Does anyone want the responsiblity that comes with authority

What would it be like to tell your subordinates every move to make? Make every decision for them? Is that what a master does with a slave?
What if you tell them to do the wrong thing? Do you blame it on them, or accept responsibility? On the flip side, what if you bring them to your level? Would your job not be much easier? Less stressful? Of course, they may not require your services any longer. What happens then? Do you trade roles with your slave until you learn what he did to pass you? Where does it end? Is there any bad in this? I am trying to be good slave to my masters, let them make every decision? They don’t seem to like it too much. What is up with that? Any ideas?

ii) Don’t just ask questions. Bring something to the discussion.

Asking “WOAH…LIKE…COULD WE BE LIKE…IN THE MATRIX???” does not make you a philosopher. Honestly. Asking questions is great, as long as you have studied to some extent the topic that you are talking about. Have the decency to go and read some philosophy before asking questions that any old schmoe could ask. There’s no need to try and look cleverer than you actually are, this isn’t a contest. We’re here to educate and be educated.


It is a huge pain in the ass. Subordinates,unlike slaves,have the option of rebelling against your authority. Then, if they do something against procedure,you get the blame for it.

To paraphrase the old adage: some people are born with responsibility, others have responsibility thrust upon them.

Responsibility is the great equalizer of freedom. As has been said, “Freedom without responsibility is just a slogan.”

Micromanagement is tedious and exhaustive. If you have to direct every motion of your subordinate it takes a lot out of you. It is far better to give freedom to your subordinates in propotion to their ability to deal with it. It is yet another balancing act. The correct amount of freedom in a job leads to peak performance for that participant. Yet each employee has their own demand for exactly how much freedom is best for them to accomplish their given job. Some employees perform best on a short leash while others will fight you every inch of the way unless you cut them as much slack as possible.

Also remember that almost everyone has to operate as a subordinate to someone else. We all have people to whom we must answer for our actions at work.

Impenitent, Why would I ask a question, and give an answer? If I knew the answer, why waste time asking the question? How can a answer be found, if nobody asks the question first? Fact before theory??? That is a subject I know nothing about. Can you clarify it for me? Is it possible?

Shyster, Why would YOU get the blame for what they did? Did you make them do it, or tell them to do it? Did you do anything wrong to deserve to get into trouble? Who punishes you?

for example:

if I were king of the world and everyone was my slave, I’d do this and this and that and the other thing…

"What would it be like to tell your subordinates every move to make? Make every decision for them? Is that what a master does with a slave? "

if I was the sergeant of a platoon in combat, I’d give my troops orders to take control over what I thought were enemy positions… price of doing business…

"What if you tell them to do the wrong thing? Do you blame it on them, or accept responsibility? "

you don’t have to write a treatise about the questions, just give a for instance that shows that you have put some thought into a possible answer before you ask the question…


In response to David: Yep…the buck has to stop somewhere. :slight_smile:


He was just pointing out the forum rules, which I have also pointed out to you and asked you to read.

Ok, I give up. I don’t think answers exist. Guess I need to get back on track and start screwing people again. Maybe that is just how things are, and always will be. What can I do about it? Just really sucks that I am simply working for a empty goal, and the only prize is unhappiness. I just want to believe there is something better, for me, my boys, and all my friends. Guess not.


Authority can be good. I have had extreme authority over people and spent most of my time making people make the less harmful choice. That’s a good thing in my opinion.

On a practical level, someone must have final say about how the sewers or how the power supply must work. Currently, I am taking a computer networking class and have found out that the computer and internet that you and I are using are standardized by an authority and that is one of the reasons why it works. Great!

Humans are a bunch of monkeys my friend and they need to be organized by some alphas (sad to say). However, the alpha is supposed to take care of the pack and not kill it. So, authority is best when it is looking out for the whole group (that message brought to you by the communist party).

Feel better? Ok, now go screw.

You need to discover your own meaning through the long and often painful process of self-discovery. How would a pair of typing hands across cyberspace know what your goals are or why you are unhappy?

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