Do you believe in the curse?

I think this is the right forum, so I’d ask this:

Do you believe in the curse? Is there such a thing like damnation or it’s just human’s imagination?

We had a discussion this evening, that’s why I’m asking. I think that saying the right words from the right person could change the cursed life. And maybe there are few people who can curse - not each fellow can change the destiny of the chosen one/few. Well, this is actually part of the question do you believe in the magic at all, so first explain what do you thing magic is (if it exists) and than how is it connected with the curse. Have you been cursed in your life?

it is very powerful imaginative tool…

yes, I have cursed a few people…

but if they don’t believe they are cursed, nothing happens…

but if they believe that you have cursed them, and they believe that you have the power to levy such a curse, it is very effective…

that’s the thing though, they have to believe in their being cursed, otherwise, it doesn’t work…


I don’t mean usual curse, abuse; I mean the ritual, like a charm… something magical; here in Bulgaria and Serbia cursing is kind of ‘hello’, expecially on the street… but I was talking about more special cursing.

That’s what I was interested to hear. For example, let’s take the instance with the black cat, running in front of you, or Friday, 13st. Is it same like cursing or it’s different? I sometimes here on the TV “Magda - magician, breaks black magic and makes white magic for love” or something similar. It’s like voodoo dolls. I usually don’t believe in the bad luck when cat passes in front of you, but on Friday, 13th, I always have problems with my work, health or smth else. On the other side, I’m frightened from black magic and curses from magician - it’s really unknown, strange about me and I’m not sure what to think. And what about voodoo dolls - spell + doll = small model of your body, repeating your movements depending on the model’s master?
Oh, I got so confused…

curses from magician only work if the target believes in them, and you obviously do… even the slightest doubt is enough to terrorise the target… do yourself a favor and study “white” magic for protecting yourself if you are that concerned about others cursing you… you can weave “protection wards” and the like around yourself or carry a good luck/protection charm… voodoo works along the same line as any other curse but it uses a totem of the target…


What you are talking about is called a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy in English. It means that when YOU believe something hard enough that YOU will make it come true. So, you fulfill your own predictions. Of course you don’t know that you are doing this.

it is all about perspective on life. If you feel you are unlucky, you tend to remember all of the times you have bad luck and it grows on you. When you look back you can only remember every time you have had bad luck and how bad your life is.

People that walk around with that kind of pessimisme tend to, as TheAdlerian said, fullfull their own prophecy.

It’s basic psykology, if you hare having a game of Chess and you belive from the start you will just loose, you tend to play a bad game and not focus on just playing and you will probably have made yourself loose the game.

You can turn this around, say you are superstitious and someone “curses” you and say you will loose the Chessgame, you will be so preoccupied with the notion that you are cursed, play a bad and unfocused game and probably loose.

Say you would get a “ward” on you, you will be relaxed and think everything will go well and not get distracted from playing a good game of Chess and have a fair chance of winning.

No, I don’t belive in Magic, but playing games like Chess and Diplomacy has thought me to have a strong belief in Psykology as a tool.

It would be long to go into, but the self-fulfilling prophecy is one of the worst mental states that a person can get into. If you read the posts that I made in the dating thread that’s an example.

i dont believe in curses but i do believe that thinking to much about certain things can cause them to happen… almost premeditated. thats why i believe its unhealthy to dwell on death and the other negative aspects of life. so

eternal optimism.

Imp, that was what my prof in lit said (in discussing one of the Greek tragedies). The entire community must be believers in something whether it is a curse, or a supernatural occurence, like dust raising around a corpse, to make it work.