Do your eyes hurt while using the computer

I’ve learned recently, to my suprise, that most people can go 8 hours on the computer without their eyes hurting. Some even longer!

My eyes start to hurt very soon and get all bloodshot. I can literally follow the progression of the blood vessels in my eyes over the months.

So can you, please, write how much time you spend at the computer daily? What kind of monitor do you use (crt, lcd, brightness, contrast etc.)? How long before your eyes hurt, and do they get bloodshoot?

Also, any tips on reducing eyestrain are much appreciated!!!

You need glasses.

I wear glasses already.

Get a new perscription? :-k

Get off my case :laughing:

Just kidding. But, seriously it’s not that.

How do you know?

You are straining your eyes, Your monitor may need to be adjusted for intensity of light. You may need to change colors of what ever program you use. Colors and color combinations on a monitor can cause headaches and sore eyes. Everyone is different, everyone is affected differently. You may just have to fiddle with your controls.

Take a ten minute break every hour.

Stop using the cpu will help your eyes. I spend my life on the cpu.Specifically 22 hours.

I just got a new prescription recently

I’ve been trying to find info on this and I found a good page that might help others:

I guess the reason we get such varying reports from people is that the monitors are so much different. I don’t mean just crts vs lcds but also the difference between two lcds or two crts. Probably I should just try to find somebody who has studied this extensively.

dude, are you using dr frankensteins monitor? or was or was pong once played on it?

if so GET A NEW ONE.

if you monitor has a refresh rate of 75 or below it can seriously damage your eyes. turn down your brightness and set your contrast. also you can buy a screen shader thing that reduces glare 1000 fold.

i have 2 monitors and i can stare at both screens indefinably w/o issue. blinking is your friend. also look at your keyboard when you type. try to type full sentences and then proof read the sentence for errors.

if you buy a new monitor and a shader and your eyes still hurt, wear sunglasses and consult an optometrist.


I think, qwertz was talking about monitors, not CPUs … well, unless you deal with those really small parts in central processing units.

Qwertz, how about font sizes?

I have a lcd so refresh rate is not an issue. My brightness is set to 0.

As for font size, I use zoom in firefox so that’s not a problem either (99% of my time on the computer is spent on the internet).