Do you know what real work consists of?

So you are trying to say that there is some kind of platonic ideal of ‘work’ that is represented by what the 1% do? Is that what you mean by ‘ideal’ here?

Or do you just mean ‘ideal’ as a value judgement? As in ‘this teapot would be ideal in your kitchen’?

Forgive me guys been on an airplane last 17 hours and could not keep up with blogging.

By ideal i do refer to Platonic forms, but, in essence am just prioritising quality work to qyanty, rote work.
The conventional work is still in some quaters regarded as handicraft, the work of crafts, of fine work, and the rich/super rich )ehm, well some) value quality more than the affordable stuff which can be bought for much less. The averige personsimply can’t not qualify SUPERIOR PRODUCT, SIMPLY BECAUSE IT S UNAFFORDABLE FOR HIM.

This is not always the case, cause certain inflated hyper advertised big brands are no better then their cheaper counterpart, but mot people will buy into it. It is again, a differnt market.

So the 1% ‘knows’ the quality product better, and for that type, that is waht is what convention dictates.