Does anyone else hate New Zealanders?

Come on, admit it. You don’t like them. Take your rage out against New Zealand here.

Fuck you kiwiland. [-X :banana-dance: [-(

The kiwis have committed Great Sins. And God will see to this, as He is accustomed to do. :smiley:

New Zealand has brought the world nothing but goodness. That cool-arse rugby dance and Lord of the Rings.

The kiwis have been sweeping dirt under the rug for too long now, and their Sins must become brought to The Divine Light of Truth.

They will not escape Judgment and Wrath. O:)

The Maori?

Hell, I can’t think of anything the NZers have done to me. Compared to most Western Countries they primarily just killed and fucked up the indigenous groups on their own island. Rather than,say, the French or the English. (I know, the former didn’t start with an island as country.)

I hate that their accent is close enough to the Australian that for those of us who do not care, they sound the same.

Fucking New Zealanders.

I mean, I am trying to hate them.

I actually would like to live in New Zealand myself.

New Zealand is awesome, few people and plenty of nature.

I have no idea why but I always get on well with kiwis, but not with ozzies. :-"

Some ozzie chap phoned for a girl in the next room and we ended up arguing, he never even got to talk to her. :stuck_out_tongue:

…coz you like lamb? :confusion-shrug:

If you marry Magsj, you can get British citizenship- then easily move to New Zealand. If you can show you have 1.5 Million in kikibucks, they will let you in. You do not have a automatic right to move to NZ just because you marry one- but it’s relatively easy as a American.

It only takes 400,000 Obamabucks to get a visa in the US in comparison.