Do you Believe in God why/why-not?

Simple question

A)Do you believe in God


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Comments allowed, no berating.
Accusation of beration by the acclaimed berated=beration.

I’ll Start

A) Yes

God = ultimate of all things
The everything = ultimate of all things
The Everything must exist if anything exists.

It seems it must think as it would seem it is infinitely complex.

And the rest seems to fall in place from there.

A) Yes

B) Because in everything I see good, loving and compassionate God is there

A) Maybe

B) I hope that god is not all powerful and just doing his best to help everyone against insane odds
If he is all powerful, then he is consciously letting being suffer and anything that allows unnecessary suffering is no god of mine but instead my enemy
Or it just doesn’t exist which is the philosophy I am going with until it can be proven otherwise.

How might one have Good without also having the less good which would then be considered bad…If every moment was the same how could anything be recognized as good? Perhaps an eternal goodness could only be achieved after recognition of bad or something…

And Maybe your kinda right, in that god may be All-Powerful, but that doesn’t mean he has every power we can think of, thus maybe he couldn’t prevent bad from existing, or prevent it from existing and not prevent good from existing…So god is not All-powerful as to mean God can do absolutely anything, but rather can do what is actually possible, and who knows what is possible…So it is like he is just that which is most powerful, most able to help, that is just doing the best that can be done to help…

That seems to be an oxymoron.

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Both/neither/not-applicable

Mine is (3)

Lack of Alternatives.

A) No
B) Because I believe in mankind.

If there is a god that is good and fighting against what is bad, He is that essence of good and worth of worship and praise.
If he is all powerful, he is ALL-POWERFUL. He can do anything, anytime, any place.
If he is all-powerful and lets innocents suffer, he is the bad that allows the good to exist. If god is bad, he is no god he is an enemy to be killed and destroyed for the good of all life.
If he is not all-powerful and doing his best, he has my approval, adoration, and support if he wants it.

Just curious…
“Innocent” by who’s measure?

If they have done nothing to harm another, they are innocent.
If they do their best to alleviate the suffering of others, they are innocent.


Which of 3 primarily, both, neither, or not applicable…or did you mean all of those? Which would seem contradictory…

omnipotent=all-powerfull= having all powers…is not the same as being able to do anything that can be thought of(that is a misconception that has pervaded inappropriately), because it is possible that there are things that are thought of that are not possible…so it would many at the least anything possible…(i.e. it is not possible for me not to exists at all, and also completely exist without not existing at all.)

Or in other words he would not be able to do that which is not a “power”, thus therein is something he can’t do, that being to do that which is not a power, thus he can’t do anything…And it would seem logical to deduce that not having bad is either something that is not good to get rid of for some odd reason…or getting rid of bad entirely is not a power…

If god is all powerful, he can do anything.
If he can’t do everything, his power is limited.

He can only, be one, not both.

adjective /ämˈnipətənt/

1.(of a deity) Having unlimited power; able to do anything

2.Having ultimate power and influence

That is on the assumption that what is thought of as “bad” that happens to the innocents is actually bad…For example it is possible that the bad that occurs, like a child getting runover by a truck, actually prevented that child from a worse thing happening later that day…Or maybe some “bad” things teach lessons for the sake of more good…

That is based on an inappropriate translation of the idea of power. how does power ever translate to mean anything? a power is only something that can be done so long as it is something that can actually be done…

in other words many definitions are put in the dictionary because they are what people commonly come to interpret a particular thing to mean, whether that interpretation is best/logical or not.

What if they had the free choice, but didn’t help the other?
But regardless, who said that your assessment of “good” or “innocent” is the actual case.
If we assume that God is omniscient, wouldn’t our assumptions be merely unenlightened presumption?
When has Man ever been absolutely right about anything?

If such would be the case then god is not all powerful.
If he was all powerful he could stop the truck and prevent the worse fate.
He is either not all powerful or doesn’t care about us

all=every single one
all power=every single power
all powerful=state of having every power and infinite energy to use those powers

Lets assume you are completely right.
If he is all powerful he could make everyone innocent, he could make there be no need for any suffering, but he doesn’t.
Man can never be absolutely right and if we are reflections of god neither can he.
Maybe there is no good or innocent.
Then god is not good.
If he is not good why should he be worshiped?

Note my signiture;
CLARIFY, Verify, and Remember…
In that order.
You don’t remember something, verify it, and then define what it is that you were verifying.

Because you don’t have nor provide a definition of what you meant by “God”, I can’t read your question. Thus (3), in all forms, applies. And it applies because of;
Lack of Alternatives.