Do You prefer Monogamy?

Two part question:

  1. Is sex really all its cracked up tp be?


  1. Do you prefer having sex with one person youre madly in love with for the rest of your life or having sex with lots of people for the rest of your life?
  1. Sex is boring. You can get poon-tang all day long from young women who are impressed by big vocabularies and academic potential. Where are the intelligent and challenging women?
  2. I’d rather do more than one person.
  1. Yes sex is awesome. It’s not anything that can be described in words adequately.

  2. Yes, it is better to love and know the person you are having sex with. Sex is better with love and the better you know the person, the better the sex.

Hold out for true love Apple. Know yourself.

  1. You will not stay madly in love for the rest of your life.

  2. It depends.

Sex is such a small part of your actual physical activities, yet it seems to be the part that most pay attention too. It lasts for such a short time compared to other activities. I suppose one could call it an equielent to a sugary desert treat.

it is best when you know and fully trust your partner. Sex is much more than an orgasim if shared with a love

Its a big deal because its something that we dont have frequently. The more unatainable it is, the more desirable.

I have heard that sex is better when you love one another. Wouldnt know from personal experiance(never been “in love”) but i sure do love sex with people i dont love.

I think I’m oversexed. I’m just bored with it. If I can’t tie the person up and videotape it, it just feels like a waste of time.

Thats some kinky shit right there. Would turn me on, but i could do otherwise.

Well if you can’t love them perhaps if you know them and trust them it would be more fulfilling then having sex with a stranger.

Well thats definate. When i was with my girlfreind it was much more intense. I think its partially because i just feel more comfortable with her than with the girl i just met that day…it was akward afterward too.

Sex by itself is pleasurable, but by itself it is just using another person’s body to masturbate.

It is intmacy that creates makes sex an indescribable experience. Intimacy is giving, not taking. Great sex is giving and taking at the same time. Intimacy is being vulnerable, and we won’t be vulnerable with a one-night stand.