Does a leader with followers who would die to follow him..

or protect him…need any form of law enforcement?

How does a person aquire this kind of power? Does the leader have to be willing to do the same for the people?

Or can it be accomplished with tyranny/law enforcement?

Any thoughts?

every civilized society needs some form of law enforcement, be it ancient customs, written constitutions, judicial courts, police, military ect. if we didn’t have “laws” people could do whatever they pleased without fear of reprocusion.if we lived in a world where murderers/rapists/ thieves are not prosecuted and order is not enforced the people who do these things could do them more often. people are fickle and when a leader doesn’t portray the same ideals as the majority there is always the chance of civil unrest/rebellion. in a democracy its different because we know that the differences between parties are trivial and have very little effect on our day to day lives. tyranny (if opposed to the majorities ideals) results in unrest/rebellion or fear. people can only live in fear for so long before someone asks “why aren’t we the feared ones?”