Does anyone wish to discuss Philosophy elsewhere ?

Hi, I have been posting here mainly for school-related assignments because I was uncertain and I have to say that this community has helped me a lot and I appreciate it, and am truly grateful.

I was given a ‘bank’ of midterm essays questions and I was wondering if anybody wanted to discuss them over a forum like MSN, Skype, or Yahoo Messenger as a live chat [not webcam, just textual].

I do not want ‘answers’ per say in that I do not expect anyone to tell me what is right, but I would just like someone perhaps who I can discuss and debate with and who I can gain some insight with.

I will be forever grateful, and I sincerely hope this is not against the rules as I do not mean to impede or violate the terms of the forum.

Leave your contact information here, or if you wish, also through Private Messaging [PM].

Thank you all.

How soon? I might have the opportunity, but it wouldn’t be for nearly a week.

Thanks for the response. I was hoping sometime throughout this week, but if you are unavailable, no worries.

Anybody else, perhaps ?

I can, but I will purposely interject bad ideas along side the good ones, and make them sound all equally appealing and wholesome in a effort to sink the boat. It will be up to you to navigate the complexities of the current to know what to keep, and what to chuck. I will also just outright lie at times and make up authors and even entire peoples at some point in history, and tell you of their made up exploits and values and ideas, while giving you quite real and legitimate peoples who really did exist and never were heard of.

At some point in the conversation, we will both be riding on the Dragon from the movie ‘The Never Ending Story’ alongside Mohammed, out to catch a real life Jinn. You won’t see it coming, but once it’s happening, you won’t want it to stop.