Do you really love philosophy?

In any case:

One has to have electric transmitter, for example: nerves.

Without logic consciousness makes no sense because there must be a construction of a logical relationship for the consciousness, even also when it is merely an imagination. Without logic language makes also no sense. But what about logic? Does logic make sense without consciousness? No. Does logic make sense without language? Probably yes. A very primitive bacterium somehow “knows” what to do in order to survive, but probably does not need a language (note: language does not necessarily always mean “human language”, but also “language for all beings”).

Another consideration:


If we consider the principle “luxury”, we come to other results: in that case namely the language came perhaps first because the sense behind it was simply the luxury from which other phenomena arose, e.g. logic. So the grunt (as an example) has only a meaning behind it because of the luxury of grunts.

Referring to the German scientist Paul Alsberg (cp. "Das Menschheitsrätsel, 1922) the German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk once said (in: Geo -Wissen, September 1998, p. 43-47): “The human beings are descended from the throw” ( :astonished: ) and “human beings have no coat / fur / hide / pett anymore because they are luxury beings”, no beings of adaptation to their environment (cp. Darwin and Darwinism), but on the contrary: beings of alienation,of insulation (cp. isles and islands). Human language, human sexuality, human emotions … etc. are possibly caused by luxury. But what about language in general then?