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We are a Spirit, we have a soul (singular).

The soul is comprised of the mind, emotions and will and is our personality that is unique to each of us depending upon what we filter in or out and this affects how we choose.

The will comprises the choice mechanism and our choices are bound by laws like all things.

The mind is the memory bank that has some data preprogrammed on it. Conscience (for one) guided by the Golden rule and our awareness of existence and feeling of purpose.

Emotions are simple enough to understand. They are guides, or check and balances to help us find our way through the logic of cause and affect.

“we” is more than one, thus the plural “souls”… unless you mean a collective soul we all possess…

The soul is an interesting concept… in as much as it means “we” exist either in an after life or on another plane of existence… I’m afraid I must say no.

In as much as I have come to appreciate string theory and other dimensions and whatnot, I suspect that though I no longer exist, the energy that gave birth to me is eternal cosmologically speaking.

The point is, I don’t think consciousness transcends dimensions, and I feel the notion of the soul implies an ongoing consciousness…