Does anyone know where to get one of these????

I think I’ll have to order it through the mail.


…is that a dread-locked Afghan Hound? Edit: it’s a Komondor furry sheep-dog!

I’m looking for one of these: :smiley: aint it too cute! :wink:

Smears… now you want to kick carpets and dogs at the same time. Haha.

Have you found one yet?

That beast would be great in mopping up the kitchen floor.

They weight about 125lbs. Puppies are 1000-1500 bucks and you’ve gotta wait for them to be born then have them shipped to you. I’m getting one from the next litter in the fall.

Georgia carpet mills does sound good!!


they are called Hungarian somethings right?

They’re hungarian. It’s called a Komondor.

and if it is on a boat it is the commodore?


Haha, I was right about the breed! :smiley:

I’m so getting one.

…puppy Komondor

…a jumping Komondor, or did someone throw a mop over that hurdle, hehehe… :laughing:

A friend of mine used to have one of these. It had its own room at his apartment. If you wanted to go down the hallway you sometimes had to move the dog. His was really fat though. I’m gonna make mine exercise.